Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enjoying a fall day with Kathleen and a Sunday project! :-)

Thursday was such a beautiful day that Kathleen and I spent most the afternoon outside. We brought out her bike and the ball and just enjoyed the afternoon together. :-)

Quite refreshing after all that snow!

Kathleen was riding along and she stopped.....

Pointed to what was left of our snowman!

Pretty much the only snow left in our yard, lol!

On her way back up the driveway she stopped to rescue a caterpillar!

Love this picture to remind me just how tiny her hands are.....

Finding a seed from the tree for the caterpillar to climb onto.

Success!! As we safely moved him to the grass :-)

Kathleen preparing for the day she can drive Daddy's car?! LOL

Time to play some ball!!

Taking time to pose.

Love these moments together with her....she's growing up too fast!

Today my parents came up so I can watch their 2 dogs while they go on vacation. So my dad is giving Jerry a hand installing our new front door. Saving us $600.00 to have someone else do it. :-)

Before, beginning to remove the trim.
Our door leaked and let in a lot of cold air so I'm sure it was a quick throw together from the builders. Luckily Jerry has been in construction his whole life so we are able to do these projects.

Yikes! There goes my door!

And these two trusting faces will have it back together in no time.......until then.....:-)

* An update....when I went to the Dr's she did confirm feeling something in my stomach so she had me set up a sonogram. I go on November 16th at 11:30 AM. Can't have any food until after the test so hoping I won't get sick. I never do well when I can't eat. :-( If they can't find anything from that test she will send me to a surgeon and probably get a cat scan. So as of now I don't really know what it is and I'm trying to take it day by day and not worry too much. Thanks to all of you that have emailed and/or commented your concerns and support. I hadn't realized I hadn't updated after the appt.*

What's on your project list this weekend?

Many Blessings,


claudia b said...

Sending you prayers and good thoughts re: the scan. What a fun day with your little one ;D

Julie said...

I hope they find what's making you feel this way.
I love your pictures and all you do with your girls.
Take care and have a safe and blessed week.

Kerri said...

Keeping you in my prayers Jill. Wish you didn't have to wait so long for your appointment.

You guys have a perfect bike riding driveway!

Mark said...

I feel like I need to send Kathleen a bigger bike. She's too leggy for that one!
And yeah, get better soon. The unknown is very scary. I hope you don't sit around chewing car keys like my dog does. If so, that could be the problem.

McVal said...

Praying for you lady! Great pics! Kathleen is such a cutie. And that car reminds me of Nancy Drew! The older versions... :) Love it!

Genn said...

Hi Jill,
I'm sorry I thought I left you a comment here, but it looks as though I didn't! I tried from my phone, argh.
Anyway, I am keeping you in prayer. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for some answers but I hope you are doing okay.
thinking of you.

{cindy} said...

hi Jill,
Hope things are going ok for you and that the news was good. Keeping you in my prayers.

Kat said...

HI Jill you have a lovely yard and it looks like a very long driveway how cool is that. That is what I love about PA and Ohio your properties are larger then track homes here in CA you have to live in the country to get a nice piece of property like what you have.
How nice you and Kathleen had a nice day outside for playtime in between the snow storms. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

Kris said...

Hi Jill. Such sweet pictures of your daughter playing outside! Enjoy it while you can, I think winter is coming early! I have you on my prayer list. I hope you tolerate the test without feeling sick due to lack of eating. Keep positive!!!!