Friday, February 17, 2012

Journal Entry inspired by simple woman's daybook :-)

It's been awhile since I linked up and did a daybook entry and today felt like the perfect time to express some of my thoughts this way. If interested in participating or just reading other entries, please visit Peggy's site here

For today:

Outside my window:  It is sunny and beautiful!

I am thinking: Quite a few things, but my heart is sad today after hearing about a school bus crash that claimed the life of a little girl who is one of triplets. The 2 other girls are in critical condition and my heart is going out to their parents. Hugged my girls extra, extra tight this morning.

I am thankful: That my girls are happy and healthy and that I was blessed to have them after years of trying. That I have a husband who loves and supports us and works so very hard. I appreciate him every day.

In the kitchen: Simply prepared foods as we will be away for a few days, veggies and fruit with sandwiches.

I am wearing: Jeans and a blue sweater with my walking shoes! ;-)

I am creating: crafts to do with the girls in the upcoming days :-)

I am going: to run errands, take Kathleen to dance this afternoon and heading out for a trip to MD!

I am wondering: Why my cat likes to play with puff pom poms so much, lol!

I am reading: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, Two special education books for college, Push by Chalene Johnson  Quite a combination there of literature! ;-)

I am hoping: That a cure is found and used for cancer, and that it does not take a loved one of ours too soon, that he can fight this battle somehow and win. I HATE CANCER! I hate the people it has taken from me too soon.

I am looking forward to: Seeing family and friends this weekend. Living far away makes this hard on a regular basis :-(

I am learning: So much! I enjoy my studies in education as well as all I've been learning on fitness and nutrition! Life is a learning process each and every day in so many ways! :-)

Around the house: I am preparing lists of areas to reorganize and items to list on EBay.

I am pondering: The many ideas I have for my project life scrapbook, needing to order some more supplies and hoping I can move past the last page I completed...when Patrick (my brother in law) passed away last April. Haven't been able to flip back to that page and go forward.

Favorite quote today:  "Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead"  Louisa May Alcott.

One of my favorite things:  The mother's ring Jerry and Hayley designed for me (Kathleen was an infant at the time)

It has a diamond in the middle and the flower in the middle that weaves and connects the four of us, and each of our birthstones is represented. I Love this ring and wear it every day! This picture does not do it justice as the lighting doesn't capture the sparkle at this angle.

       A few plans for the rest of the week: Paperwork, selecting new classes at the YMCA, schoolwork, organizing, errands, exercising and so much more!

A peek into my day: So far I have stripped and remade all the beds, working on laundry, cleaned bathrooms, packed for weekend, cleaned kitchen, cleaned the car, ran to the bank, went to the post office to mail Kris's box of goodies she won, balanced the checkbook, blogging and that's just this morning! When Kathleen comes home it will be providing her with a nutritious lunch, homework she has, reading books together, fun activities, running out to do errands, rushing back getting Hayley from school, going to dance class, getting dinner and heading out to Md. after loading the car....whew and a few things in between! Never a dull moment here!

So those are my thoughts for today, a nice way I thought to end the week. Looking forward to the long weekend and hoping Jerry and I get an evening out while we are staying at my mom's. We are long overdue for a couple's night! LOL

                                                             Have a wonderful weekend!!



Amy said...

Long and dangerous bus rides are another reason that I homeschool. My girl would spend like 45 minutes on a bus in the morning and at night. Crazy. In that amount of time, our "school work" would be done. If you drove her, you would sit in line just as long. It just doesn't make sense.

Prayers for the family. What a heartbreak.

Patti said...

Oh, what a beautiful ring! They did an awesome job designing it. I love my mother's ring too. The band is open hearts, with the stones in the middle. There are several empty hearts, as we were planning on more than just 2 children. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, so when I have grandchildren, I will fill those empty hearts with their birthstones.

I hate cancer too. I lost my grandmother and many friends to that horrible disease. The saddest story I know is of my friend Laurie, who died of breast cancer at the age of 32 in 2002, leaving a husband and 3 kids (8, 5, and 2). Four years later, her husband died of cancer, leaving the kids to be raised by their grandparents. Cancer took so much from those precious children.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your trip/visit.


Heather said...

Have a wonderful weekend! After all your hard work, make sure you have some relaxation time!

McVal said...

So sad about those triplets!
I love Dean Koontz. I believe I've read them all. Some are weirder than others... Lightning is my absolute fave.

Tara said...

oh my gosh, that's quite a day! Moms do it all, don't they? How's Push by Chalene Johnson? Thinking of getting that one sice I love her workouts (skipped this morning :) ) Are you going back to school to become a teacher? I left teaching 8 years ago when we adopted Anna but now that Abigail is going to be in Kindergarten it's time to start thinking about when to go back, sigh...

Have a wonderful trip, tara

Lisa B. said...

I love it when you do these posts!

Annie said...

Have a wonderful trip and stay safe!

Heather said...

The ring is beautiful I have one also that my husband and my mother designed for me I will have to share a picture of it with you sometime. Enjoy your trip and time with friends and family....You are blessed indeed!! Love Heather

Reecea said...

What a nice post. I am a cancer-hater too. Do you have good response with listings on eBay? Really love your quote. Have a great day!