Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fishing with Daddy!

The girls had a busy day with their Daddy yesterday. They were celebrating Father's day early since we will be in MD. celebrating with my Dad on Father's Day weekend. Last night they went to the fair but all his pics are on his phone.... so until I can get them we'll have to go with their fishing day!
Some beautiful butterflies they found.

American Girls went also along with their home made fishing poles!

They even made their own fish pond and packed their lunches. :-)

Kathleen was very curious about what she could find that day besides catching fish :-)

Great job Hayley!!

Wow! Now that's a good catch!

Look at proud of his girls. I'm so thankful he's teaching them to fish....ummm let's just say I'd prefer reading a nice book and watching....worms, etc. not my thing....LOL

That's the joy I think of marrying your opposite.....we each bring something different to the relationship and our girls benefit from that. :-)

I am taking today to try to rest up some more, Jerry has offered to do the shopping and laundry to help start my week off without an overload of things to do. For that I am very grateful. The cough seems to be lingering, and I'm still tired, but better then I was. The antibiotics must be doing their thing. I start a new class tomorrow for college so I will try to get some reading done. Although my girls are running and screaming through the house playing with the dogs as I type. :-) Was it the silence of yesterday that made me realize I miss them when they're not around?

Did I mention I also have to plan for Hayley's sleepover party this weekend? Yes, turning 10 she really wanted her first sleepover party. A few girls from school and a close friend. She's hoping they all can come and join the fun. A small party this time! I'm not brave enough for 60 girls at a sleepover party! LOL.

She also has just 4 more days of school and then the fun of summer begins!!! :-)

Have a great day!!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow nice fish indeed, reminds me of when I used to go fishing with my dad, he loves fishing. A sleepover sounds fun! I sure hope your cough improves greatly for you, hubby has some kind of viral infection that has lingered for weeks and the antibiotics they gave him did nothing for it. Hope your week starts off nice for you :o)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

How cool is this ;) :) Your hubby is so cool. Your girls are going to grow up knowing h ow to do lots of things :) :) Oh, when I was Hayley's age I went on a fishing trip and caught a fish, too. That brought back memories. I even have a photo :) ) Congrats Haylie :) :)

I think it was very thoughtful to bring the American Girl dolls along for the ride :) :)

Wishing Hayley a Happy B-Day :) :) Oh, I think fishing sounds good...but I don't like worms either...too wriggly :) :)

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

McVal said...

So cute the girls brought their dolls with them fishing!
I'm glad the meds are kicking in and you're feeling better! And school for you? I must have missed that somewhere. You go girl!

Mark said...

So why did he take them fishing again? Are they being punished or something? Just kidding. My son makes me take him fishing all the time. Maybe one day I'll even get my license m.

Rayanne said...

Great summer fun!! That was a big fish and I loved it's colors! Enjoy those kids!!

His bondservant said...

Great pictures...and how special to spend that time with Daddy. I am sure the sleepover will be great fun. Look forward to seeing pictures!