Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cat scan update, Kathleen's school Thanksgiving Feast!

Well I know I said I was taking a little break...but I just wanted to do an update. Just a note drinking this solution for my cat scan was NOT a treat! LOL Blech! (2 bottles plus another cup before the scan) But it gave me some answers so for that I am thankful!
I am so very thankful that the cat scan did not show this lump as cancer and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get this news. However, I did find out the pain and lumps are caused from gallstones, a kidney stone, umbilical hernia (most likely from having Kathleen) and a hianal (sp??) hernia. So even though a few whammies, I am thankful it is not life threatening. The Dr. does not feel surgery is needed at this time. So I guess I will proceed back into my exercising lightly and listen to my body's signals of when to stop. :-)
If anyone out there has ever had any of the above I'd love to hear your advice/remedies! :-)
Thanks again for all your support!

We've been super busy around the house....Hayley has been working on this tipi, even large enough for her American girls :-)

Thanks to PopPop for his guidance and help in constructing it! :-)

I've been volunteering a lot at Kathleen's school and the other day I took cupcakes in to celebrate her birthday.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing was her request!

I'd say they were a pretty big hit! ;-)

Today was wacky dress day for Hayley's class...

Quite the outfit I'd say, lol!

Kathleen dressed as a Pilgrim in preparation for her Thanksgiving feast

My two beautiful girls!

I really enjoy helping out in Kathleen's school and I love how happy she is when she sees me arrive. These moments I treasure! :-)

She was so proud, she made the hat all by herself!

I love catching these random shots...

Having a great time with fellow classmates!

Then when we came home she made this up on her plate... always trying to get away with a junk lunch, lol. But I always steer her healthy and let a treat or two off of her plate. :-) But it sure is fun to try!!

Looks like she's following in my footsteps in making special lunches:-) I couldn't be prouder!

We arrived safely at my mom's but I was pretty torn up traveling without my Sally for the first time. She always loved my parent's house and their dogs were looking for her tonight. Will be our first holiday without her... who will eat all her leftovers? :-(  Our neighbors Ben and Jessica gave us a book called Dog Heaven with a beautiful inscription inside...well yeah that got me crying again. It takes time I know...

But in better news I get a few days with family to unwind, relax and shop!! Hoping to see Breaking Dawn with Jerry while we have a sitter! :-) Hint Mom and Dad ;-) Also thinking of taking the girls to see the Muppet Movie. I grew up with the Muppets and always enjoyed them.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!

Many Blessings,


Kris said...

Jill, I am so glad I popped in to see the news that your test revealed. Although still not great, SO much better than something much, much worse! My brother had hiatal hernia. He has had to take tagamet and watch his diet very carefully, and avoid stress. Which is easier said than done.
Your girls looked darling in their whacky clothes, and pilgrim costumes! Such fun with young kids!
I am thinking of you, knowing you still miss your Sally! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm glad your scan is over and that you didn't have to wait for results (hate that!) Hopefully none of the things you mentioned will give you problems- they're all things that remain silent many times as far as I understand. I've had a kidney stone before (gone now) and I have a hiatal hernia that seldom gives me any issues. It sounds like you have a good doc that will keep a good watch on you. . .Enjoy the holiday with your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Miranda said...

Jill, I'm so glad your scan showed no cancer. I hope you're able to get those other issues resolved, but isn't it amazing how much less "big" those things seem when you could have been faced with a truly awful diagnosis? Lots to give thanks for in this situation for sure!!

My daughter Elsa loved the American Girl sized TeePee. I do believe her and Hayley would really each other!!
♥ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥

Mark said...

I'll take that news.
Happy Thanksgiving Jill.

Wendi said...

So glad that the cat scan did not show anything life threatening. I have had kidney stones and they hurt something awful when they are moving. Hoping that you get everything worked out and are feeling 100% soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
Oh how thankful your scan shows no cancer. For this one gives great praise. I had all those test last Spring and I know they are no fun. My trouble is a narrowing esophagus and like a hiatle hernia, certain foods have to be watched and eat small bits and slower. Some days are better then others, but you will learn this as you go what works for you. My prayers will be with you.
Love the pics of your girls, they are so sweet and so talented. What wonderful memories from your daughter's school too. Happy Birthday to her.
So glad you are going to be at your parents and all together to enjoy Thanksgiving. I know Sally is there in spirit and will always watch over you all. Have fun shopping and resting up.

Love to you, Celestina Marie

Josh Healy said...

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Camille said...

So sorry you had that Cat scan to go through Jill. But, so good to learn that the news is tolerable...what a blessing! Kidney stones are something I am familiar can deal with them naturally if they are not too big. On my blog I shared what helps with the not too far from the top called "Marshmallow Root Tea". How to dissolve them is another matter...I am just investigating that one. :) I know that there are ways to deal naturally with gall check it out. I know it has helped others in similar situations. If you can avoid surgery...that would be best!

Blessings to you!