Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some pictures from Harrisburg and the chocolate factory.

Have just a few moments today to post some pictures from Hayley's trip last week when they went to Harrisburg and the chocolate factory. Our neighbor who is also in Hayley's class was in her group for the trip. These pictures are ones my husband took for me since Kathleen and I were unable to go. They all had a great day despite the rain. Enjoy. :-)

Making her own Hershey bar! :-)

Back on the bus heading home.....

Hope you all have a great week ahead! I will be busy planning the rest of the details for the party!
So this is going to be a crazy busy week here. :-)



Mark said...

Harrisburg looks like a magical place! I need to visit it sometime. Oh wait. I live in this, um, "magical" place. I'm in the Capital at least once a week but your photos make me appreciate it.
Your Friend, m.

Melissa said...

I always take a picture of the cows in the tour ride, too. :)

We haven't visited the State Capitol building in Harrisburg, but I remember that Henry Mercer did some or all of the tile work. We've seen his works at the Fonthill museum, and it's just spectacular.

Kerri said...

We try and get to Hershey at least once a year to take the chocolate ride and get a milkshake!

Karina said...

Those photos of inside the Capitol building are amazing. I used to work in Harrisburg (well actually Lebanon) many years ago, but never made it to the capitol. My family lives in Western Pa - so I would drive home often - and I sooo remember driving through Hershey, and the overwhelming smell of chocolate. Almost too much of a good thing. Do they still have the kiss shaped street lamps - so fun.

McVal said...

Fabulous trip! And to top it off with chocolate... *drools***

~ Noelle said...

how fun!
i want to go so bad!!!!!