Friday, February 24, 2012

Comments,little Science with Kathleen, a cute children's book and random thoughts :-)

I have realized that the comment moderation section is getting harder to read and have received emails to request disabling it. So you will no longer need to do the word verification. However due to spam I have changed it to moderate comments coming through before they are published. :-) Thanks for your input! I must say I agree, some are so hard to read I give up on leaving comments. :-)

Yesterday Kathleen and I had some fun experimenting with food coloring and water to create new colors!
Simple project but very exciting for a 6 year old! Mixed it up with a tooth pick and talked about why it changes colors.
It's so fun to enjoy these moments with her since she only has Kindergarten half days.

Of course the messier the projects the better! Right?! LOL

We read constantly around our house and we are regularly at our local library. We found this really fun book called Red Sled by: Lita Judge
It doesn't have many words, but we laughed out loud and read it a few more times!

Our little Princess puppet that likes to join in when we read ;-)

A little preview of the book, come on admit it you have a smile on your face looking at that page and imagining the adventure in that book! If you have little ones at home....I recommend a trip to the library. I promise you'll enjoy it too! ;-)

We are planning a special party this weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Hayley and I have been busy planning, it's something she has wanted to do for awhile. Neve (my niece) and her parents are coming up to stay and celebrate with us. :-) I'll be sure to feature it next week!

So I was "informed" I needed to sew this poor dragon so he would be ready for Sat.!

Also sorting through my coupon basket for deals today, as well as a stock up trip to Costco's! That little brown envelope is also coupons that a dear friend sends to me :-) We had planned to get gas there too but when I went to go out this morning I saw Jerry left my tank practically on empty after using the van last night. So I went to WaWa instead because it's closer! LOL I think he forgets Friday's I run lots of errands. :-)

This morning I went to get my haircut! Yeah, it so needed it I haven't had it cut since November?! Then Disney happened and there was just little time since. :-) (totally forgeot to take pictures! But hey Mark if you're reading...I'm letting my bangs grow out ;-)....couldn't convince the girls to do the same though).

Still exercising with P90x....what an awesome workout! Definitely some serious sweating after the workouts!
How about you? Still sticking with good eating and exercising? Thought I'd share this with you today for a little extra motivation...

So true! There are so many illnesses and conditions we can cure or make better by eating healthy and exercising everyday. You are important and this is so worth your time! :-) Taking care of ourselves allows us to be here for those we love, so please make it a top priority for yourself today. Any movement no matter how small is beneficial.

Wishing you good health and lots of happiness going into your weekend. :-)
I'm off to run errands and prepare for this party!
What are your plans this weekend?



Olives and Pickles said...

I agree, the comment moderation is becoming ahuge deal evrytime I need to leave comments on different blogs.Thank you!
Great projects.
Have a good weekend

Annie said...

My desk calendar shows Chinese New Year as January 23 this year. Curious why you're celebrating this weekend. Is it also a significant day in the Chinese culture?

Regardless, I'm sure you'll have a great party!!

Jenny said...

I love your quotes! I am really needing some exercise motivation. I can't believe how hard it has become to leave comments because of the word verification. I agree, it is frustrating. Have a great weekend.

Kris said...

Fun little color experiment!! You are busy too! Boy do I hate to get in my car and find it on empty! Ugh!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
: ) Kris

Heather said...

Kathleen is to cute!! And I hear ya about the comments I hate spam but uh that is tough with the 2 words now and they are al squiggly hehe! I am doing ok with my exercise but I think I need to push my self some more. I just picked up some dumb bells so I can start working out my arms again....thanks for sharing the words of encouragement have a great weekend love Heather

WendyP said...

adore the lil one she ALWAYS has a bright smile on her face in every picture :-) As for the exercising--I recently viewed a cartoon where the dr was telling the patient "ok it's like this: can you find an hour a day to exercise or 24 hours a day to be dead??" I thought that was a good one! In that picture of your coupons--I think that one is a Proctor & Gamble insert--if it is see my facebook page for a REALLY good deal on Bounty Paper Towels!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Hope you all have a wonderful visit. I watched advocators show saying as you mentioned any movement is better than none. He suggested if even moving while a fav show is on or just commercials. Well I like Young & The Restless so that is a watch & move time 4 days a week. Food coloring is so simple but brings our children so much fun. Blessings!

Heather said...

Hello, thank you for disabling that horrible word verification thing! I wish more people would, since it makes commenting so difficult!

I love going to the library! In fact, I probably go at least once a week. I am lost without a good book to read!

I love your exercise quotes. They are so very true. I've been walking and taking a zumba class. Unfortunately, I got the stomach flu and haven't been exercising. Starting Monday, however, I'll be back! Have a great weekend!

Lisa B. said...

Love the quotes! Those wonky letters deal me a fit. lol

I finally got the annoying pop up walmart thing removed from my site, so you can come and visit again. ;)

Sweet Tea said...

Food coloring is so much fun but it stains so badly - you are one brave Mom, for sure! So glad you disabled the word verification. I think you'll be happy with the saved comments. I do neither and Blogger has always caught the spam.