Friday, August 26, 2011

My birthday and Beads of Courage Fundraiser

What a wonderful birthday I had today. My morning started with the girls telling me to stay in bed and then bringing me breakfast on a tray. :-)

Cheerios, toast and hot tea :-)
Even Princess joined in!

We had a great day, did some shopping and waited for Jerry to get home. I signed us all up to participate in Beads of Courage to help children with serious illnesses. We made a donation as well as made a bracelet for the child who was sick and one to take home. The store even served pizza and drinks and snacks for us. :-)
You can learn more about this wonderful organization here. We plan on doing many more to help these children. Keeping them and their families in our prayers.
We also got to meet a little boy who will benefit from this program. His parents and sister came tonight. He was born with only 3 parts of his heart working and had surgery to save him...the prognosis is grim, but the parents still keep the faith. It was emotional.... I am so very blessed to have healthy children.

The girls really enjoyed themselves and we did too!

Kathleen's little hands working....
Each bracelet that you donated also had a card to fill out your name, where you are from and a personal message to add. Then you tuck that into a little plastic bag along with the jewelry.

These are the ones we chose to keep and Jerry donated both of his to the children.

Hayley's is on top, mine is the bottom and Kathleen's is to the right. :-)

When we got home the girls were excited to give me my gifts along with having some cake!!

Singing Happy Birthday to me.....

They made me beautiful cards, got me a pretty necklace, one of my favorite perfumes, and an Estee Lauder makeup and skin care gift set. :-) I'm one lucky Momma!

I am so very blessed!

We are preparing for the storms coming off of hurricane Irene....thinking of all my blog friends and family that may be affected. Many blessings to you all!

Thank you for my birthday wishes!!!



claudia b said...

what a wonderful day! your girls are so precious, Jill!

Heather said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!! What a sweet family you have your super Blessed! I like the organization you guys helped with the bracelets are cute!! ~Have a Great Weekend Love Heather

Miranda said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!!

Mark said...

Once again, Happy Birthday to you!
And you look good in that green shirt but I'm sure you already know that, don't you? But just don't start wearing it every day now that I mentioned it.
Keep safe!
Your Friend, m.

Beloved's Bride said...

Happy Birthday, Jill. I am glad it was a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and smiles!

Donna said...

Jill, What a sweet day! Happy Birthday! I do hope you are safe during Hurricane Irene. My kids live in North I'm a little worried about them too.

Gosh, you so make me miss when my Rebekah was little and we did such fun girly things. :o)


Patti said...

Sounds like a totally lovely day!! SUCH sweet girls you have!!

Just have to say, I LOVE Kathleen's dress. You know, green, and white make me swoon!!

Also, I see that you read Victoria Magazine. I love that magazine. SO beautiful and feminine.

What a fabulous ministry and how wonderful that your girls want to help with it.

Happy, happy birthday. Hope this next year of your life is fabulous.


Kerri said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday Jill! Love that you went and donated your time on your birthday for a good cause....shows exactly what kind of person you are. LOVE the picture of you with the girls!

Jamie said...

happy birthday to you mrs.jill

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Birthday.. your girls are so precious!


Cherie said...

Jill it looks like you had a fantastic birthday and were spoiled by those cute girls of yours!!! They obviously adore their sweet mom.

The bead service is awesome! What a great thing for your girls to be able to participate in :-D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - looks like you had an awesome day.

Olives and Pickles said...

Happy Birthday Jill
Your girls did such a great job!
Thank you for your comments over my blog.

~ Noelle said...

hope yall had a great time celebrating your birthday! that pic of the 3 of yall is great