Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kathleen gets a surprise in the mail, A mini makeover in the kitchen & getting ready for school to start tomorrow!

I've been preparing for school the last couple weeks. I finished my college course and received a 99.7 % :-) I start my new course Monday, but have access the 2nd. So I get to have a nice weekend with my family!

 My parent's came up today to see Kathleen on her first day of Kindergarten. She is so excited!! Getting to bed was a little tough for her this evening. It will take time adjusting to a new schedule and bless her heart she's not a morning person! Pray for me? :-) LOL

So one area of our kitchen that was being well used was our baker's rack. It became the catch all for everything throughout the day. I needed calm and I wanted to redo my Mom station in the kitchen anyway. So here is the before of our baker's rack (YIKES!)

So I simplified it by using an antique drop leaf table we have and keeping it pared down to what we needed in there. The message board will be so convenient now to reach and update as needed.
Yes the little sign says Good Morning Let The Stress Begin!!! ;-)

This is the calendar I made for Kathleen's school info. and activities for the year. I'm waiting to get Hayley's info. so I can make hers as well.

Had to share this coupon Hayley made for me....think she'll actually do it each day? LOL!

I also love these pictures Kathleen did of my desk area and Hayley's desk area.

LOL I just noticed I got a shot of my toes with the orange nail polish! LOL :-)

Hayley found me these lovely dandelions and put them in a vase for me. I love these moments in life....
Seeing the beauty in all things!

This is a picture I found at a yard sale and I hung it where the bulletin board use to be in the kitchen.
I loved it right away as it reminded me of Hayley and I. I also love the Victorian Era as most of you know :-)
$5.00 later...it's mine :-)

Miss Kathleen was quite a happy camper today when she got this package in the mail from her Godmother Teresa (AKA my best friend) Teresa and I have been friend's since we were 3 years old!

"Mom! Do I have to stop tearing into it to smile for a picture???!!"

Supplies for Kindergarten!!!

Ahhh yes scissors....she loves scissors! Just the other day she cut up a ton of paper and told me it was salad. ;-)

Most adorable card ever!!

Thank you so much "Aunt" Teresa!!!! We know you're reading and we love and miss you! ;-)

So I started some more of my balsamic chicken with mushroom meal tonight....a sneak peek....

Must be pretty good because Hayley was dancing around the kitchen all excited!! I believe I've already posted this recipe before....??

Then it was off to eat, I mean wash the fresh strawberries for their snack bags tomorrow!

Packed the bags......

Of course with a note to the girls in each! Ready to go! I gave Kathleen this container that was super easy to open on her own and had her count the 4 sides while she was doing it. She was so excited doing it on her own. Now let's see if the reusables come home tomorrow! LOL

Off to bake banana and chocolate chip muffins for the girls tomorrow. I'll be updating how their first day went and hopefully I won't shed too many tears......



Sweet Tea said...

I love that dropleaf table!!

The first day of school is always soooooo exciting, for kids and for Mom!

That chicken looks great - wish I hadn't missed the recipe.

Angie Berry said...

Wow, that's quite the transformation! Gotta love a nice, clean work space. We have everyone's things on one calendar and when you walk by it, you barely see any white space... I don't remember being this busy when I was growing up, I think I was too busy playing outside?!

What a fun present! Happy 1st Day of School!!

Camille said...

Sweet, sweet post Jill! How precious is that note from your Hayley??!!! How lovely their lunches look...complete with a note...wonderful!

Happy New School Year!


Cindy said...

Love a quick mini makeover! Looks great and a lot more simple!!:)
Love the girls art work and the coupon. Sounds like a deal to me!!:)
Happy first day of school!!!

Mark Himes said...

It's only 9a.m. and I'm already starving for lunch. That chicken looks delicious! And congrats on re-configuring your kitchen. Looks great! m.

Heather said...

Oh the little Mom area came out great you really are a fantastic organizer!! Praying for Kathleens first day of school!! May she have a wonderful year of growing and learning and May she be kept safe and be always surrounded by kind and loving people!! ~Have a great week Love Heather

Wendi said...

Your redo look great!

Thinking about you on the first day of school. :) I am sure all of you will have a great day!

McVal said...

My kids have an Aunt Teresa too! She's never sent my kids school supplies before however... But is still very thoughtful.
Great chart!

~ Noelle said...

hope the first day of school went great for all of yall :)

Beloved's Bride said...

Sweet notes and a lovely yummy lunch. I hope her day at school was just as deliciously fun!

Really great buy on your garage sale picture! Cute. Cute.


SonyaAnn said...

I love the fix in the kitchen!
You have the most adorable life. You are so blessed.

His bondservant said...

Love the makeover area. I know what you mean about being a catch all…it seems like almost any table top can do that…at least in our home! Love the note you sent with your daughter to school. How that will make her feel special. Hope your family has a wonderful week.