Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend recap: School Fall Fest and Dutch Wonderland!

Happy Monday! :-) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

On Friday the girls went to their school Fall festival and had a great time. There were lots of games, some yummy treats and lots of socializing!

Here they were digging for change in the hay......

Of course Kathleen found some, lol as most of you know if there's change to be found she's going to be the one to find it!

Whoops....flash was a bit bright here...

My two adorable scarecrows! :-)

Kathleen also wanted to try eating rice with chopsticks and did a pretty good job

You can just see the determination in her face!

And she even managed to wear a little on her cheek;-) She decided 2 hands trying it was better than one!

We also went Friday night to the nearby Verizon store and I got the new IPhone 4S! I love it! Lots to play with for sure, and Siri, the personal assistant is so neat! Check it out on apple's website. :-)

Saturday morning I woke up with pink eye :-( So we headed to the Dr's first my drops started then headed out for a day of fun at Dutch Wonderland!

Love the joy on her face in this picture!

I think she's looking over her shoulder and hoping that witch isn't coming to get her! LOL

Whew....that was close!

I remember when Hayley use to be small enough for this ride.....time sure flies....I think it will be Kathleen's last time on it as well.

However Hayley does love her swings and roller coaster rides!

They had a real nice trick or treat path through Duke's Lagoon....why they wanted this picture with the skeleton I don't know! LOL

We watched a cute little show, the girls enjoyed....

Kathleen was happy to get her picture taken with Molly! :-)

I wore my sunglasses day and night to hide my lovely, seeping eyes, lol. It looked like someone has punched me in the eyes! The girls enjoyed more rides but it was too dark for any great pictures. Afterwards we used our tickets again and went to Applebees for a late dinner before heading home. The back of the tickets have a coupon for one free child's meal with a purchase of an adult meal so that worked out nice for our budget! Especially since spending $100.00 on eye medicine had not been in our plans!

Well off to make some dinner for my family....



Val said...

I'm so sorry you caught the stink eye, I mean pink eye too! YUCKY!
LOVE that scarecrow picture...

Jamie said...

Jill,I hope your eye gets better.The whole day looks like such a great fun filled family day.As I was just reading back further to Hailey on her wacky hair day I was blown away at how she is growing into a young beautiful girl.Both girls are so adorable and I enjoy the cute pics that they like to pose for.
Get to feeling better Mama Jill

Cindy said... guys sure did have a blast of the weekend! From the fall festival all the way to the Wonderland! My girls would have loved all the fun too.
hope your eye is feeling better soon
have a happy day jill

Julie said...

You guys had a great time, I love seeing that. Thank you for sharing. Take care of those eye's.
Take care and God Bless!!

Genn said...

Hi Jill,
looks like a fun weekend for your kiddos! Hannah's fall festival so far has always been on a saturday i am working. hopefully next year it will be a friday night like most of the other schools!
hope your eyes are feeling better soon!! take care!

Christy said...

What a fun weekend you had! Our school fall festival is this coming Friday. Ive offered to help set it up (yay me) lol..Im looking forward to it,it will be the first one my girls have ever been to. Have a great week!!

Kerri said...

You were in our neck of the woods! We use to go every fall to Dutch Wonderland too...happy hauntings! I miss it...Brady outgrew the rides a couple of years ago. Such a cute place!

Kris said...

What great pictures. Loved the ones of your little girl trying to eat her rice with chopsticks!! Precious!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun!!!!

Mark said...

Poor Kathleen. She's always going to remain skinny if she keeps using those chopstick. You know what, I think I might start using them now. I could stand to lose some weight. If people ask how I'm losing weight, I'll say that I'm on the Kathleen diet.
You know, we've yet to hit a Fall Festival. I need to get on that. I can let you out do me!

Patti said...

What fun photos! It definitely looks like a grand time. I have fond memories of church fall festivals with my kids.

By the way, I love the new header. That is a wonderful family photo. You ALL look great.

Have a wonderful day.


Tara said...

Jill, looks like you're having lots of family fall fun! Enjoy your Thursday, tara

SonyaAnn said...

A picture perfect family!!!!!