Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Medieval Times: Easter weekend Part 2!

My sister in law Gina turned 40 about a month ago. Since we missed her party due to other obligations we wanted to take her somewhere nice for her birthday, her choice. Thinking of the kids she mentioned Medieval Times. We were all for it! However, we made the choice to let Kathleen stay with her Nana and PopPop as she gets easily frightened by violence. After seeing the show we were very happy that we made that choice!

Here are some preview pictures. More to come in the next part, I couldn't possibly fit it all into one post!! ;-)
Gabby and Hayley

                            Chip (who is like a brother to us) and Jerry next to their "thrones" lol

                                       Uh oh, someone was naughty! ;-)

                                        Chip really got in trouble! He was looking at the Princess too long! LOL

We did manage to rescue him.....

Wow! Jerry and I in a picture together...that rarely happens! Yes they make you wear those crowns the whole night so they can identify you. Apparently we had the pheasant status! :-)

Yes, be still my heart....that's a real sword my "baby" is holding!

O.k. some people they just shouldn't let hold the swords!

                                             My nephew Logan :-)

My brother in law Garry.

The twins!!

Again....can't tell they are related can you?

A little intimidation....

This was our announcer preparing our groups to be seated for the dinner and show....
More pictures to come!! :-)

Have a great night!



Heather M said...

I Love Mid evil times! the food is sooo good!!! Yumm! looks like you guys had so much fun!!! Cant wait to hear the rest! <3

claudia b said...

We are waiting one more year before we take the boys there - Alex wouldn't sit through it all right now, but I'm dying to go!

Cherie said...

I have heard of this place - it looks like a blast! Definately my kind of party!!
I love all the outfits and the theme - WAY FUN!
Nice picture of you and your husband - glad you were able to be in one together :-D

Mark said...

This is America! You don't have to settle for being a pheasant!
Looks like fun!
Your Friend, m.

Annie Jones said...

A friend of mine went somewhere like that in Oklahoma. Looks like a lot of fun.

McVal said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to do those! We did do a medieval banquet at Bunratty castle in Ireland about 13 years ago now.. It was great and my 7 year old son got thrown in their dungeon by smarting off to the waitress. Got to eat with our fingers and drink honeyed mead. Great time!

Jenny said...

Looks like so much fun. Those swords are kind of scary though.

Tara said...

Wow, that looks like fun! Hope you had a happy weekend. Thinking of you and your family's grief.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about those places but I have never been to one maybe one day. Looks like yall had lots of fun :o)

Donna said...

How interesting Jill! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Still praying for you Jill..


PS. I've never heard of this place before..but it reminds me of our Tex. Renaissance fair. :o)