Friday, January 27, 2012

Downtown Disney and and some New Year's celebrating

Happy Friday! :-) Sharing more photos today, looking back I realized we really crammed a lot into a week! LOL

This one's a little blurry, but still one of my favorite pictures :-)

We did go to Downtown Disney for a little bit one day. I personally was not very impressed and would rather spend time at the parks. I guess I was expecting more....but it was just a few shops, an interactive game place and a couple plces to eat.

It was neat seeing the boat from Forest Gump. Have you seen that movie?

Wow 1994.....that's the year I married Jerry!

We of course had to visit the Harley Davidson store....

This one of Hayley cracks me up!

Jerry took this one of Pluto... his favorite :-)

View from the ferry of the castle at night.....

Just a couple pictures of the electrical light parade :-) So beautiful!

On December 30th, Magic Kingdom did a preshow of New Year's eve so we celebrated early!
Here's Jerry with his special

Great show and fireworks!
Kathleen was mesmerized!

How very blessed we felt to share this special day from people all around the world!

The next morning we met Duffy, who is Mickey's stuffed bear :-)

We had some water from Norway...

We were waiting for our reservation with the Princesses for lunch!

About this time Hayley was starting to complain of a headache. (This is actually New Year's eve day)

How much my "baby" has grown! She was almost as tall as Belle!

Hayley held up pretty well but she was starting to feel worse and worse...

Yup as about as tall as Cinderella too!

And well let's just say Jasmine is a bit short! LOL

It was inevitable... my little one ended up at first aid so I stayed with her and Jerry took Kathleen out for a bit...

So they brought a little Webkinz monkey back for Hayley to cheer her up...
Kathleen said "Look, he looks just like Daddy!"

My heart went out to Hayley....

She was running a fever and just exhausted so we made the decision to head back to our hotel for New Year's. She was disapointed because that's why we went down to celebrate at the park, but I told her as long as we were all together that's all that matters!

So Kathleen gave Epcot one last hammed up hoorah...

Back to the resort to watch Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve (a tradition for us anyway...)

I found out Kathleen was collecting pine cones and hiding them in drawers to take home with us! LOL To make crafts of course!

I just love Dick Clark....

Kathleen konked out at this time.....

We did manage to see some fireworks outside our resort...

So we still had an awesome New Year together!

Whew, now that was a post with some pictures! LOL Hope you are enjoying the pics. from our vacation. :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!!



Tara said...

Poor Hayley.... she sure was a trooper doing everything with a smile up to that point. I didn't know they had first aid in the parks like that. You sure made the right decision to head back to your hotel. I hope she was feeling better the next day. ~ funny (well not really) Abigail (my 4 yr old) is napping upstairs with a little fever of her own. It stinks when our kids are sick... doesn't it?
I love seeing all of your Disney pictures! Have a great weekend, tara

Sweet Tea said...

I especially love the photo of the girls standing under the New Year's Eve sign - that's one to frame, IMO...Poor Hayley, being sick anytime is a Bummer, but being sick at Disney World is a CATASTROPHE!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
What an amazing family trip. Your pics are wonderful. I have just been catching up on each post you share of your special time. I feel so bad that sweet Hayley got sick. She sure hung in there while she could. Your girls will remember this great trip forever.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

SonyaAnn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip! I love the first picture!
Have a great weekend!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a bummer that Hayley got sick. Poor thing! So glad you all had a wonderful time together as a family anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures the ones of the light show are just amazing I know that had to be just awesome to see that in person :o)

Heather said...

Oh dear poor Hayley...hope she is all better now!! Looks like a wonderful trip you got some great pictures. And a Happy New Year Love Heather

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Looks like a wonderful New Years despite the illness.

My kids were drooling over these pictures wishing we lived closer to the Magic Kingdom.

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Ya know what they say???

The girls just gotta have fun! Looks like dad was havein' a blast and a half too!!!

I'm so glad ya'll have a bang up time. Ya sure now how to pack a weekend sweetie!

God bless ya and have a magnificent week!!! :o)

McVal said...

I'm sorry Hayley got sick!
We like the Bubba Gump restaurant at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. YUMM!! The waitress comes around and asked trivia from the movie. And of course we've seen it a billion times.
How cool to see the boat!

Camille said...

Sorry your Hayley got sick on your fun at all! :(

~ Noelle said...

aw. hate sickness messed it up, but you are right... family is what matters!