Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation Part 5: Busch Gardens part 1!! :-)

The girls were quite excited to check out Busch Gardens and of course I took a bunch of pictures again so I have to separate this into another post to include my favorite highlights. :-)

This is Kathleen trying out my sun hat in the car. She's also showing her ID bracelet that we have her wear when we go to really crowded places. We mostly hold hands, but we like to stay safe as 5 year olds tend to have their own agendas at times. :-0

As soon as we entered the park we noticed this beautiful butterfly on the ground and stopped to take his picture.

Hayley is a huge horse lover, but we were all in awe of the Clydesdale! What a beautiful horse!

I'm not quite sure why Kathleen decided to make that!

The girls were pretty soaked here it was after a water ride that we were able to get a picture by the horse.

See the owl in the background?
Here's a closer look!

Hayley rode all the roller coasters this year and LOVED it!

I just loved the green water as we entered Ireland....

This little guy is in the crocodile adorable!

They have a new Sesame Street area they opened up....Kathleen LOVED it! Hayley was a good sport.:-)

Kathleen just loves Elmo and she was so excited to meet him!

Daddy was pretty excited about Elmo too!

Hayley does like cookie monster so she agreed to get in this picture ;-)

She was even a great big sister and got on the dragon water ride. It just went in a circle and under water that went over top the ride.

Hmmm trying to figure who the biggest kid was here that day??? LOL Jerry is definitely a hands on Dad!

They even had some really cute shows....

More cute rides....

Oh and let's not forget Big Bird!!

Oh and Bert and Ernie! Who doesn't love Bert and Ernie? :-) Sesame Street has provided so many years of a great educational program!

We had to take this picture...Kathleen found change on a ride she was on, she always checks the floors etc. everywhere we go to find change and ALWAYS does! We couldn't believe she was lucky enough to climb into a ride and find it in her seat!! Now if she could only find that million dollars....I know we lost it somewhere! LOL

This water ride was really cool...but the fun part was standing on the bridge when the car came down...that's when you really got saturated!!

Jerry took Kathleen on it for the first time and their car got stuck! You can't even see her she sat so low! I was a worried mama!

Everyone started turning around to see what was going on!

Finally they got it to work and down they come in the front row!! Hard to see in the picture, but Kathleen was fearless she loved it!!

While we were eating lunch we enjoyed a great show!

This was the first year Kathleen got in the bumper cars, Jerry LOVES the bumper cars and when they were waiting in line he said Kathleen said "Daddy won't they get mad if we dent up their cars?" ;-)

This was another area they had for the younger kids.

Kathleen had a blast!!

I just love this picture of Hayley being the most awesome big sister ever!!! Helping Kathleen in and out of rides and riding with her when she needed someone to! I hope they are always this close throughout their lives!

We'll wrap up this part with a couple pictures of the bald Eagles.

It's so neat how very still they's like they are not even real!

Trying to get all my vacation week documented, then I have some great recipes, etc. to share!
Saturday we got the Kindergarten assignment papers for Kathleen....sigh...sniff....sniff... not sure I'm ready...but I know she is! Tomorrow we are going through their clothes and writing a list of all their needs for school. Can't believe how fast the summer is flying by!!

Have a great night!



Heather said...

Wow Great pictures what a wonderful vacation you had and such sweet pictures of the sisters...awww makes me wish I had a sister ~You have some fantastic memories that I am sure the girls will hold onto forever ~Thanks for sharing all those pictures ~Love Heather

Sweet Tea said...

With so many sad and dreary things in the news it's fun to see the "happy" written on the face of your girls. What a great vacation and opportunity for great family time!

Julze said...

What a FABULOUS place...looks like so much FUN!
Blessing to you and your sweet family!

Julie said...

Again my dear your pictures are amazing and I love the love. You can see it in each and every pictures of the girls, of Jerry and even when you peek around the lense. Thank you for sharing your awesome vacation.
Take care and have a blessed week. Kindergarten, I remember that like it was yesterday. Time does fly, I'm so glad you are enjoy each and every moment with your family.

~Niki~ said...

oh my what fun! we don't have anything like that here.

SonyaAnn said...

You take really great pictures!!!But of course, you have an adorable family so that helps.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

WOW! Looks like everyone had a great time - and you guys were BUSY!

The horseshoes are great. I've always been a Clydesdale fan - I don't know why - they just seem like gentle giants. I never realized just how much bigger they are than a regular horse.

And can I just say ewwwww on the micro alligator? You would still hear me screaming if someone had tried to put that in my hand!

Mark said...

Okay, I just spent the last 15 minutes catching up on all your posts. Don't tell my boss. Shhh.
We were at the beach last week so I'm finally catching up.
Love all the photos. Great job at capturing all of that. Your kids will surely appreciate you keeping this journal.
Take care. m.

Kerri said...

Fun pictures...I wanna go on the water ride!
What a great sister Hayley is!
You're right, summer is going too FAST...makes me sad!

Heather said...

How fun! I dont know what my girl would do if she came across a big live elmo! She'd go crazy! hehe...what a fun trip you all had!~

McVal said...

What great pictures and what a great time you must have had! Seriously, you fit in an Ireland trip in there? :) I didn't know Busch gardens had that!

Kat said...

HI Jill what a lovely Vacation to Virginia. I love the photos of the kids and the owl one is really cool to since I love birds Busch Gardens looks like a fun place to visit. Looks like you're the photographer. Glad to hear you had such a great trip. I bet it's nice to be home though. I hope Sally is doing well. Big hugs

Mandie said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! I just love summer :-)