Saturday, January 15, 2011

I did it......

Finally back and time to celebrate! After 3 hours completing my final last night I managed an A in college Math!!! I am so very happy and relieved it's over. I hope to never see Math like that class again, lol! Some of those formulas I will never use, if I haven't so far, I doubt I will, LOL. So I did a little celebrating last night at about 11:00PM with:
Some yummy chocolate left over from Christmas.....

Nice big hot cup of tea. I bought this mug in North Carolina at the potteries in Seagrove. I love all the pottery there, so much to see. Just one of the things I miss about living in NC. :-)

"They can because they think they can"   Virgil

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."    Thomas Jefferson

"Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself"  Theodore T. Hunger

"A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience."   Elbert Hubbard

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds"  Francis Bacon

My girls were pretty proud of their mommy too, they knew how stressed I was. The first thing Hayley said is now you won't be so stressed mommy. :-)

Kathleen's outfit she picked herself this week. Maybe she'll be a fashion designer one day, lol ;-)

My Hayley always inspiring.

Then my great husband, for without his help and being my study partner, I would not have gotten my A. He also does dishes as a bonus. ;-)

Lucky me today.... we are going to visit good friends of ours and watch the Ravens and Steelers play....
Our Sally girl had to go to the Vet again yesterday......
They think now the allergic reaction was due to the medicine the Vet had put her on for her arthritis. :-( Now we have all these to give her as she has ulcers in her mouth, ears, feet, etc.

A money tree would be handy right now. Hayley said we could try planting a dollar or coins to see what would happen. love my girls....

Well I'm off to enjoy an evening with friends with no Math worries looming. Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs... I have another course starting this week. Have a wonderful weekend!!



Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

an 'A'!!! Congrats!! I hope the Ravens win too. Not that I'm a huge fan just DO NOT like the Steelers. :)

(p.s. - Go SeaHAWKS)

claudia b said...

That is so awesome, congratulations!!!

Katharine said...

Congratulations! Math and I will never, ever, be friends :) ...well done on the "A"!

Itsy Bitsy Learners said...

Well done YOU!!! So inspirational .. I keep putting off going to get my Masters. I have self doubt that being a wife and homeschooling Mom I could do it ... you just showed me with that grade in Math it is possible!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the math test that is awesome and it always helps to have supporters around you :o) My heart just goes out to your doggie, bless her heart I sure hope all of that clears up for her fast. I hope you are having a good weekend!

Susan said...

Congratulations! All your hard work paid off!

Cherie said...

You Rock! That is so awesome and I hope you never have to take math again either - ha ha.
And I hope I never have to take a college math class - hee hee.
Good job!

Donna said...

Great job Jill! Yes, sorry about not getting to you yet. Hubby wanted to watch a movie. It's the first time in days that he's been available to spend time with-so of course--I jumped at the chance. Now I'm officially letting people know about their award.

I've so appreciated your comments and visits.


Jamie said...

Jill,congratulations to you!!!!!We are watching the game right now as I am saying Hi to you.
Your daughters are always up for pictures with big smiles awaiting.

Life In a Little House said...

Congratulations on the A in Math that is awesome~ Kathleen is so cute she reminds me of my Anna. I call Anna my rainbow she loves color and she has no problem wearing every single one all on the same day in a variety of patterns lol!! Poor Puppy Hope she feels better soon ~Love Heather

Chelle said...

Congradulations! wow I don't think I could have done that. I never did like Math. But I am happy for you.

Wendi said...

An A.... Whoo Hooo! Way to go Jill! Enjoy your weekend.

Julie said...

YEAH!!!! Good for you. I am so proud of you Jill. WOW!!! an A, that is amazing. It was also so nice to see hubby helping you out and the girls and their ideas. So sorry about the pup though, hope the new medicine helps.
Take care Jill, enjoy your time out. You deserve some great old fun.
God Bless you my friend.

Carmen said...

yeAh! wAhoo! wAy to go! i Am so glAd you got An A!!! thAt is so very exciting. (heehee! see all the big A's?!) So what is the next subject?

I just started this past week on my next class. I turned in my first assignment but I sure didn't feel like doing it. I wanted a much longer break!

I am so sorry about your dog. Our furry babies are always so special to us. I hope he gets well quickly.

Miranda said...

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. Enjoy the chocolate and resting with your family.

Victorian1885 said...

Poor Sally! We have two Bison cross male dogs and they are at the vet at least once a month..allergies to something but we are thinking it may be airborne so not much we can do.
Congratulations on your exams! I had to write an Mutual Fund Investment course for work a few years and I thought I was going to lose my mind..studying at 50 is sure not the same as when I was younger.
Your Family must be very proud of you! Enjoy your Sunday.

~Niki~ said...

always thought i wanted to be a math major in college, until i took the dreaded pre-calc *ugh*
cheers to you for the A. I think I got away from all that college math with B's tops. I just wanted the heck out of that!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Dear Jill,
congrats on the "A"...that's great. I've never really enjoyed math this is extra special!!! Your girls are so precious and it's cute to see how they encourage you :) :) Oh, and a hubby who helps you with dishes? That's another wonderful blessing!!! I'm so sorry that your dog, Sally, isn't doing so well. You can tell in her photos, she doesn't feel good. However, I still say she's a super cute dog :) :) have a great week, Jill!!! congrats again on the "A" Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Cindy said...

Good for you!
And I love a man who does the dishes!:)
Enjoy the day

~ Noelle said...

What a great example you are setting for the girls!
I am so sorry about the doggy...