Friday, October 28, 2011

Doris Day - Snowfall

O.k. I think I'm a little shocked.... our local weather has predicted snow for Saturday up to 5 inches???
Seriously??? in October??? So Monday possibly we'll be trick or treating in the snow?? LOL. :-)

Looks like after dance class tonight and trick or treating at the YMCA we'll be heading out for some food and snow supplies? Hmmmm guess we better dig out the snowblower and shovels :-) I'm soooo not ready for snow!!!!

O.k. I guess I'll believe it when I see it! The girls are of course very excited about the possibility. :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Kris said...


Mark said...

First you post photos of starving children and now this. You're on a roll!

Jessa Irene said...

Wow! We are predicted to have a cold winter this year, but snow already! Silly snow, it is still fall.

Christy said...

I do love me some pretty snow...but not in October lol thats a little too soon! Post some pretty pics if it really comes :))

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

It often snows on Halloween in Eastern Oregon. Can't imagine it snowing that early in your part of the country. Hope you get all your supplies together just in case :)