Thursday, July 21, 2011

Part 3 of vacation Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va.

We headed out Monday morning and arrived at the Kingsmill Resort early afternoon. I thought I'd take this post to focus on the resort which we enjoyed a great deal. If you're ever in this area and need a place to stay I highly recommend staying here. Beautiful resort, wonderful service. :-) We actually wished we would have planned a longer stay here.

This is pulling into the resort when we first arrived. It's actually very large with several guest areas and residents live in the gated community as well.

Nice and spacious bathrooms that were extremely clean and well kept.

The rooms were nice and spacious.

Comfy beds :-)

I could have passed on the large bugs we found down there! LOL This one was outside our door!

They even had a slider that led out to a deck and sitting area to enjoy.

Beautiful views at the marina! Also part of the resort.

My hair was seriously windblown! My it was so very hot down there that keeping a hairstyle was difficult to do! We were short on time so we didn't get to do any water activities this time...but we do hope to go back!

Just love this picture of Kathleen, she was enjoying watching the ducks :-)

The next morning we enjoyed a delightful breakfast buffet. I wish I would have taken pictures of the actual buffet, they made omelets and you name it for breakfast food it was there! So yummy and reasonably priced.

Behind Kathleen was a view of the golf course and the James river. The sunlight blocked it in this picture. So beautiful to wake up to!

Little better view taken from the deck. :-)

Part of the lobby area....

What a gorgeous place to enjoy a few rounds of golf! On our to do for next time! They even have camps and child care services for parents to go out to dinner, etc. We don't use those services, but nice to know they were there. :-)

This is where Jerry wanted to spend some time....maybe next time when we stay longer!!

Each day outside our door we received a newspaper and an activities list.

Even though we were on vacation we still took time to read books each night. Getting ready for bed.....

Next post we visit Williamsburg.....Colonial style! ;-)

Have a great night!


Kerri said...

What a beautiful resort! Seems like you guys have been on vacation all summer!

Jenny said...

Looks so pretty. And it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Those bugs would scare me to death!

Heather said...

Wow very nice resort....looks so peaceful there!! Looks like another wonderful part to your trip. Great pictures ~Love Heather

~Niki~ said...

oh blogger is giving me heck again with comments! sheesh! i said: I love those water pics. looks like an awesome stay.

Julie said...

Oh those pictures are awesome, my most favorite is Jerry and the girls but I love them all. I am so glad you guys got away for a bit. Vacations are so wonderful, no matter long or short they are never long enough.
Take care and have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like a beautiful place, sounds like yall had a nice time :o)

anxsity means friendship said...

You have orbs in teh one picture