Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grand Opening American girl in DC :-) /Father's day

The day had finally arrived for the girls to go to the grand opening in Washington DC. This was Kathleen's first time at American Girl and she was so excited!! Here's the girl's at my Mom's house before we left.
Of course what I didn't think through all the way was how very crowded this was going to be! LOL
Check out some of these lines....Plus once you got to the tent you received tickets and had to wait 2 more hours to be called into the store. So about a 4 hour wait...This time we did not get into the cafe.....But once the newness dies down it will be much easier to get reservations.

What a long day!
 Yes, the line wrapped around the building and down the street. They also had some roads closed!
Finally made it inside!

This nice lady worked there and was handing out books to all the girls. :-)

Hayley already had a plan of what she wanted to get with her birthday money.

I think Kathleen smiled the whole time!

Daddy was a big help to the girls and a great sport!

The girls even got him to wear the American Girl sticker on his shirt! As you can see outside the store there was still a long line!

They were giving out coloring books and stickers also. As well as recyclable bags and a couple of giveaways.

Kathleen was like hmmmm what to get? The choices were overwhelming!

Yeah a bitty baby with red hair!!!

Kathleen just loved these dresses!

I happened to capture her excitement through the glass and it's one of my favorite pictures!

A local news crew was there too!

Whew finally done!! Thank goodness, it was so very hot and crowded in there!

As promised their daddy carried their bags for them :-) What a great guy!
I did contact the American Girl corporate office to see if they would like to offer my readers a discount coupon or an item of American Girl and they declined. :-(
Hayley did raise an interesting point to me....she said "Mommy, if they are American Girl dolls why are they made in China?" Hmmmmmm I think that's a great question.......

Anyway moving on to our ride home the girls were excited to see the blimp overhead

Not too bad for taking this picture from the car! :-)

Then for Father's day we stopped and picked up some MD. crabs!!!

Yes....they were alive!!!

Kathleen wasn't too sure about standing that close to a live crab! LOL

Now to get them in the pot without being pinched!!! LOL See Daddy still wearing his star proudly? LOL

Crabs anyone??? :-)

My good friend from childhood had major back surgery a few weeks back and they have been having a hard time financially so we invited them to my Mom's for crabs and ribs...I'd say they were quite happy to be there!

We had to laugh....Kathleen got one of her baby bibs out and felt that Jerry really needed to wear one!! LOL

I think it's safe to say he really enjoyed his crabs!!

Kathleen got Ruthie and a Bitty baby.

Hayley got Addy and a bitty baby. Oh and a mini Nellie. The original Nellie has been retired.

The girls enjoyed watching this cute little frog in my parent's front pond.

We also got snowballs with marshmallow on top....mmmmmmm I miss these so much! They don't sell them where we live!

Kathleen made a scavenger hunt up for my parents to follow through the house...leading to a little treasure box of change!

I just love her creativity. She was so very excited to do this for them. :-)

Sara, my parent's dog seemed to like the American Girl dolls too!

Hayley getting the table ready for breakfast. My parent's have a nice side deck to sit out on, the girls just love it!

Today the girls got to spend the day with their cousin Neve...they played so well together and spent most of the day enjoying my parents 5 acres of yard! :-) I didn't realize till I posted this the nice picture on the t.v. :-)

Kathleen had a Klondike bar for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it!


My Dad had a big smile today for Father's day....

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! :-) I love you!!

Wow, lots of pictures this time...thanks for sticking with me to this point, lol. Hope all the Dad's reading had a wonderful Father's Day!! Thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

Ugh blogger is still not letting me sign in to comment gosh it's really frustrating isn't it. I am seriously thinking of changing to a different blog ....But anyhow great pictures the girls looks so adorable with all there smiles :) we took Anna to the store in New York and she had a wonderful time there. Happy Father's Day to all the Father's in your Family ~ I loved looking at all the pictures nice to visit with you ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

What a DAY!
I bet everyone at your house sleeps really well tonight. This was a day your girls will remember and telll their children about someday. And Dad was such a good sport to go along and carry the bags. LOL
Great photos!!
*I also had problems leaving this comment.

~ Noelle said...

How fun!
This post just makes me so thankful that I do not have a girl... YET :) (No, still not pregnant.just saying...)
looks like plenty of bags leaving there!
worth the wait

Olives and Pickles said...

How fun!!
Love the pictures.

Kerin said...

What wonderful times you all had!
Next time, save me a seat...I'll be over for crab :)
Hope you have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing those pictures of Jerry with the crabs brings back memories of a lobster adventure from many years ago...LOL

-Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

I am still having trouble posting comments, too!

I love love love Kathleen's dress at the American Girl store. What a cutie!


McVal said...

wOW! You had a long day! And what a great sport your husband was! Mine would have said, I've got to be somewhere... else... He doesn't like crowds at all.
What a great pictorial of your weekend!

Camille said...

What a blessing that you were able to have some fun family times! What an incredibly BIG thing that opening was!! Wow!! What committed parents you are to do the *opening day* thing with your girls!! Brave too! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I say no to the crabs LOL Wow on the waiting to get into the American Girl store, I dont think I would have that kind of patience lol Sounds like your trip was nice and thanks for the pictures hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Patti said...

First of all, I LOVE Kathleen's pink, green, and white dress. You know that is my favorite color combination, so, of course, I would love it, right?

Also, fresh crab sounds wonderful!!! What a great Father's Day dinner.

The American Girl Place sounds exciting for your girls. Sorry you couldn't get into the cafe. And your husband is quite the trooper. A huge "great dad" award for him.


Angie Berry said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic trip for the girls... well for ALL! You were so brave to endure that line for your girls... the things we do for our kids, lol. But they are worth it and the smiles on their faces says it all. I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to a little one to finally make it there and then have so many choices. I really enjoyed your pictures! Such a fun time and so many memories were made... very sweet!

Eileen said...

Hi its is Hayley Jills oldest I just wanted to say that i lov my mom for taking here she is my hero and i'm very lucky to go there with my mom :-)