Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I do declare....

Did I get it approved? Nope! Was it needed? Yup! I decided my tired, worn out body needed to slow down today. GASP!!! Yes, me, the multitasker, planner, organizer, crafter, educator, mommy, chauffer, cook, etc. has decided to take it easy for today. Barely keeping my eyes open was one clue I needed to slow down.
I've been burning the candle at both ends, trying to accomplish more things in a day then there are hours. Something had to give. Last night I was up late again working on schoolwork. Kathleen was running a temp about 11:30 PM so I stayed up with her running a cool washcloth over her head until she fell asleep. Motrin, check....breathing strips for nose....check, ice water next to her bed.....check.....kitty and other stuffed animals in place.....check......nightlight on.....check.....kisses and hugs....check. Tiptoeing off to bed for Mommy.....check :-) Would I change a thing? Never!

So today I started my to do list with good intentions. Then I received a phone call from a good friend. I thought as I viewed the caller ID, do I have time to take this call today as I am rushing through my list? Wait, back up....did I just say do I have time??? O.k. next clue that I need to slow down...I made time.

We've been close friends for many years and on Monday she is having back surgery. She was scared and needed some reassuring. I'm glad I picked up that phone. Glad I stopped what I was working on and so glad I could make her laugh. Really hard and really loud. :-) Missing her as she is miles away.....

Sometimes our lives can get so busy....we tend to forget what's important. As Kathleen made her way down the stairs....I was relieved her fever was gone, yet she was tired. A good pajama day I said and she agreed. Not for Mommy of course, but when you're 5 it's a good thing. So we read some books, decided to skip learning and veg with some netflix instant stream movies. T.V. during the day is pretty rare in my house. Why? Exactly....we never slow....down....

It would have been nice to be nestled in this mountainside today. All snuggled up with some steaming hot tea, a great book and my family. :-) But I settled for where I was....deciding to forgo the laundry, the dishes, the routine, the to do list. I even called Jerry and requested he bring dinner home tonight. I know he's tired as well and said it sounded like a great idea. He's been battling allergies the last couple weeks. An easy dinner cleanup sounded like just what we needed. Oh and it gives me time to blog today and visit fabulous blogs and wonderful people!

Do I feel guilty?'s my nature so..... yes. I cringe at the thought of Jerry coming home to no homemade dinner, toys on the floor and dishes in the sink. For me personally that is very hard. However I am blessed with an amazing man that doesn't "expect" anything. Just appreciates.

That's a true blessing in itself. One I am very grateful for. I'm enjoying sitting here on the couch with my feet up and my faithful pets curled up by my side. The girls are quietly watching a movie. In a bit I will need to prepare a backpack for Hayley's school trip to Harrisburg tomorrow, but for now....well for now I am enjoying my time off. Out of the 24/7 schedule I keep, it's very welcome right now.

Did I mention along with regular life, college coursework and a to do list a mile long that we're planning a big 10th birthday party for Hayley on the 29th? (Her actual birthday!) It will be many of our family and friends coming up that live far away. Ummmm the list grew to 60 confirmed people! My to do list grew too. My "Martha Stewart" mind set has kicked into overdrive! Yikes, I actually told the kids yesterday that the house needed to be so clean that you could eat off the floor....hmmmm they looked at me like I had 3 heads. By the end of this I may just have those three heads, lol....I obsess about making things "perfect". Even lose sleep over it. Crazy right? But true.

I need to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the day. Realize it's the people that are important and they don't care about the "details". They just want to be with us. We miss them....some have never been to our home before. One friend I haven't seen in 15 years.....

So I took the day regroup, chill, ponder......focus on what matters. Because let's face it....there's always dishes, laundry, errands and things to matter how much we do them they keep coming back! Imagine that! LOL So one day off shouldn't matter, right? ;-)

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted"  John Lennon

How about you? What would you choose to do on a day off?

Have a wonderful evening my friends and thanks for stopping by! :-)



claudia b said...

We all need those days - enjoy it!

Patti said...

My dear, sweet friend, you already now how I feel about burning the candle at both ends. Done once in awhile, it won't kill us, but when it's an ongoing thing in our lives, it is very harmful. (And I'm not just saying that because of my own experience...I have read books, written by doctors, in which they discuss the negative affects of constant activity and zero down-time.)

So, I'm glad you had a low-key day today. One thing my mother-in-law told me early in my mothering years has always stuck with me. "Yes, a clean house is nice. But can it say "I love you?" In other words, a clean house isn't really of eternal significance...loving your girls, comforting your hurting friends...those things ARE of eternal significance.

So, girl, you did the right thing today. The house will still be there to be cleaned up tomorrow.


Julie Harward said...

Good for you! And it was smart of you to listen to what your body and spirit were telling you. You have to stop now and then and take care of yourself or you are no good to those you are taking care of! I know..been there, done that with 8! ;D

Cherie said...

Jill I loved this post because sometimes you do just need to slow down and take a day to regroup so you can continue to be the best you can be.

You do sooo much for your family that I know they appreciate that mom can have a day off once in awhile too. You have a good man :-D

Hope Kathleen is feeling better.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

Camille said...

How wonderful that you took a day *off* Jill! Sounds lovely! What a blessing that your husband picked up dinner for you. And...I'm glad your little Kathleen hasn't got a fever anymore. It's difficult on Mummy when they do! Wow...60 people coming over??!! Yes, you are right...they are coming to see YOU and not your house!! Don't stress over it...enjoy the journey! :)


A Primitive Homestead said...

Sometimes we all need a day to not do much but enjoy the day with no stress. Your are so right. There will always be laundry dishes & other things. Whats one day of letting go. Sounds like you needed some relaxation before the party. I like you find it hard to not keep pushing myself to get it all done. Christmas was the first I had spent with my oldest son in 14 years. I so wanted it to all be perfect for him & my grandbaby. I did not meet my own demands but my Son said he had a nice Christmas & being together was what mattered. Your friends & family will fill the same. Happy 10th Birthday Hayley. God Bless you sweet young lady. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you got your day off it sure did sound like you needed and deserved it. I hope your daughter is feeling better. Im glad you got to talk to your friend and made her laugh I hope her surgery goes well. I loved the pictures you added in this post :o)

Pearl said...

Work hard and rest easy. :-) And yes, sometimes we need to be reminded that our people is really what living a good life is about.

Best of luck to your friend and her surgery.


Lindsay said...

Just what I needed to read today! Thanks for a great post!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill, I hope your little one feels better soon. I know what it's like to feel like I'm going a mile a minute. I think that call from your friend was good. I'll be keeping her in my prayer's too. The worship leader at my church had backsurgery last Monday.

Yes, it's okay to slow down and do nothing sometimes :) :) :) I really love you expressed yourself here in this post ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Annie Jones said...

Do I feel guilty?'s my nature so..... yes. I cringe at the thought of Jerry coming home to no homemade dinner, toys on the floor and dishes in the sink. For me personally that is very hard. However I am blessed with an amazing man that doesn't "expect" anything. Just appreciates.

This is my life, too. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a downtime day. I usually have to leave the house to manage one myself.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I would chose exactly what you chose. Good for you for not pushing through and allowing yourself a day of rest. It is why it is one of God's commandments. Must be important if He commanded us to take one day of rest. He knows us, doesn't He?! Blessings to you. I hope you are feeling much better now :)

Julie said...

Thanks for taking the day off and visiting my blog! I hope your little one is better. I have finally learned that the dishes and laundry will wait for you. Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Jil...Thank you so much for visiting my blog yesterday. I am happy you found time to stop by...

Your post is incredible. I've found if I don't take time off I pay for it big time. Soo...I try and always take Sunday off and usually Monday, too. Not always...but I try.

Blessings to you...xoRebecca

Julie said...

Pam over at emptynest was talking about this the other day. She's reading a self exploring book and it talks about all of us doing this and not taking the time to do it. One post she talked about and's and or's. We need to do more or's then and's. Like today is it the bookkeeping and the laundry and all the house work or is it the bookkeeping or the laundry and house work. What can you do today that has to be done so that tomorrow the other itme can be done. Since I read that a couple weeks ago I have been trying that. It's hard but feels good too.
I'm glad you took a day for yourself. We all need that and no reason to feel bad about it. We don't need to keep moving 100% of our day, we need time to sit, relax and rejuvinate or sooner or later we won't be doing any good for anyone cuz our bodies will have just stopped.
Take care Jill and I'm glad you enjoy your time with the girls. Have a blessed and awesome day.

Mark said...

You sound so normal. Take a break! Good for you. And what a good Mom that you are for feeling guilty. It says it all right there. m.

Kerin said...

Hi! How's the day off going :)
I love your post! We must be long lost relatives.... because I too have a lot of guilt when I should be getting the 'to-do' list done, and yet, fail to cross everything off the list :)
Life is getting busier and busier and it seems like we all forget to stop and smell the roses.
Thanks for visiting my blog..... I am looking forward to getting to know you and reading more of your great blog too.
Hope that the rest of your week is terrific, and that your daughter is feeling back in the pink today :)

Kerin said...

I hope that you get an opportnity to fix up that old house that you want, one of these days.
We have fixed up too many to count, but we've loved every one of them. It is hard work, but rewarding, and it feels terrific to see a house come back to life and become a home again :)

Jenny said...

Enjoy! Hope Kathleen feels better soon.

SonyaAnn said...

I'm the same way. I will run myself into the ground.
Enjoy your off day and don't let guilt creep back in. The dishes will wait!

Jill said...

Thank you all for your kind comments! I appreciate each one! :-)

Those of you new to my blog....welcome! :-) great to see you stopping by!

Kerri said...

So glad that you took the day off to give yourself some downtime. Good for you. I too like things to be perfect...but as I get older, I realize that I often put stress on our guests, b/c I can't sit and relax and enjoy the party. I have been doing better at this. I'm sure the party will be awesome...especially if you are able to enjoy it too.
PS. I think our husbands would get along....we both got lucky in that husband department, didn't we?!