Friday, January 6, 2012

Back from Disney to some sad news :-(

Just checking in..... we returned from Disney World on Wednesday evening and Kathleen found our beloved cat Princess dead when she went to look for her. Not the way we wanted to start the New Year, especially after just losing our dog Sally a little over a month ago now. Sally and Princess were always very close.
   The girls are taking it hard, of course they grew up with her too and we are missing her presence. Cancer is such a terrible disease whether in humans or animals.....may you rest in peace Princess we will miss you!

We are headed out this evening to pick our dogs up from my mom's house and to celebrate Christmas with my best friend on Saturday. So I hope to be back to blogging and catching up with everyone next week! So much to share and I've missed what you all have been up to! ;-)

Have a great weekend!!!



Temporary Waffle said...

Sorry to hear about your pets :( My mom's dog just died recently as well and we were all attached to her. It's a hard thing to go through but happy their with us while they are.

Mark said...

Not a good start to the New Year. Not at all!
Take care and give the girls a big hug.

Heather said...

Oh so sorry to hear this :( ~ sending hugs xx Love Heather

Patti said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that, and it seems especially worse because Kathleen was the one to discover her.

I wonder if her loneliness over the loss of Sally was a factor.

At any rate, I'm glad you're home from Disney safe and sound. Can't wait to see all your photos.


Kerri said...

Sorry to hear your sad news...that stinks that Kathleen was the one to find her. Sending good thoughts your way.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm so sorry and even sorrier that Kathleen was the one to find her. That's not a very fun "Welcome Home". <<> Glad you are home and look forward to photos from your trip!

McVal said...

I'm so sorry! What a tragic homecoming.

Genn said...

Hi Jill,
So sorry to hear about Princess. Poor Kathleen too. Hoping you find peaceful days soon. xo

claudia b said...

omigosh Jill, I am so sorry!

Kris said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear this!

Wendi said...

Oh goodness! I am sorry to hear that. I hope that things get better for you. :)

Jenny said...

So sorry JIll, I hope that things get better for you guys in the weeks to come. Best wishes for a happy new year.