Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Fun and Kindergarten Orientation!

Wow the days are flying by and closer we are heading to a new school year! Today Kathleen had her Kindergarten orientation.....but first a little recap of our day Saturday at a local community event called the Tomato Blast. This is the first year we went and it was nice. Games for the kids, water ice and a kid's fun run race!

Notice the bee coming at me at the top of the picture!!!??? AAGGHH!

Some of the prizes they won!

Getting ready to divide into 2 groups for the race!

Kathleen ran 2 laps around for her age group and came in first at 1 minute 13 seconds and that was with a mom blocking her way twice! Not on purpose she was just walking her younger child around.

A little tired after giving it her all!

Hayley's age group had to run 4 laps and she made it in 3 minutes and 35 seconds, she walked about 1/2 a lap after sprinting out hard.....I was so proud of my girls. Getting all teary eyed watching them :-)

They both got medals! So excited!!

We plan to enter more races for different charities :-)

Recovering with some free treats :-)

They got to decorate their own tomatoes. :-)



It was a nice community event and the girl's had a lot of fun.

Today my "little" Kathleen got to meet her teacher, new friends and take a small bus ride. Whew, I made it through but I am going to miss her during the day. She will be only 1/2 days but I just signed up to volunteer for all I could! :-) I am excited for her. She told me she already met her boyfriend today...YIKES! LOL

Here's big sister leading little sister down the hall......

Here they were working on pictures of their families.

They all received books after the bus ride.

I thought this little boy was so cute leaning into her to get a picture. She told me this was not her boyfriend though. LOL Apparently he had a red shirt and spiked hair and she doesn't know his name! LOL

She met her teacher and was able to get a great picture!

She just looks so tiny next to this big bus....

This is a picture she made of her and her teacher to give to her on the first day of school.

A little over a week to go!

Hope you are all enjoying the end of summer!



Cindy said...

Oh how I love kindergarten artwork!:)
They grow up so fast don't they?
have a happy day

Mark said...

Stay strong, Momma. Don't lose it! Cry when she's on the bus and no longer sees you.

Wendi said...

She looks super excited! Megan's first day of kindergarten was today. She loved it and asked when she could go back! I missed her like crazy, but I know it is good for her.

Julie Harward said...

Hi Jill...funny about the bee wanting his pic taken too! Cute the decorating of the tomatoes. They did good and..the first day is always so exciting! I made your bar recipe, I used the angel food cake and a cherry pie was good! ;D

SonyaAnn said...

Awwww, cute tomatoes and cuter kids!!!

Angie Berry said...

I've never heard of a tomato festival... interesting. Looks like lots of fun though, love those little community events. They are always so much fun and usually pretty cheap for the family.

Kathleen does look tiny by that big ol' bus but she is so adorable! That cracked me up about her boyfriend, so cute! I volunteer all the time too, even for my older kids. It's nice to be able to be there and see what's going on for yourself.

Julie said...

I remember the first day like it was just a bit ago. I didn't cry until I was leaving the school and then had to sit in the car for a good 10 minutes.
It will be good, she will have a blast and you will enjoy a tiny bit of quiet now and then.
Soon she's grow up and be 19.
Take care my friend and God Bless!!

Patti said...

Oh, I'm glad it's only half day kindergarten. I'm actually surprised by that, as where we lived when my kids were in kindergarten, it was full day. (We didn't start homeschooling until 1st and 3rd grades). At least with it being half day, you and Kathleeen will still be able to enjoy time together.

By the way, I really love Hayley's haircut!!!!


Heather said...

Oh how cute!! Great job on the race looks like a fun event!! And how exciting with school!! Kathleen looks all ready to go!! They grow up so fast sometimes I wish we could slow it down just a little ~Hope the girls both have a fantastic first day back at school. Love Heather

McVal said...

Oh my! She's old enough for school??
And a boyfriend already?! You better keep an eye on this one!...
They look like they both had a wonderful weekend!

Kerri said...

Kathleen looks so excited to start school! (Her teacher looks about 15 yrs. old!)

Good job to your girls running in their first race!

Camille said...

Your header photos are so beautiful Jill! Congrats on your little one going to Kindergarten. The photo of the two girls walking down the hall away from you hand in hand is too precious. And that bee...what an incredible photo!! LOL!


~ Noelle said...

not sure what i love more..
sisterly love in the hall or her having a boyfriend already..
lol, you have your hands full