Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter and Hayley's art show!!

We spent Easter day just the 4 of us together. We had a great day. The Easter bunny was very good to the girls and started the day with an egg hunt!

Note: They dressed themselves in their PJ'S the previous night! LOL

Yummy treats, games and fun toys!

It was a nice day in the morning so we went to see the movie Hop, then headed to the park before the thunderstorm chased us out!

Keeping a watch on the clouds....

Hmmm notice we are the only ones at the park? LOL

Jerry was having lots of fun too! ;-)

Jerry was squinting from the sun, lol. But a shot of the two of us is we turned the camera to take our own picture :-)

My biggest joys in life.... my girls

Jerry and his girls....such a proud Daddy!

Some serious clouds rolling in....we'll we make it to the car without being drenched???

My girls make dandelions look so beautiful!!

This was our clue that it was time to go! We no sooner made it to the van and it was a downpour!
Living in the moment? You bet!!!

Last night was Hayley's art show at her school. We are so proud of all her efforts! Great job Hayley!!

All dressed up and ready to go!

She was upset because she was unable to finish this picture before they hung it up. I told her it looked wonderful! She was like "Mom it has no grass!!" LOL

This is one of my favorites!

This is another one of my favorites! Notice how she has the dog hanging out the window? Looks like our car when we travel! :-)

The school budget is so out of whack they have proposed cutting so many things. One of them being art. There was a blank wall with a sign saying "This could be what the art show looks like next year". I am hoping not, we love the arts and I think the children should experience this.

We walked Kathleen down to look at the Kindergarten classrooms. Can't believe she starts in September!!
She was so excited! She even met one of the teachers. Then she saw this rocking chair and just had to have her picture taken in it!

*Sign* Not sure Mommy is ready for Kindergarten to start......

Oh and one last thing... we surprised Hayley with new shelves for her room.

Yeah! Now everything can be picked up off the floor!! :-) LOL

Wow, another long post, wanted to get caught up! This weekend we are having friends over Sat. night. Jerry has a dress rehearsal for the dad's dance, and we plan to work on our yard so more pics. to come!
It is a beautiful day! I'm off to tackle that long, long, to do list I have!

To all of you in Alabama and those affected by these storms my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Let us all find ways to give to those in need at this terrible time of tragedy.

Have a great weekend!



Beloved's Bride said...

Jill, It looks like you had a great Easter with just your sweet little family. I am glad you were able to stay dry.

How sad that the art might be cut out of the budget! Her pictures are so creative and adorable. I love the "liberal arts" myself.

Fall will be here before you know it! But, Praise God she will be going to K with out any allergies! God is so good.

Lori said...

Love Hayley's art work like I usually do. I still get so disappointed that Maci and Cody only did 4 projects the whole year - that was actually more this year then other years - I just think they could accomplish more throughout the year.

kristi said... the pics and the artwork, just awesome! And who does not LOVE new storage!

Cherie said...

Sometimes spending Easter just with your own little family is such a great bonding time and no pressure to put on a party - Looks like you all had fun!!

The artwork is great! Kids have such heart when it comes creating!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful work, I love seeing kids creating art! I think my 10 year old could have an entire room of shelves and everything would still be on the floor! lol

rayanne said...

What a sweet family you have. Enjoy your posts so much...your girls are too cute!!!

Mark said...

And here I thought that I took a lot of pictures. I guess not.
One day I'll get to your area and get a photo of all four of you in it together. You deserve it.
Your Friend, m.

Kerri said...

Looks like a wonderful all the family pictures! You guys are fun people! Way to go Hayley on all the fabulous are a talented girl!! Wow! I like the candle picture!

McVal said...

I love her art work! What a wonderful weekend and family time!