Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kathleen's birthday celebration a little early :-)

Yesterday we had a very small bowling party for Kathleen. Since the holidays are such a busy time and her birthday is on November 25th we wanted her to be able to celebrate with a few of her friends from school and my niece Neve as they will be on vacation during the holiday and we won't get to see them.
Kathleen was so very excited!

Getting her ballerina necklace on :-)

She was all smiles!

One cool thing they do is give you an old bowling pin and everyone gets to sign it. She thought this was super cool.

We of course had to order a very pink Princess cake!

Picking out her bowling shoes :-)

Showing Holly her ballerina necklace.

They were having so much fun!

It was a glow bowl so there was smoke, disco balls, videos and lots of music...a fun time!

Pretty sure she is enjoying her cake :-)

Time for presents!

Happy 6th birthday my little pumpkin!

Mommy and Daddy are so happy you enjoyed your day!

We love you so much our sweet girl! In a couple weeks I'll do your "real" birthday post!



Victorian1885 said...

It looks like Kathleen had a wonderful time at her party. Happy Birthday on the 25th! Enjoy your week JIll.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awww, looks like everyone had a blast. That's such a great idea for her to have her special day before the holidays begin so it's all the more special for her. She's going to have a great birthday on the 25th too.

Wendi said...

Fun! Happy early Birthday, Kathleen!

Julie said...

I love all that you do with your family. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! Thank you for sharing Jill. AWESOME!!!
Have a great and blessed week.

Julie Harward said...

Such a smiler...she makes me happy! ;D

Sweet Tea said...

Happy "almost" Birthday to your adorable little redhead! She'll get to celebrate for a couple of weeks this way...Princess b-day is the 30th and she is partying at the end of the week for the same reasons you mention. If we wait till later it seems everyone is out-of-pocket for the holidays.

Cindy said...

Bowling is always so much fun!!!
happy (early) birthday Kathleen!!
have a happy day jill

McVal said...

Woohoo Skee ball!!!
Happy early birthday to Kathleen!
What a fun idea for a party.

Jenny said...

What a fun day. I love the idea of signing the bowling pin. That is a great keepsake. It looks like she loved every minute of course. Her cake looks super pretty. Happy early birthday cutie pie.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Happy Birthday a little early Kathleen. I can see you & your friends had a blast at your party. Oh your pretty cake looks yummy. Choc cake is my fav. Your Mom & Dad sure know how to put a pretty smile on your face. This memory will be held in your heart for many years to come. Blessings!