Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Service at it's best:Shutterfly's 50 free christmas cards! :-)

I have been a big fan of Shutterfly for several years and I have always been impressed with their quality and their service. Their site is very easy to navigate and their products are amazing! I recently made the following photo books from their site.

These are just two of many I have ordered.

So I am very excited to talk about their Christmas card selection! What beautiful designs they offer. So many great ones to choose from, how to possibly decide?
These are just a few of many they offer on their website:

Don't want to hand write the family's name on every card you send this year? No problem, Shutterfly takes care of it for you if you choose!

Check out these Christmas photo cards

Another wonderful gift for the new year is these amazing calendars! Be sure to check these out as well. What can be a better gift then a smiling face every month, especially for those loved ones far from home!

We can't forget that favorite mug, all personalized with your favorite person greeting you each morning for coffee or tea!

I have also ordered Christmas cards from them in previous years, I was so excited about this promotion because I am more than happy to express my love for Shutterfly. As many pictures as I take, it's great to know I can trust a site for wonderful,quality prints! If you want the perfect cards and no worries Shutterfly is the place to go!

If you are interested in learning about how to earn 50 freeChristmas cards of your own go here

Happy Holidays!



Foxglove Spires said...

Jill these are so lovely and a wonderful way to do Christmas cards and have your own beautiful books, thank you for sharing this with us.

Have a beautifully day. xxx

Anonymous said...

I think they are who my husbands daughter used to do a wedding book for her photos and it turned out really pretty.