Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls get a surprise in the mail, and an unwanted vistor :-)

The girls got a nice surprise Saturday when this box arrived for them in the mail.

A friend of mine was selling some American Girl items and I originally wanted to wait and give some to Hayley for her birthday in May, but I couldn't wait and decided to let them open it now.

Hayley was quite surprised when she opened the box to find a flute with book and stand for her American Girl dolls, as she also plays the flute.

The bed and flute was for Hayley since Kathleen has an American girl bed already, but the clothes they divided evenly. They were so excited! :-)

Hayley was also excited to receive her check for the fundraiser she did for the SPCA. She raised $119.00!
Plus she has had other monetary donations taking the total to about $200.00 raised. We are so proud of her efforts!

We did another weekend run to our local market and for about $20.00 we got all this!

Our uninvited visitor came on two legs....

A Blue Heron!

He was unwanted because he was on a mission!

This little bugger was stealing our Koi out of our pond :-( I'm so sad as we only have three left.
So as a temporary fix we pulled out an old baby gate and used it to cover the pond until we can get netting or something. So frustrating! Our neighbors are having issues with them at their little pond too.
At first we were excited to see him in our yard until we realized what he was doing!!!

It has been quite a busy whirlwind here, my sister, brother-in-law and niece just left so it's time to get ready for the busy week ahead. Will post more about the girl's little party tomorrow.

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Have a lovely Sunday evening!



kristi said...

Wow...those veggies and fruits look great!

Annie said...

Love the flute and accessories for Hayley's doll. When Kat started wearing glasses, so did her AG doll!

Sweet Tea said...

What a fun weekend for your girls and a busy one for you. Great job, Hayley!!

Olives and Pickles said...

Love the faces of your girls opening the box. So sweet
Big hugs

Sheila said...

WOW--I wish we had a local market to shop at! The produce looks so good. I love the look on Hayley's face in the second picture. Love seeing your girls--they always make me smile. Herons are so awkward looking--I hope y'all can get some netting to keep it out of your pond.
Go Hayley--great work on the fundraiser!! I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Take care.

Kris said...

What fun for the girls!!! My middle daughter Erika loved them. I saved her doll, the one with the prairie dress on. I forgot her name. I keep hoping maybe my grand daughters will be interested soon. So far, they are not.
Love your veggie pile there. And that naughty bird!! I am such a bird lover, but there is not a single person I know who hasn't had that trouble with their Koi ponds, and they grow to despise those birds!! Good luck with that problem.
Oh, and hooray for Hayley for her dedication to SPCA and raising funds. Such a great thing.

McVal said...

Yep! They're really cute until they start eating your fish...