Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More of our Walt Disney Vacation...Animal Kingdom

I chose a brunch at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom for one of our character meals and oh my goodness was the park packed the day we went! Even with reservations we had a wait!

Pretty cool while we waited we got to hang out and get our picture taken with Donald Duck :-)

When we finally got in to eat at our table Mickey came over to say hi!

Kathleen was so excited to see everyone she barely touched her food!

There was lots of autographs that morning too!

Jerry loves Daisy and got on his knee to kiss her hand...LOL

Next one of Kathleen's favorites....Goofy!

He was holding onto her book like she wasn't getting it back! LOL

Then Goofy was sure to tell her to eat!

I seriously wanted to bring him home with us! LOL She did sit down and start to eat! ;-)

After a great buffet brunch....we went exploring and found some fun boards at the Disney Vacation Club site.
So of course we had a little photo session.

We had some interesting birds cross our paths throughout the day...

We got our picture taken with dog from the movie UP!

Jerry had a good time with this one

Hayley and Jerry went on the Mt. Everest ride, here's a picture of the girl's in front of it at the bridge.

While we were waiting for like 2 1/2 hours hours for them to get on the ride... we rested a bit and Kathleen was creating mud houses in the dirt having a grand time! All the way to Disney and she wants to play in the mud! LOL

After that we went into Dino Land...

You can just barely see them by his leg....

That's better! :-)

We stopped to say hi to Goofy and Pluto!

As crowded as they were we didn't stay for the parade this time, actually it was our only day at Animal Kingdom. For the younger ones there is not a whole lot to do and not too many rides.

Kathleen did pick out some really cool mouse ears though!

As you can see we did a lot of pin trading while we were there and the girls had a blast!

That night I needed to go out to Animal Kingdom Lodge to use their wii-fi service to check into my college classroom. Yes, even on vacation I was committed to my work :-)
It is a gorgeous place!

It worked out well because they had crafts for the children and they had a great time while I did my work!

They made really cool ornaments using stones, paint, etc.

Another beautiful tree!

It was too dark for us to see the animals at the lodge...but we found out the next day if you go to the Jambo House they have special goggles to wear and you can watch the animals at night. Pretty cool!
What a great day we had! :-) More to come...



Kris said...

Great pics!! Memories to last a lifetime!!!

Cherie said...

Character breakfasts are the best places to hobnob with all the stars at Disney. Love the special attention they gave you and also loving the Safari outfits! What a blast.
I will also have to remember your tip about seeing the animals at night with special glasses.

Sweet Tea said...

Adorable photos. What fun!
You and your husband provide such fun times for your family and I can tell by the look on Jerry's face that he is crazy about "his girls". Soooooo sweet.

mr. pineapple man said...

We had a blast at AKL on our last disney trip!! Can't wait to go back! Hope you had a great time- looks like you did!!

Sheila said...

It looks like y'all had a really good time. Makes me wish I had taken my girls there when they were little. They have no desires to go now though=( Love Kathleen's ears!! Take care.