Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend highlights

Hard to believe it's Monday again! The weekend was a whirlwind! On Friday the girls and I were quite surprised when we got roses delivered to our door from Jerry. :-)
The girls each got 6 and I got a dozen with a yellow rose ( my favorite) Jerry has been doing my arrangements like this for 20 years. :-) It was a very nice ending to the week. We were surprised!

Saturday we headed out to run errands, but also stopped by our local library to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!

This particular reader looked a lot like Dr. Seuss!

Here the girls were filling out chances to win a Dr. Seuss hat.

Love how intently they were listening to the story.

It was another special moment to see Kathleen enjoying the cake with the other kids!

These are just a couple of the wonderful librarians that do these special programs for the children.

When we left there and finished errands we brought the girls home and while I worked on my schoolwork Jerry had them outside running and playing.
So after dinner before we left for the sleepover I found them like this on the couch, lol.

Notice Owen is by their side again? I cannot wait till the groomer comes tomorrow! :-)
So after a quick snooze for them, I woke Hayley up and we headed to the Girl Scout Sleepover!

Frankie of course came along! :-)

They were working hard on a new badge and had lots of stations to complete.

Lanie came along to join in the fun. :-)

Hayley having fun getting her hair styled!

We had a great time! I feel so lucky that she still wants her Mom around, I know the teen years will be here before I know it and everything will change. After the Girl Scout Church Sunday we left to come home as Jerry said Kathleen was running a high temperature. After checking in on her he assured me she'd be o.k. for Hayley and I to continue our plans. We were all suppose to go out until Kathleen got sick.
So Hayley and I headed out in the pouring down rain to go to A.C. Moore's grand opening sale! We got drenched... but had fun and got great deals! Plus they had make and take activities throughout the store.
Then we headed to Applebee's for a Mommy/ daughter lunch. :-) The rain wasn't stopping our special time together!
After we got home I was so tired from not getting any sleep, that I curled up in the recliner. Jerry was great he did laundry and made dinner and cleaned up so I could relax. I was just wiped out from going all the time and being up late with my classes. It's not often I take time to rest. I also started a new Nicholas Sparks book, this one called Safe Haven. It's hard to put down. The Choice I finished last week and was really good! His books just have a way of tugging at your heart strings. :-)

So today my little Kathleen is still fighting off her fever. :-( So it's a pajama day and she did request playing with her crayola model magic playdoh.

You can see her face in this picture...she's just not herself today.
She wanted me to show you her new bulb is sprouting, this time in Pink!

Then I hung up the Shamrocks they made for our front door in the sidelights, while standing out there I realized the glare was too bad to get a good picture yet, but as I stood there this was happening....

Look carefully at the top inside the window, see the curtain beginning to come down?

See the little culprit at the bottom?
Let me get closer.........

Such a little stinker! LOL How can you resist that cute face?
When I came in Kathleen had made this for me...

And apparently Owen wanted me to do this with him..........

I just love this dog! I'll be sure to post after pics. tomorrow when he gets groomed!! :-)

Tonight Hayley and I are headed to a girls night out that her school is sponsoring. We will be scrap booking, learning new recipes and healthy cooking ideas and getting introduced to Zumba!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! :-)



Lori said...

Kathleen has that typical "I have a fever face" her eyes just don't look right. Hope she is feeling better soon - I stopped at AC Moore on Friday - I was a little disappointed in the Scrapbook section - I was hoping they had new items but most of it is what they have in Limerick. Can't wait to see you tonight at the Girls Night Out!

Annie Jones said...

Sounds like a great weekend! A lot more fun than mine.

Olives and Pickles said...

Well you guys are so adorable!!looks like it was fun!have a magic week my friend!

Rayanne said...

What a sweet post...I enjoyed the party pics!

Wendi said...

Sorry to hear that K is not feeling well. I hope she is all better tomorrow!

Jenny said...

We love our library too. We go once a week, sometimes more. So happy for Kathleen to get to eat cake! Woo! What a super sweet hubby you have. He's a keeper. Get well soon K.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jill it looks like you surely had a fun and busy busy weekend. Kathleen does look like Savannah did about two weeks ago with the strep she had. It's always better when they're smiling and feeling better.

Have a blessed Monday!


Donna said...

Hi Jill, I loved all of these sweet photos and do hope Kathleen gets to feeling better soon. Don't worry, as long as you keep taking time for your daughters, and they are first in your heart and life, they will want to spend time with you. My sweet girl is now 20 and she has never 'grown out' of wanting to do things together.

We had tea this morning before she headed out to work. She's always so excited about it and somehow we manage to squeeze it into even the busiest day. It's just a chance to chat over the events of the day or things on her mind.

And Jill, I'm so glad you got a little inspired about the bedroom. :o) Have you thought about making some frames out of 1 x 1" light wood to cover with fabric? They do that at hotels. I hope to get that done so I can post a tutorial. Tim cut the boards for me, but I could easily have done it myself. My DIL did it too! Also, comforters and sheet sets are often marked WAY down (as is art) at places like Ross, TJ Max or other outlet type stores.


His bondservant said...

Love all the pictures. The roses are beautiful. I have a very sweet helpful husband too! I used to be a libarian in the school system before homeschooling, so I especially like seeing all the activities with the library! So sorry you youngest is sick. Hope she feels better real soon. God bless, Jackie

Liz said...

What beautiful flowers, your husband is so sweet (I love that he got some for the girls too)! What a fun time at the library! Looks like the sleepover was a hit. I love mother/daughter lunches (just had one on Friday) and can't wait to continue them as Avery gets older! Poor Kathleen, hope she's feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely Jill! Im sure you will have lots of fun at the girls night out, Zumba should give you lots of laughs! Jerry is so lovely to you girls, very thoughtful man.

Julie said...

I love you sharing. Oh I really do. I hope Kaylee feels better soon. Owen, now he is just the perfect pooch.
Take care and have a blessed day.

SonyaAnn said...

All very cute faces! Even your dog has a face for pictures.
Have a great week!

Patti said...

Hello, sweet friend. I've missed you.

As always, your photos are lovely. I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of your beautiful girls.

What a gem of a husband you romantic to send flowers.

Have a wonderful day.


Kerri said...

What a husband...sending flowers and making sure everything was good at home so you could enjoy your time with Hayley. Sounds like you guys had a fun busy weekend!
I hope Kathleen is feeling better today.

Mandie said...

I hope Kathleen gets to feeling better soon. I hate when they are so sick :(. The flowers are so sweet. He is teaching the girls how a man should treat them by being such a good husband and daddy. What a blessing!

Lisa B. said...

Oh Jill, what great fun it sounds like you had!

Cinnamon said...

Jill~ Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes for our Gaela.

I love reading about your girl day. I love having those with my girls. Just us. Lots of fun, shopping, eating out, talking and giggling :-)


Karen said...

Oh I miss sleep
what fun they were,, except for when we get a bit older (teenagers) and the pranks come out..
freezing our training bra's
cute post..

Life In a Little House said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! And look at Kathleen eating that cake!! The Girl Scouts look like a lot of fun!! ~Praying Kathleen is feeling better soon there are so many yuckies going around right now ~Hope this little note finds you having a good week. And your little dog is adorable. You should see my poodle I haven't groomed her in months she looks like a teddy bear lol!! ~Love Heather

McVal said...

Your groomer comes to the house?? Lucky!
I love those types of sleepovers. Too bad Kathleen got sick.

Camille said...

How fun that your Kathleen is able to join in for the cake eating now! So sorry she got that fever...nasty business! Such lovely roses...what a thoughtful husband you have...and to include the girls sweet! :)

Many blessings,