Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A courageous mom I met through blogging and how she battled cancer

Mesothelioma: An aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen.

Before I was contacted by Heather I had never heard of this form of cancer. Heather contacted me to visit her site and learn about her story and to share her site with others. I couldn't say no. Cancer is a word I hate to hear.....and all too often it claims the lives of those we love. Heather shares her courageous story at this link  How her love as a mother helped her to overcome the incredible odds she was faced with.
But this is Heather's story to tell and her site is filled with so many resources and valuable information. Please take time to visit her and let her know where you found her link. :-)

With so many of you being mothers yourself, you can appreciate what she went through.

As mothers there is nothing we can't overcome or do for our children. Whether your child is biological or adopted makes no difference in the power of love you feel for them.

My blog is to create a place my children will be able to find memories of our lives for years to come. I enjoy meeting other moms and dads and sharing ideas, stories, links, etc. We all could use the support at times and I have been very blessed to meet so many wonderful blogging friends. Heather's story is another reminder of how blessed I truly am and don't take a single day for granted. If you or someone you know is struggling with cancer, no matter what kind, this site is helpful. Please pass along the link to those who could benefit from the wealth of information found there.

Thank you Heather for reaching out and sharing your story with others. :-)

Wishing you all many, many blessings today and always!



Kris said...

She sounds like an incredible woman!

McVal said...

Wow! It's always great to hear about such strong women.