Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Day craft and activities, update in Science project.

My girls and I love to craft and I am treasuring this time of 1/2 day Kindergarten so that I can still plan these activities with Kathleen. :-)

We made a Valentine's day centerpiece for the table. First we got all the materials ready:

1) Glue ( a tip for young children use a milk cap and place glue inside and give them a q-tip to take out the amounts they need. :-)

2) Valentine sticker selection (you could also let them draw their own hearts etc.)

3)Construction paper (for handle and to cover toilet paper roll, you can also paint the roll white, red, or pink)

4) Toilet paper roll

5) Stapler (if you are wrapping in construction paper this holds it together better then just glue)

6) Glitter

7) Sparkly pipe cleaners (or colored straws, pink or red)

8) Scissors (for cutting out hearts, handle and construction paper

9) Doilies for base.

10) Paper plates (for glitter and drying)

11) Tape

First put glue on each heart....

Add glitter....

Set aside to dry while preparing rest of craft.

Add construction paper to toilet paper roll and secure with stapler (I suggest parents of young children do the stapling part) Be sure to staple handle made of construction paper on also.

Then add stickers (or drawings to roll)

Next glue the base of role to the doilies.

After they are dry, tape the hearts to the sparkly pipe cleaners and sit inside toilet paper roll.

Place in the center of your table for all to enjoy!

Note they may work up an appetite and need a little special snack :-)

I just love to make this little girl smile! :-)

I am also very proud of Hayley, she organized a fundraiser through Pizza Hut and her school to raise money for the SPCA.

Pizza Hut will give 20% of their profits from last night to the SPCA. Since we did have snow several people have offered to donate to the SPCA in Hayley's name. We went and it was a really great turnout. We don't know the final amount yet.

She is still working on her project, which is due the end of March so this should be an interesting study for her. It has to be student directed so parents are not allowed to "help". She is getting ready to research and define the ingredients found in these foods.

She has some in plastic bags, some in an open fruit container so the air reaches it, and has exposed some to dark and some to light.

Since February 1st.... she is just starting to see mold on the cheeseburger (in bag), apples (in bag),
and nuggets (in bag). There is no change to sauce (in bag) or to the roll (in bag). There is also no change at all to the nugget and fries in the airy container. This is just at 9 days. Ewwww. We laughed because we have them out on the table and our cat won't even go near it, what does that say? LOL

Back to some Valentine's ideas:

Valentine Song:


Do you have a Valentine, a Valentine, a Valentine?
Do you have a Valentine to call your very own?
Oh yes I have a Valentine, a Valentine, a Valentine
Oh yes, I have a Valentine to call my very own!

Yup, you'll be walking around the house singing that one! LOL

One thing we do at our home each year is create Valentine mailboxes to hold love notes we write to each other all month. It can be one that hangs on the doorknob or we have decorated small mailboxes from the craft store. The girls really enjoy this and they are in my former February posts.

Making Valentine's is also very special and a trip to the post office is always a great experience for children. Setting up an in home post office really gets the little ones excited. Not to mention having cards, note papers etc. with a writing station helps to develop their fine motor, reading and writing skills. Decorate a shoe box and cut a slip on top so they can add the mail. Having these outside the bedroom doors is another option for writing the love notes through the month of February. But you can certainly continue it past this point.

Finger play:

The first Valentine is trimmed in lace. (Form heart)
The second Valentine has a funny face (make a funny face)
The third Valentine says "I love you" (point to friend)
The fourth Valentine is forever true.
Put them in an envelope. (Pretend to put in envelope)
Deliver door to door (pretend to knock)
How many friends are happy? (point to friends/family)
1-2-3-4 (four fingers)

My girls also made Valentine's Day cards for the residents at a local retirement home. I cannot even tell you how happy this makes them. Hayley also took materials to Kathleen's dance class(we wait while she has class and Hayley entertains the young children)  for these children to make cards and add to the pile for the nursing home. So many wonderful ways to give back to our communities. :-)

Have a great afternoon and more activities and fun to come! :-)



McVal said...

Good on Hayley! And I love those Valentine flowers!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

It seems that I'm having trouble leaving comments on blogs with word verification :( :( Boo... So if you get this comment, would you please let me know? Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

Sweet Tea said...

Great Valentine fun! The Centerpiece turned out really cute. My compliments to Kathleen...Yeay to Hayley for being so community minded. You're raising a very good citizen. It's great to see someone so young take the time to do for others. Love Hayle's hair too!

Simone said...

First, Hayley's hair cut is so gorgeous on her. She looks like a model! I am proud of how she is making a difference for the ASPCA. Good for her!

The Valentine's day centerpiece is adorable. Do you ever run out of steam when it comes to being creative?

Mark said...

My daughter would be in hog-heaven at your house making all those crafts. Maybe I'll send her down there for Summer-Camp!

Julie said...

Now this project I am going to steal and do it with Joss next week. It's perfect for her and oh thank you Jill for sharing. This year I have been so busy with other things I haven't done much crafting with Joss and I need to.
Take care Jill and I sure love all the pictures of your vacation and your old home and more. I know I don't comment all the time but believe you me I am reading and enjoying. Thank you for sharing.
Have a blessed afternoon!!