Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Snowy Day and more fun! :-)

6 AM this morning our phone rang announcing that the schools would have an early dismissal?? What?? As bad as the roads were and the amount of snow that was laying we were surprised. Needless to say Jerry and I made the decision NOT to send Hayley in for 3 hours for safety's sake. Several of my neighbors made the same call. So we enjoyed our snow day very much!
A snow covered driveway meant that I had work to do! Jerry had gone into work early (that's how I knew the rds. were so bad). I had to be sure he would be able to get back in, also had to clear an area for our mailman, and the sidewalk.

I took my sidekicks out with me, they were helping by catching the snow falling! LOL

Now that's a snowball!!!

They have a plan!!


Here, Kathleen had just hit Hayley with a snowball and off she runs! LOL

Taken out by a giant snowball!

Our neighbor boys came over to help build an igloo.

Determination! I got this shot using the zoom lens.

Hey Mom! the FedEx guy is here!!!

Taylor Swift tickets arrived!!! Kathleen was so excited she quickly got some paper and recreated the FedEx package.

Owen was sporting his new shirt.

We of course had hot cocoa with marshmallows!

Sally and Owen were staying warm and hanging out together today.

We also enjoyed playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii! :-)

I hadn't played this game in years! We had a lot of fun. We also watched Nanny McPhee Returns.

The school has called already and announced a 2 hour delay tomorrow, but I'm skeptical again... we are getting ALOT of snow!!

Thanks for visiting tonight! For those of you with snow stay warm and for those of you in the warm sun, I'm coming to visit! Especially if you're near the beach!!! LOL



Chelle said...

I loved playing Mario. I still have a game boy from when I was younger. Can't find games for it. Thats ok though I have one still. I play it sometimes. I don't blame you for not sending her to school. Better safe than not.

Carmen said...

Perfect Snow Pictures! I love the picture of your "helpers!" cute.

Julie Harward said...

Why do you have all of our snow?! LOL We still don't have any! Your pictures are so beautiful...give those darling girls a hug for me ;D

~Niki~ said...

omgoodness~how fun!
we don't have days like that here in AZ :(

Mark said...

Jill, the kids got out early yesterday and I took them all sledding. Like you, I have tons of pictures. I'll show them next week sometime. We were having fun until my one of my five year old boys hit a tree, head-on. The fun sort of ending right there for him. Don't worry, he survived.
Those pictures were great! We are working on Adoption #5 and I can see from these photos that my Claire could use a sister.
Your New Friend, m.

Karen said...

Great pictures... Being a Florida girl I have only seen snow once in my life..but i have to admit,, Im so thin blooded,,that I am whinning about our little cold spells we have

Mandie said...

Looks like a fun time in the snow!

Anonymous said...

Loved the snow pics made me want to be there so bad. I want me a cup of that hot cocoa also looks so yummy with those marshmallows on top :o) Stay warm!

firefly said...

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE the top photo!!! So beautiful!! I love it!! I am also turning green with envy at all the gorgeous snow you have!! I hope there are alot of snowmen, igloos, snowballs and hot chocolate for you guys!! Lots of memories made on snow days!! ~ Kristina

Jenny said...

Those pics of the girls close up are so awesome. Definitely keepers/framers. Yay, can't wait to hear about Taylor Swift.

~ Noelle said...

i absolutely LOVE the first picture of this post.. beautiful