Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some good finds, crafts and a basement cleaning update!

Tis the season.....for yard sales! :-) I'm always on the hunt for great deals and things we could use. The morning before Hayley's sleepover we went out to a few. I found a couple great deals.
I found this great organization set for my den! Great for storing so many things out of sight. I've priced these in the store and they are so expensive! I got this whole set for $2.00! :-)

I found this beautiful serving dish for .10 cents!!! Great for entertaining. :-)

I also found this great piece that is part of the Princess House collection. Anyone remember them? Great quality pieces. I got this for 10 cents, also great for storing garlic, butter, mints, etc. for entertaining.

This is a hand blown glass piece that actually matches a swan I have. The picture doesn't do the colors much justice. I'm thinking of all the great ways to use this piece as, food, etc! Would even be great for organizing small items in my den. :-)

Yes, a measuring cup! I love finding the glass ones, this one cost 10 cents also and I needed another one for my kitchen. Oh, the piece above was 50 cents! (blown glass)

Finally this candle warmer beach decor which matches my girl's beach bathroom upstairs. :-) Even came with a new Yankee candle tart! 50 cents also! All just need a good cleaning and I'm set! :-)

I just love a great deal! I also learned that a Vera Bradley outlet opened near me, so the girls and I had to check it out yesterday. I'm glad we did they were giving out additional 20 percent off coupons!! We came home with these:

The large bag in the middle is a mini backpack that will now be my new purse! My current purse weighs about 50 lbs on one shoulder! LOL I carry everything in it, I'll have to dedicate a post to that! LOL!
The two smaller ones are for holding change and clip inside your purse or wallet. The medium and smaller ones are wallets. The pink is Hayley's, the blue is mine and Kathleen got the little purple change purse. It has a place for your id, and she said "Mommy, I want to put my dance picture in there" and so she did :-)

This week we've been attending a summer program at our local nature center. It's for Kathleen's age but Hayley has been able to come along to help. The crafts have been so cute I wanted to share them with you!
First is a little frog!

Take a cork and have them color or paint it green. draw a face on it. Then attach pipe cleaner for the legs and tie yarn around the top. Then let your frog swim!! We used baby pools, but a dishpan etc. would work just as well. The kids had a blast!

This is just a butterfly cut out with some tissue paper and pipe cleaners glued on. Make a face and on the back is a magnet to hang on your fridge. :-)

They also made a butterfly hat!

This you can't see well, but she decorated the band with drawings and stickers. Then they twisted pipe cleaners around a marker to get the antennas and then attached cotton balls.
Something else that I thought was cute is they gave each child a party blower that represented a butterfly's tongue. They got to run around outside and find flowers and use the blower like a tongue to collect nectar. They had so much fun! Then every time they found a flower they colored it in on a sheet with a butterfly outline.
Kathleen loves going there. Tomorrow is her last day...then in the Fall it's Kindergarten!!!

O.k. the big reveal you're all waiting for!! LOL. I actually paid the girls to clean the basement....that way they earned more $$ for American Girl this weekend. Even though I would have been more fanatical in the organization....I have to give them a huge thumbs up! See my previous post as to the horrible mess that was left from the sleepover. They were mighty proud of themselves!! I was proud of them and relieved I didn't have to clean it up! LOL Thanks girls, great job!!

They were so excited I let them stand on the chair for a picture! LOL

I am so happy to see the floor again!! Also realizing we need to have another yard sale or online sale of some items that need to go!! :-)

Just want to say again there are a few blogs I still am unable to comment on! I am so frustrated....Lindsay, Lara, Heather and more....I've been visiting! If you could sent me an email address that would be great!! Many times people visit and don't leave a way for me to get back in touch. Just want to tell you all thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your visits so much!! Also if you're a new follower let me know. :-)

Whew, long post tonight! Hope you have a great night/day!!!



Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awww man! There's just too much happening lately so I have been horrible about stopping by to visit! I know that I'm late but please, please wish Haley a belated happy birthday! I'm sure she had a great day!

Hooray for the yard sale finds. I love those types of deals. I've just been way too busy to go yard sale hopping but hopefully, soon. Take care, Jill.

Mark said...

Dear God, and I thought I had a lot of stuff in my basement. I don't feel so bad anymore. Thank you for that!
I really love those organizers. Maybe I should hit a yardsale this weekend. But without the kids ofcourse. m.

Sheila said...

What great finds at the yard sales. I don't even go any more because I never found anything good--the prices are horrible around here! I so miss having a basement. The girls did a great job of cleaning up. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'm doing okay--how are you feeling? Are you taking summer classes or the summer off? I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

~Niki~ said...

great finds there jill!
love that crafty/play area!
Wish I had one of those for the kids. Most of their room is a mess because we have it all combined, way too small house for 6 of us.

Jenny said...

Love all those finds! I buy glassware at garage sales too. Can I hire your girls? we could use the extra manpower around here, or should I say girlpower!?

McVal said...

Wow! You found some awesome deals! I don't think I've been to a single garage sale yet this year... We're trying to discourage my mil from bringing home so much stuff that we DON'T need...
I would LOVE to visit at least one this summer!
And I'm so jealous of your huge basement. No wonder you guys are so crafty. You have room for it!

Anonymous said...

Wow when I think of basements I think dark and gloomy but I just love yours that looks like a nice get a way spot lol I love yard sales too and I am so jealous of all the storage containers you got for only 2 dollars wow LOL I sure hope everyone is having a great week :o)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have been having computer problems lately. Camera driver problems. I am trying to make this old lap top keep going. Not able to comment on some blogs to. The girls did a wonderful job. Do you lend them out?? LOL! I have a large serving bowl that matches your serving dish. Was my Grams. Wish I would have bought the other dishes the day of the sale. You got amazingly good prices. Gram had a blown glass swan the color of the blown glass piece you got . She sure liked dishes. Blessings!

Lisa B. said...

I love those organizer drawers! Don't feel bad about your basement... you AND Mark would literally have heart attacks if I posted a pic of mine.

~ Noelle said...

I LOVE YOUR finds... so jealous of the organization set!

Angie Berry said...

Awesome deals on some great finds! It absolutely makes my day when that happens. =]

Cute crafts! What a fun room for the girls to have. That's awesome that this space will grow with their needs. Enjoy all the little pink and purple toys, the dolls, clothes and accessories for soon you will be changing it to suit pre-teens... our kids grow up so fast!

Annalise Johnnie said...

Oh! So that's your basement. Nice! Your girls did a wonderful job in cleaning them. There are also times where I pay my boys to do some household chores. But luckily, they always refuse the money and demand cupcakes, instead. =]