Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another good deal and what we've been up to! :-)

This weekend I saw some more great deals in the CVS flyer and wonderful coupons in the paper. I was still trying to rest up and Jerry offered to do the deal for me. So I cut all the coupons and made a detailed list for him. ( he did end up calling me about 5 times, lol) but he did it and that's what counts! The original price for what we got was $166.00. I paid $65.00 and recived $26.00 back in ECB's. So only really spending $39.00!! Not bad for needs to stock up on. :-)

I love a great deal!! :-) Takes work and planning but so worth it!

Since things have finally started settling down from the party Hayley got busy writing her thank you notes.

It's a shame I think that this seems to be becoming lost in the shuffle of the age of technology. My mom always had me and my sister call as well as hand write notes making it more personal.

I want to be sure to instill this tradition in my children. To me there's still nothing as special as a heartfelt note in a person's own writing. My girl's also like to include little pictures etc. Their great Aunt keeps every single card and picture they have made for her. She also kept mine from when I was little and about a year ago gave them to me as a keepsake. It was really neat looking back....

What do you all think? Do you still enjoy hand written notes? Does technology rule? Do you feel technology is less personal? Loved to hear your thoughts.

We also have started our garden and are anxiously awaiting the growth of yummy vegetables!


Pepper plants, squash and pumpkin that decided to take over and come up from last year when we set the rotting pumpkins in the garden! LOL

Come on squash!!! :-)

Strawberries and their hardiness amaze me. This one has been in the same pot for 3 years. We keep thinking it has died, but sure enough every year it produces strawberries! We really must get this plant in the ground!!

When we water our garden we set up a sprinkler for a good soaking and even coverage. Well our rascally dog Owen was having a grand time tonight. He decided to go running through the sprinkler, getting wet, then rolling around gleefully in a big pile of dirt!!!!

You can see the other two wanted no parts of it!

He was one big mud ball!!! Patches was all white and clean...just wanting to play ball! LOL

The groomer is coming tomorrow, but Owen got a bath tonight!! LOL Little stinker!

We got our driveway sealed last week and Jerry was happy he could finally pull his 1962 Ford Galaxie convertable back into the driveway!

His dream is to get this fully restored and he'd like the girls to be able to drive in it for homecoming. :-)
If money grew on trees we'd be good to go! LOL

Our koi are adapting quite nice to their new surroundings in our pond.

It's so nice just sitting on the bench and relaxing!

Last night Hayley finished up with Scouts and earned her prizes and badges! We are so very proud of all her hard work and dedication!

The anticipation during the ceremony!

Great job Hayley! We are so proud of you!!! :-)

Tonight we decided burgers would be best on the grill! So I made baked red potatoes in olive oil and had broccoli and sliced oranges for dinner. Hayley made the burger patties up and Jerry grilled! Mmmmmm what a tasty dinner! I just love the warmer weather!!

Well it's 10:30 PM and I have more schoolwork to do. Trying to stay ahead. Hayley's school already called to say it's dismissing early tomorrow due to the extreme heat. Then 1 more day left! Busy summer ahead!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!



Kerri said...

I hear of people saving so much money at CVS...but I've never been able to do it! I must be missing something?!

I write handwritten thank you's for everything...and my son does too. Unfortunately, not many people I know take the time to do this anymore. Such a shame.

Congrats to Hayley on her awards and badges!

SonyaAnn said...

We write all of our notes. I have to say that I am a bit of a snob about and think that everyone should write thank you notes. It's rude not to thank someone when they do/give you something. And I now sound like my grandmother.
And I'm off to get rainchecks at CVS today. Everything is always wiped out around here!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I was taught to write thank you notes and I'm passing that down to my kids as well. I really think it is important, especially in the age of technology.

Glad you're saving so much money couponing. You're hubby is such a great guy to do that for you. I'm not sure my hubby would have done that ;)

Congrats to Hayley!

Your garden is looking good. That is how we planted our garden last year and it worked really well. We decided to do square foot gardening this year, which I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot more weeding at first, but hopefully it won't be too bad after the plants get established. We'll see!

McVal said...

What a great habit to instill on your kids! Those Thank you notes! I'm really good at purchasing them and the kids will sometimes fill them out if I'm standing over them. So the ones that do get filled out may or may not get mailed... So I do a lot of high tech thank yous...
I know, I know... lax parent...
Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Yum yum burgers on the grill. That is a great deal you got with the coupons. I love how your daughter is writing thank you notes that is very sweet to do. Love the fish pond and the strawberry plant, I got one this year so I hope mine returns every year also :o)

Chelle said...

I love CVS. Thats nice you got all those good deals. I get those too. I love your pond.

Mark said...

Yep, we write thank you notes too. So don't think you're Special! Congrats on the CVS Deals. We have started couponing ourselves and we love it. Fred had taken it over which is great because he's very organized. I'm all over the place. But really, he has more time than I do. Don't tell him I said that.
Take care of yoruself. m.

~ Noelle said...

I LOVE handwritten thankyou notes... but it seems to be dying, as no one does it.
I write them for Broxton, but he will when he gets older