Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wacky day, a room redo and memories in the making

The other day for school was wacky day.....this is the outfit Hayley came up with to wear to school!
At the last minute she decided to add the scarf! LOL

Yes, that's wacky alright! :-)

I also debated showing Kathleen's before and after pictures of her room......but I had requests.... so....if it helps inspire someone else.....I guess I'll share! LOL

Gasp....yes that pile came out of her room!

Everything came out of her room that was easily movable. Including the closet and under the bed...
To say my children are blessed is an understatement. They are spoiled by relatives and friends. I am super proud Kathleen let over 1/2 of this go to donation.

We took every single book off her bookcase and went through which ones we could donate.
This room cleaning process took 2 whole days....my girls have more than I did my entire childhood growing up! Some is also my husband;s theory of giving them what he never had as a child.
After working hard we finally discovered she has a floor in her room! LOL Who knew?

These are dressers Jerry made when Hayley was born and have since been passed down to Kathleen!

That is an old picture she found of us and insisted she could have it to keep in her room. :-)

Had to make room for the pillow pets....all gifts.

American girls got the royal treatment also! They were pretty worn out.  ;-)

Of course there were several stuffed animals she just couldn't bear to part with. :-) But overall I think it was pretty successful and she is happier having it organized too. Now how long it will last.....????

I was excited to receive my project life kit. I received it the week we lost my brother in law.

I had seen this around on several blogs and it's a great kit. http://www.beckyhiggins.com/ If you get a chance check it out. I receive no compensation for this. I just enjoy the product.
I layed everything out the other night.

Owen kept watch out the window....

Then I began the journey of documenting our lives this year starting in January. (will share pics soon of progress). I came to April 1,2011 the day I lost my brother in law and cried.... just realizing how much keepsakes, pictures and memories mean to me. Thankful for the pictures I did have of him through his life.
Still missing him....still trying to understand....

So many of us missing him.....

Garry (Jerry's twin), Patrick and Kayla at her wedding last year.

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words..... If I were given a chance to save something materialistic in a fire it would be my pictures no doubt.

What projects are you working on this month? Are you taking pictures and documenting the moments? I guarantee you'll be glad you did. Life moves fast, but pictures capture memories for a lifetime....

Treasure those moments....hold on to them.....love those dear to you and let them know every day.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Thanks for visiting with me. :-) Many many blessings to you all!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Jill, I'm sure your girls recognized how blessed they are too. That was very sweet of Kathleen to donate some of her things that I'm sure she really enjoyed playing with.

I have a scrapbook that I'm documenting my time with my special man in my life. It's been neat journaling about our time together.

SonyaAnn said...

The room looks amazing! And I love before and after pictures! I need to get moving on a project or two around here. If I do get something done, I'll post pictures too!

Linda said...

Absolutely amazing!! How sweet that Kathleen donated some of her things and was able to bless someone else!
Loved all your pics and have a great day!

Wendi said...

The room looks great! I was just telling Chuck that I wanted to clean by taking everything out of a room and the carefully selecting what went back in. Stuff is driving me crazy!!

I agree that pictures are precious. One look and you feel like you are back in that moment.

Lori said...

Love Hayley's wacky outfit - Kathleen's room looks great too. It's funny, I think I have said a thousand times that if there would be a fire in the house (after I made sure everyone including pets were okay and out of the house)I would make a mad dash for my photos and albums. You can replace furniture and clothes but you will never have those pictures again (actually I save 2 disks of each photo, one stays here and one stays at my moms just in case) but I would still try to save the albums.

Annie Jones said...

We did the clean and purge routine in Kat's room over the weekend, and like you, I commented that she has much more than I ever had as a child. Most of her things are nice used toys from garage sales, or gifts she receives from her step-dad's family, who are very generous to all the kids in their family.

The question did come up for Shane and I whether or not Kat is truly blessed by having all these toys. She tends to play with the same few things over and over, and there are lots of items she doesn't play with at all. Problems arise when she can't find what she loves because there are too many things that she doesn't care about. Then, of course, there is the stewardship of all these toys...another sore spot at times. We were able to get her to agree to donate two large totes full of toys, but it hardly made a dent. We haven't come to any hard and fast conclusions, but we're beginning to wonder if less really would be more in this case. Just curious if you or anyone else is coming to the same conclusion.

Pee Ess: I love Hayley's wacky clothing choices!

Jenny said...

Can you come and do my daughter's room next? She would have a similar pile. Love Hayley's outfit, so cute. I am glad you are starting the scrapbook kit, that will be a wonderful keepsake.

Julie said...

I loved redoing Mike's room every few years. I never had the before and after pics, wish I did now.
I don't scapbook or anything but I take more pictures then the average family and have them all written to disc so I have them.
Thank you for sharing and I loved Haylee's wackiness. CUTE!!
Take care and God Bless!!

Donna said...

Hi Jill, I loved this post about cleaning and organizing the girls's rooms. It's always so great to help our kids learn how to 'de-clutter' and pass on what they don't need. It's such a needed skill today!

Love the wacky costume on Haley. :o) Thanks for sharing the photo of hubby's brother. I know how hard that must still be for you.


PS. Jill, I'd love to have you link up today's post to my Wednesday WIP's. No one has that linky party..that I know about and I'd like to start one. It seems like Wednesday's are always my 'project' day. :o)

Your photos are always so darling!

Beloved's Bride said...

Love the wacky outfit. She is adorable.

It really looks like you both worked very hard at blessing someone else! How fun. BOth of you are so wonderful.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill,
What a crazy, fun outfit :) :) It's great and it's making her smi le :) :)

OH, when I saw the "before" photo of your daughter's room...well, there's one wall in my room that looks like that. I really nead to clean it. I bought this eBook the other day called 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way...so that should be interesting. It looks like a good read and a good challenge for me. No worries. It's just my bedroom that's messy. Everything else is okay :)

I've heard of Becky Higgins scrpabooking stuff. I follow her page on Facebook :) :) The projects looks easy, beautiful and very thoughtful. one of these days, I think I' ll buy that. I've actually put some more thought into documenting my day to day life...sort of like a visual diary :) :) I think that could be important for future generations :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)