Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Kathleen!!

Wow what a day! Been up since 3 AM for black Friday shopping and a fun day with Kathleen. Heading to bed soon but really wanted to post on her actual birthday. :-)
Hard to believe my little baby girl turns 6 today!! Where did the time go so quickly?
Last night she lost her first tooth and got $5.00 from the tooth fairy!!
Nana fixed her hair all pretty. :-)
Another cake to celebrate!
A little birthday Princess of course.

Happy Happy Birthday!!
A few of the presents she got from Mommy, Daddy, Hayley and Nana and PopPop!
Someone is just a little excited! ;-) little fun loving, fiery red head with a very big heart...celebrating these 6 years with you has been amazing! God blessed us with a big surprise when we found out you would be joining our family and now we are complete!
You love Barbies and Webkinz, dolls and you love to draw, write stories and do crafts! Swimming and lots of activities at the YMCA have become more of your favorite things ! Starting a new adventure this year as you journeyed into Kindergarten! We are so very proud of you and everything you do.
Love you soooo very much!!

After cake and presents we took her to see Arthur Christmas, a really cute movie that had us all laughing! Then we went to a nice local restaurant for dinner and my parents joined us. She was quite surprised to have the staff come out with a large piece of chocolate cake and they sang to her! :-) Her joy is my joy! :-)

We ran out of time today, but tomorrow we are heading to Toys R Us to spend her birthday money, and her godparents will be stopping by to visit her :-) Busy couple days ahead so I will write about our Thanksgiving tomorrow. My eyes are closing as I type! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Patti said...

Happy birthday, Kathleen! Hope you have alot of fun being 6 years old!!

Jill, I so know what you "baby" turns 20 next week, and it seems like only yesterday HE was 6 years old. Where, indeed, does the time go?

Great photos. Kathleen is such an incredibly photogenic little girl.

Love and hugs,

claudia b said...

Happy birthday, Kathleen! I hope you had a wonderful day and you get lots of goodies with your bday money. You seem like a very sweet little girl!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Kathleen :) :) She's turning out to be such a sweet young lady...both of your girls, are :) :)

Have fun shopping :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Kathleen!!

Camille said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet six year old! :) How blessed she was on her special day. You can see that she is very loved. :)

Blessings to you Jill!

McVal said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
mmm. Breyers ice creammmm...