Thursday, January 12, 2012

Disney World vacation Part 1! Arrival and Hollywood studios first part. :-)

The drive Christmas day was actually pretty good as far as traffic. No one was on the road and it was a nice. peaceful ride. The girls listened to their ipods or watched the DVDs I had packed for them and all was going smoothly..... until we decided to get a hotel that night. Well when traveling and tired and in unfamiliar places you don't always know the areas you're stopping in. Maybe the cheap price of $54.00 a night for a hotel should have been a clue? LOL. Let's just say we are very glad we made it through that night and thankful we didn't stay another one! We learned quickly it was a bad section of the area. A double homicide had happened at the gas station two places down from the hotel the night before! We were wondering why a gas station was closed! Usually they are open on Christmas! So earlier in the day (backing up a little) we had stopped at Shoney's in Hagerstown Md., it was the first time they were open Christmas Day. They were running the buffet and we had a real nice lunch there. They were extremely busy and actually was starting to run out of food! They hadn't anticipated so many people :-) So that turned out to be our good Christmas meal :-)

    Let's just say I was very thankful for that meal! Christmas night we had planned to find another nice place but we stopped later for dinner since we were full from lunch. We ended up at a restaurant (fast food) called Jack in the Box. Oh my goodness what a mistake. First my family never eats at fast food restaurants like that, we try to pick restaurants that offer healthier choices if we have to go. There were pictures of a man with a Jack in the Box head on his body hanging around the place and it creeped the girls out! Well o.k. it creeped Jerry and I out too! LOL. The food took forever and it tasted terrible :-( So we all ended up with belly aches. Our bodies are not used to eating like that. I was surprised how many people were there as I thought they would all be home sharing dinners with their families. This is the first time I haven't been with extended family at Christmas so it really didn't feel like Christmas day for us. But we were together and happy and that's all that mattered.

       The next day we got up early and drove and Jerry said he could push on to Florida so we called and asked if we could add a night to our stay. They of course said yes and they would keep us in the same room so we didn't have to switch our luggage! Thank goodness! Because you know us girls....we have lots of luggage!! Hayley had 5 by hereself, lol. Now you can begin to see why we don't fly..... Jerry had the hotel cart, a guy to help that works there and Hayley and they all came up with arm fulls! LOL We gave the guy a few cookies we had baked for Christmas and nice a tip!

     We stayed at the Movie resort and when we walked in we were welcomed by this on our bed!

So cute!

We were so excited to be there! The next morning we took a walk down to the pool area...

Then we went to the lobby to get our tickets etc. The guy that worked there had been joking with Jerry about something another employee helped him with. Jerry said "oh I saw that!" LOL So when we went to walk away the guy called the girls over to the side and said he had something for them. He told Jerry it was so he would keep his secret! (all in fun, he didn't do anything he was just trying to make our stay even more magical!)
So he comes out with  stuffed animals for the girls and a Princess coloring set for Kathleen and an autograph book for Hayley! So very nice of him and it really made the girl's day! So we took a picture by the lovely tree...

Then we headed into the food court to get some breakfast and I took more pictures of what they got.

Oh and of course balloons!

This is Jerry being totally ornery with poor Eeyore's tail! LOL He's always cracking us up!

We were sure to buy the refillable mugs, it gave you unlimited refills at the resort for your entire stay. You can even take them back when you visit again and use them :-) The girls were in their glory filling up hot cocoa! No we did not watch calories this week! With all the walking we did I think it more then burned off what we ate! LOL

We headed to Hollywood Studios and it was the only day of rain showers for the week. But we got really lucky planning things around the showers!

Another beautiful tree!

Some silly characters.... ;-)

The store windows were all decorated beautifully here for the holidays. Kathleen wanted a picture in front of this one :-)

I definitely see her on the big screen one day! ;-)

Then we popped into American Idol experience when the rain started.

That was really cool. We wanted to go back to see who won the finale but we got too wrapped up in other things. The one lady Jennifer Townsend was amazing! Who knows she may get that ticket to the actual show!

While Jerry and Hayley were waiting to get on the Tower of Terror Kathleen and I sat down for a street show! Rain showers were not happening at this time either!

It was Disney Rocks with lots of singing and dancing. Really cute show!

After they got off the ride it was starting to get overcast again so we got into the Beauty and the Beast show. We saw it last time we were here too and it's just as good!

The colors of the costumes and set were so rich and vivid, it was just a beautiful show!

Kathleen moved back a bench to see better and I was trying to capture her expression, she was so enthralled with the performances. She loved it!

Then I just had to take this shot of this beautiful girl as we left!

We had another break in rain (Florida's weather is strange like that, lol) So we were first in line to see the parade!

The of the girl's favorites!

This little girl was from Whales England and her and Kathleen struck up a quick friendship! :-)

I loved this movie! Up....

Toy Story!!

And we'll wrap up with the villain! What a shame he looks to cute to be a bad boy doesn't he? ;-)

Tomorrow I will continue with more of our adventures at Hollywood studios!

Have a great day!!



Jenny said...

It looks like so much fun. I want to go to Disney in the worst way. Your story of Jack in the Box cracked me up, creepy jack in the box guy, hee hee!

Beloved's Bride said...

Looks like a great time at Disney. We had a wonderful time as well. It was the first time we spent our entire Christmas with out extended family. It was a lot of fun just to focus on our little family. Of course, we didn't have the craziness of driving down on Christmas though... what a ordeal for you all. Glad that part of your trip went safely though.

The pictures are great!

Kris said...

What a fun trip for your family. A life time of memories!!! Looks like the kids had a ball!!!

McVal said...

So cool! We had visited MGM studios several years ago in Orlando. While 1/2 of us were on the Tower of Terror, the other half saw Beauty & the Beast too!
That first hotel reminds me of one we stayed in a couple years ago. We call it the Elf meets Silence of the Lambs motel. All the buildings around it were abandoned and the parking lots overgrowing with weeds. The room was yucky and the toilets were child sized... (thus the Elf reference) I think we were the only ones staying there that night...
I'm glad you were able to follow that up with a fabulous place!

Patti said...

I love love love Disney World (and, as you know, all things connected with my beloved Florida). When we lived in the Orlando area, we went to Disney quite often. I have so many fond memories of times spent there.

Your photos look like y'all had a wonderful time. I'll tell you what really makes me jealous...the shorts and no coats...and the green grass!!

Awhile back, we had a hotel experience like Nashville. Got off I-24 in a not too nice section and took the first motel we found. We were worried all night long that our car would get broken into while in the parking lot. Was your experience in Nashville?

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


Heather said...

Great pictures!! You guys have the best vacations!! We have not been to Disney yet maybe one day soon! thanks for sharing can't wait to see part 2 :) love Heather

Nicolle said...

Love your pictures, and your vacation stories. This post makes me excited to take Boyd to Disney one day! I thought you would fly, that sure is a long drive, but fun! :) We've been there in those "questionable" hotels. We checked into one last year near the beach, and just as we paid, about 5 police came in with a mug shot looking for someone. We were scared, but for some reason we stayed. ha.

Hope all is well!

Tara said...

Looks like so much fun!