Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Science project, skating, weekend Valentine fun, yummy food and more!

Hayley has her science project picked out and ready to go. She chose to show how horrible it is eating McDonald's food. (Although this goes for all fast food due to chemicals and other unhealthy byproducts) She will be leaving them out and seeing if or how long it takes for them to start breaking down. She will also be researching and defining the ingredients in the food which she will get from their web site. The food is divided and will be observed under different conditions.
Marketing is another area she will discuss, how children are wanting to go because of the happy meal toys.

This is just the beginning started Feb. 1st. I'll let you know how the final results turned out!

Kathleen was invited to her first skating party and she did really well! I'm so proud of her for jumping in and trying things.

She even braved the limbo on skates!

I'm so proud of her!!!

We had our good friends over for a little Valentine's dinner this weekend and I had some crafts for them to work on.

They each got their own bag full of activities.

I caught Kathleen in between smiles here, lol.
It has been such a blessing watching these four grow up together and I really enjoy our monthly get togethers! We have a new addition to the gang too, little Miss Carly!

Jerry made his first ever pineapple upside down cake....I think he did great! Yummy too!

Of course we needed chocolate cupcakes too!
Carly was a little young for them...but maybe next time!

So adorable!! Been awhile since we've had a baby in the house :-)

Don't worry I'm still incorporating healthy eating too! Have you ever tried broccoli rabe? Yummy!

I also made a healthy, from scratch chicken pot pie in individual serving sizes....so good!

I used 10 inch Pyrex dishes

Cover with flaky biscuit dough
and bake

Sooooo good!

The girls and I have been eating a lot of nectarines. Did you know there is a difference between them and cuties? Cuties have no seeds and a slightly different taste (not quite as sweet) .

Found a great deal on these jewelry organizers at Ross so another redo project coming soon! :-)

I could not resist taking this sweet picture of Kathleen after she fell asleep the other night....

I love my girls so much and these moments just melt my heart :-)

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Annie said...

Those chicken pies look delicious!

And the McDonald's food doesn't...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thats a really neat project your daughter is gonna do.

I never could skate good I was always terrified LOL

All the food looks so yummy!! Hope all is well :o)

Wendi said...

Those pot pies look great!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Some may never want to eat at McDonalds ever again. Not a place I care for. Science projects are fun & a great learning experience. I really had to look for Kathleen in the toys. Like finding Waldo. Blessings!

Kris said...

What a sweet post! The pot pies looked delish!! Loved that last picture!!!

Lori said...

We also had a great time on Saturday - can't wait to see you guys next month. Carly looks so disgusted in that picture. I have a feeling that with Hayley's science experiment, it will make me be glad that I don't eat McDonald's food! P.S. - I am loving the book you let me borrow!!!!

Mark said...

Oh no! Those McNuggets are going to waste!
Kathleen looks like a natural in those skates. I think she should go for lessons.
And that Carly baby, so cute!

McVal said...

:) She took to skating like a duck to water!
Looking forward (I think) to the McDonalds food experiment!

Beloved's Bride said...

McDonald's food experiment! uh... I am assuming we will see pictures! giggle. She is going to do really well!

Sweet Tea said...

What a great idea for a Science Fair project. Girl, I always HATED those projects. With four kids we have done our share of them and even won a time or two at the local level. I enjoy seeing them but not "helping out and messing with the stuff". Be sure to keep up updated on the project; I find her subject very interesting.