Friday, February 10, 2012

Disney wrap up, the ride home,our first house and seeing some dear friends :-)

Thought I'd go into the weekend with a final wrap up of our Disney trip. What an amazing week we had!

Can't wait to go back again!

LOL! Always enjoying life to the fullest...

So glad Hayley was feeling better and we had another full day of fun!

We watched this little guy grab and cracker and run off to eat it, lol...too cute!

The girls were enjoying their last day of eating special desserts....

Jerry continued to crack us up especially when he was wearing this hat around the store! LOL

I think he was happy to have some hair! LOL (Love ya babe :-)

The girl's had a nice surprise back at our room.

You know we were out late when we had the ferry completely to ourselves!

It was kinda creepy actually ;-)

Then Kathleen, bless her heart zonked out again!

The one benefit of driving to Walt Disney World and back is the freedom to stop where we please. We took a detour in SC and surprised our dear friends Helen and Wilbur who we have not seen in a very long time. Wilbur use to be a truck driver for 84 Lumber and Jerry worked with him. It wasn't long before the friendship went from friends to family! They are our children's "adopted" grandparents and are loved and missed very much!

Always a good time when we are all together!

As we drove out to NC, I had to get a picture of Hayley at the welcome center...she was born in NC!
I loved living there!

Since I always have a camera in my hand...I was quite intrigued by the old phone booths still standing. Again kinda eerie... I don't feel that old... but I sure remember keeping change on me when I was younger in case I needed to make a call! My how much has changed....

Many of our friends were at work in NC, but we did get lucky with our old neighbor and another dear friend who became family quickly....Gary! Jerry called him and asked him what he was doing....he replied"I just got home from work, what are you up to?" Jerry said we're pulling in your driveway.... yup that was an awesome surprise!

Life moves forward so quickly.... we have to take the time and spend it with those we love.

A moment of laughter..... a lifetime of good memories!
So glad we drove..... was worth every minute! :-)

We also got to see our first house that we lived in and where we brought Hayley "home"

Jerry built the deck off the side of the house from the second floor. When Hayley was born we had a garden of roses etc. set up on that side by her bedroom window. Sadly it is no longer there.
We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into remodelling this house, that became our home. It was strange to see how others kept it. We even put in the concrete driveway and gutted about the whole thing. I was 9 months pregnant sitting on the floor with the air gun/ nail gun laying the flooring determined it would be done by the time Hayley came home and it was! Because when Jerry and I set our minds on something...there's no stopping us! :-)

We've lived in many homes since this one, but I will always have sentimental feelings for this one. It was the first journey as a married couple and really making it on our own. Good memories, great friends, I miss you NC!

Oh, but a funny story to tell. Racing as most people know is huge in NC. We had a little restaurant at the end of our street. One day we went in for lunch and I saw a ton of framed pictures of this guy all over the walls.....I sat down with Jerry and said "who is Richard Petty?" well you could have heard a pin drop! Everyone stopped and stared at me (this is small down...we lived in Asheboro, not far from the Richard Petty museum!) Well o.k. I was never much for racing! LOL! Needless to say I know who he is now and Jerry became a bigger race fan after living in NC. I learned to keep those thoughts to myself..... :-)

Oh and another thing I learned when we took my mom and dad out to eat for her birthday, one NC seafood is nothing like Md's and 2 when you say hello to someone in NC (like my mom did and wished them happy birthday because it was theirs as well) that you then end up in the restaurant for 2 more hours chatting and making new friends! :-) Nicest people ever!
I could devote an entire book to our life in NC. An experience I would not change for anything. :-)

Kathleen really zonked on our long ride home...lots of ecitement for one week! :-)

Well going to get this wrapped up, lots going on today. Also I recently created a like page on face book. If you're on there follow me and let me know I'll stop by to follow you back. :-) It's a great way to post updates especially when I'm short on time to post! Just search blessings of a stay at home mom.

Have a fabulous weekend!



Nezzy said...

Oh Miss Jill, it looks like this trip was filled with adventure, fun, family and friends.

What beautiful memories ya'll have made for your precious family.

God bless ya and have a fantabulous weekend!!! :o)

Annie said...

Great pics...and that little house is as cute as can be. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I so loved seeing your photo diary of the Disneyworld trip. I got teary eyed seeing the photo of the house in NC. I remember the first place that Dennis and I bought after we were married. Sweet memories.
Have a awesome weekend.


Wendi said...

I lived in NC for a couple of years. You are right it is a great place. I laughed about the racing story. I can just see it! race.

Donna said...

Jill, It's so good to be back here and see how you and your girls are doing. My son and DIL live in NC but we haven't been there yet. I've heard it is beautiful. What a special trip for you all with old friends. The first house is always the most special isn't it?

Camille said...

Oh what a sweet *first house* Jill! What memories it must hold for you. :) Road trips do have their blessings for sure. What a fun time at Disney it appears you all had...I'm so happy for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


SonyaAnn said...

You have the cutest family ever. Your life and stories are just perfect. I'm glad that you will have this blog for your children to look back and reflect on.

McVal said...

LOVE those wrap up photos! And to be quite honest... I thought you were talking about Tom Petty until I googled Richard Petty...

Heather said...

Hi Jill! Wow, you guys certainly had a wonderful trip! It must have been great to see so many old friends!

Nicolle said...

Dying laughing over the Richard Petty thing. :)) We are huge race fans in this house, and I think I could name most of the drivers, but I don't admit that to many people. haha.

I love your vacation pictures. It was especially touching to me to see that you were able to stop and visit with old friends on the way home. That is so special! I love your first home too.

happy heart day!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

awwww weren't you guys so sad to come home? We were! Tooooo much fun Disney is :)

~ Noelle said...

phone booths, have not seen them in ages :)
i want to go to disney now

anxsity means friendship said...

The ferry looks like part of the Titanic movie like when it starts to flood