Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school!!

I wanted to post this sooner but the busyness of life has delayed it a bit. I wanted to start the girl's day special so I had a tea party breakfast for them. :-) They were very excited and it helped transition the morning smoothly for Kathleen.

I made them cards for their first day :-)

Making them smile is the highlight of my day! :-)

All ready for the bus....sniff..sniff...

There's my "baby" on the bus on her first day of Kindergarten!!

Jerry took the day off too and decided to try to get some mowing done...

The mower had other plans....like losing a wheel, then not working at all! LOL

Luckily we have a really wonderful neighbor that let us borrow his!

On my way to get Kathleen off the bus I saw my beautiful rose blooming....

And the awesome clouds that day...I just find them so beautiful....

Here comes the bus!

And a very excited Kathleen ready to talk about her day!

Sally was so excited to see her coming down the driveway!

Sally loves her girls and they love her!

Made a quick cute lunch for Kathleen....

Then Kindergarten must have worn her out...lol

Owen got groomed with Skippy and I was lucky to get this picture of him...

A little while later Hayley came home and also had a great day!

My beautiful girl growing up too fast!

Oh my little Kathleen has a new hobby....

Now I know why we can't find the Dixie cups she hides them all and then builds with them when we think she's asleep! LOL

My parents were here to see them go to school on their first day, so they were able to get a nice picture of the 4 of us.

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Hayley and I started a cycling class at the YMCA tonight. We cycled for an hour, it was great! The worst part I'd have to say is the seats...they really hurt your butt! LOL Also sharing a little motivation for you this week.....

I ate super healthy today and it's day 1 of breaking my soda habit! Pray for me! LOL Just a reminder of how terrible soda is:

Have a great evening!!!



claudia b said...

congratulations on your girls' first day - they both look so sweet!!! and I need to show my husband that soda graphic, he's addicted!!!

Patti said...

I have been anxiously awaiting this post!!!

I'm glad the first day of school went great for everyone, especially that Kathleen (and mommy!) made the adjustment to kindergarten.

Has Hayley recently gotten glasses? I don't recall seeing them before.

That is a fabulous family photo! And Skippy is adorable!!

You are a great mom, who always does such fun and memory-making activities with your girls.


Angie Berry said...

What a wonderful first day of school for everyone. Hayley is so grown up with her new hair cut and cute glasses! Glad you all had a great day!

Beloved's Bride said...

oh Jill, They sure do grow up fast! What wonderful pictures of their first day of school. Such sweet smiles!

Love the breakfast pictures. And, oh how sweet to make them cards. You are so adorable and thoughtful.

Now, how did Momma do when her littlest one going off to Kindergarten? ;) Did you have lots of sniffles?!

Yeah for cycling! I have been trying not to drink sodas. It isn't working so well. ;(

Kerri said...

Kathleen looks pretty excited on her first day! Hayley looks so much older with her glasses on! I'm taking a spin class tomorrow morning...not really looking forward to it...but I so need to get back to the gym after taking the summer off! Hopefully I'll be able to walk on Thursday! :)
Also, if I can kick the soda habit...I know you can! I haven't had a soda since the beginning of December! You can do it!

Heather said...

oops my comment disappeared sorry if I end up leaving 2 ...let me say it again! Happy First Day of school the girls look so cute great pictures!! love the breakfast you set out for them you are the Sweetest MOM!! :) and good luck with the soda kick I will pray for you...that is a tough habit I have had many friends in the same boat.I have a thing for coffee that is my bad habit... You can do it though!! and that is going to make a huge difference for you!! For a healthy soda alternative I do club soda with a little bit of organic juice mixed in or even mango nectar is really nice with it as well ~Have a Great week Love Heather

Cindy said...

Yeah for the frist day!
They both look so happy and ready for a new year.
Wow, those skies were beautiful.
Good luck with the soda thing! And what a great photo you posted about the bad effects soda has on you. I knew it was bad, but good grief!:)
have a happy day

Wendi said...

Glad the first day went so well! I just love Haley's haircut. She looks adorable!

Yay! for kicking the soda habit. I still have a Diet Coke when I dine out, but other then that I rarely have one. This is coming from the chick that use to drink at least a 6 pack a day! I would pop a can as soon as I made it do my desk and would continue all day one after another. The headache was the worse part about kicking the habit. I really don't miss it. Good luck!

Mark Himes said...

You're such a good Momma. You really do go all out for your girls. And you can tell by their faces that they appreciate it. Bravo!
Claire has that same shirt that Hayley is wearing. I have no clue what "fashion" is anymore. I give up!
p.s. I'm glad to see a photo of all of you together. It's hard to do, I know!

Jenny said...

Congrats to the girls! They looked lovely and that breakfast was simply marvelous, you are such a good mommy. Your poor hubby, that is how those things work, the mower breaking on the one day he can do some extra work.

Olives and Pickles said...

Oh my goodness, they look adorable!!You are so sweet. I love the idea of a tea breakfast before going to school..nice.

SonyaAnn said...

You are such a wonderful mom! Your family is going to have some of the best memories.
Good luck on the "getting off pop." It's an evil beast to fight!

Linda said...

Sweet photos and wonderful memories of the first day-glad this went well.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I must say I've never been one to want to 'have' what others have. However, your picturesque home, the stay at home mom you are, the baking, the hubby, your adorable kids, the pets, make me want to say; "When I grow up I want my life to resemble yours".
Thank you for letting me dream today.
God bless.


McVal said...

That's a LOT of eggs for just two girls!
Are you sure Kathleen isn't building them IN her sleep?

Christy said...

I sent my girls to their first day of pre-k and so far they are doing really good! Your girls had a wonderful send off.

Anonymous said...

Awww so happy the first day of school went well for everyone :o)

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a perfect first day and a great start for that day! Love that you documented it all! :D