Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tidbit of the weekend :-)

Well the girls are still super excited about seeing Taylor Swift! We've been playing her songs all weekend! :-) Have to be sure to know all the words on her new album too, lol.

I finally decided to cash in my visa rewards from using it on our bankcard. We chose a gift card to TGIF's!

We had a nice meal and the girls enjoyed decorating their activity papers.

We then took a stroll around the mall and Kathleen decided to learn how to drive... since he had the camera Daddy was taking pictures.

I remember when she was little he would sit her on the tractors and then when we tried to get her off she would hold on and scream! That's a moment you never forget of everyone staring....LOL.

We then decided to stop by a little ice cream treat.

Not exactly sure what her strategy was here.... but it was cracking us up so we took a picture. We had a very busy weekend of general errands, and picking up Girl Scout cookies to sell and deliver. :-)
I got some time to do schoolwork, but a lot more still to get done. My to do list is growing and trying to keep up is exhausting! Trying to be a "super" mom makes for a very tired Mommy. LOL Hayley was also saying where did the weekend go? It was a whirlwind. Another full week ahead and more snow in the forecast! Ugh... Spring where are you???? :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!



Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Cracks me up that in spite of it being cold, ice cream is always a kids choice for dessert. Cute pictures. I'm looking forward to spring too.

His bondservant said...

What a wonderful day out with your girls. My kids always do unusual things with their ice cream too!

Karen said...

Hey Super Mom.. have a great time,, you are making wonderful memories.. and valuable time with you children.. nothing wrong with that..
God Bless...

Sheila said...

Hi Jill,
Love the pictures of the girls--they make me smile. We never ate so much ice cream as when we lived in Alaska. That last picture of Kathleen makes me laugh--she is a cutie. I get tired just reading all you do--I hope you are feeling better too. Take care.

Jenny said...

Mmm, TGIF is one of my favorites.

Mandie said...

You are a great mommy and your right, it is hard! I am more then ready for spring too!!! I long for warmer days but will settle for the sun to shine, lol. Love those family dinners at restaurants. They are very special indeed :)

J said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for following me and leaving a comment on my blog! I'll be keeping up with you too! :)