Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some organization,A little surprise for the girls and some more crafts....

Well today started bright and early as always....but I ended up keeping Hayley home from school as she has a cold and was coughing a lot. We always worry about it affecting her asthma and her getting really sick so I thought it best to let her rest. Hopefully she'll be able to go back tomorrow.

The girls did receive a little surprise in the mail today from Nana and Pop Pop.

Thank you Nana and Pop Pop for the goodies. :-)

Last night I started working on reorganizing my pantry...as you know the "Leprechauns" messed it up pretty good the other day, and I really can't stand when things are disorganized. I took everything out with Hayley's help and redid the whole closet! :-)
Brace yourself, the before is not a pretty sight! LOL

I literally had things all over the kitchen... but did find a lot to donate to our local food banks and scout troops to deliver to those in need. :-)

I love using containers to organize and I'm always looking for them at yard sales etc. They come in handy for so much! Closed inside the pantry no one sees them but us so matching is not a huge concern for me for the food part. Convenience and being visually appealing is! :-)

These baskets are great for lining up the oatmeal and encourages the girl's to get their own things they need.

Although I like making fresh granola, my husband likes the convenience of the bars for snacks at work. I buy them when I have coupons and great deals at certain stores. Otherwise I pass them by. I like to stay with natural products as much as possible for my family.

So much better having things organized and easily accessible! Saves so much time, especially when preparing the pantry and grocery lists.

Baskets are another favorite of mine for organizing. All through the house, not just the pantry.

Oh, I almost forgot...I got a nice surprise in the mail too! I saw on Lisa's blog Easy Frugal Living a few days back, that Target was giving away these sample beauty bags. I quickly entered my name for it and I received it today! It came with trial size products and lots of coupons. :-)

I find these bags are also great for carrying around my ipod and headphones. :-)

Not bad for free and saving me money with great coupons!

Today Kathleen and I discussed clouds and seeds. Our first project was to make a picture using various kinds of seeds.

She had all kinds to choose from color wise, but insisted these were her favorites, LOL

Then we created clouds using shaving cream on construction paper.

Great sensory project and a great way to learn and encourage language development!

She was really enjoying herself...as many of you know we do shaving cream on the table as well adding cars, dolls, etc. to make it more fun.

She even added in letters, and the best part is wiping it clear and starting again.
She also showed me her silly side today....

A smile only a Mother could love? LOL

In case you'd like to teach your children about clouds too here's some general inormation:
Cirrus: Thin, wispy, white clouds. Located high in the sky and are almost entirely composed of ice crystals. They often preceed rain or snow.

Cumulus: White, fluffy, rounded clouds seen on a nice day. They tend to grow upwards and can turn into cumulonimbus clouds on days when there are strong updrafts that cause evaporation on the ground and moisture build up in the air.

Cumulonimbus are tall vertical clouds often called thunderheads. They are shaped liked anvils, domes or towers with white tops and dark bases. They usually produce lightning and heavy storms.

Stratus: Low hanging clouds spread in layers that form a grey blanket. They give the sky a hazy appearance. Stratus clouds can become fog if they rest on the ground.

Nimbostratus: Dark stratus clouds that are normally the source of steady daylong or persistent rain or snow.

* Cirrus, cumulus, and stratus clouds are the three basic types of clouds. There are many variations of these. Examples are cumulonimbus, cirrocumulus, cirrostratus, altocumulus, altostratus, and nimbostratus. Nimbus denotes any cloud that produces precipitation.

It's fun teaching little kids these names! :-) We also blew up several white balloons and played keeping them in the air...pretending to be clouds. Kathleen of course had a blast with this....so did my dog and cat....then they needed a rest! LOL

Curled up on the back of our sofa.....

Owen curled up underneath Elvis on the couch with his blanket and bone....Life is good!

Here's a cute finger play to enjoy with the lesson also.....

What's fluffy white and floats up high (point upwards)
Like piles of ice cream in the sky? (rub stomach)
And when the wind blows hard and strong (move hands slowly through the air)
What brings the rain? (flutter fingers downward)
What brings the snow? (flutter fingers downward)
That showers down on us below (point to self and others in the room)
    Author Unknown

Another little goodie for lesson plans...

Fluffy cloud fruit dip:

1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 banana, mashed
2 tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate thawed
Stir together. Serve with fresh fruit. Apples, pears, bananas and strawberries. :-) Yummy!

It's also fun making projects with cotton balls and marshmallows as clouds.

Of course encourage going outside like we did and observe the clouds in the sky! We have fun deciding what animals etc. we think they look like too. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love reorganizing when I have time. My pantry needs it bad! We tried to have a picnic today but it ended in snow. So much for our sunny weather that lasted 1 hour, LOL. Blessings, Jackie

Rayanne said...

Great post as always...enjoyed the girls faces with package from grandparents! Wonderful.
Enjoy your Spring cleaning!

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a great day from start to finish..boy, the pets must have done a lot of work! LOL

Life In a Little House said...

What a wonderful idea for the oatmeal I am going to do this in my pantry!! thanks for sharing ~I hope Hayley feels better soon. The girls are so cute I just love all the pictures you shared ~Wishing you a wonderful Week Love Heather

Julie said...

When the wee ones are taking a bath I give them shaving cream to play with in the tub. We've also done marble painting with shaving cream. Thanks for reminding me of some of this. I so love reading your posts.
Take care and God Bless!!

Tara said...

Oh Jill, your dog Owen is the cutest thing! Snuggled up on the little dog bed! Love it! Loved your pantry pictures. My pantry is your "before" Makes me want to go organize it or maybe just have a snack!

Miranda said...

Cute pics of the kids. Thanks for the info on clouds. I don't why I never think of doing this stuff myself. I'm not a super creative person, but I know the kids would love it.

Donna said...

Dear Jill, I'm so so sorry about your sad discovery. My dear friend, Mike, lost two of his children to a genetic disorder. They died by the time they were two. It's hard to understand. We can't. But my heart goes out to you and to these parents.

I just wanted to tell you that I've missed you! I've had company since last week and have three busy grandsons crawling and running all over the house right now--plus I have a cold. Don't get to see them but once a year or so.

I haven't gotten to visit friends' blogs near as much as I like. I'm glad to see you doing better. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, thanks fo rthe cloud info! I often wonder which are which, I know I learnt them at school but can never remember lol Hope Hayley is feeling better and I cant believe how tall kathleen is looking!

SonyaAnn said...

I LOVE to organize!!! It makes my heart sing and you did a wonderful job! Now run over here and we can do my house!
Have a wonderful week and thank you for all the kind words on my blog!

Anonymous said...

The fruit dip sounds yummy. Yall always do such fun projects together. I loved seeing all of the pictures and great work on the pantry, I really need to get in my kitchen and do something with mine also, hope you are having a good day :o)

McVal said...

My kids LOVE getting packages in the mail! how special!
And Kathleen may want to brush her teeth.just.a.bit.more...

Jenny said...

Your pantry looks so great. I am currently cleaning mine out so I can kind of redo it all, very gradual process. I love when my kids get to open packages in the mail, they get so excited. Fun.