Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook entry March, 2012

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For Today

Outside my window: It is sunny and beautiful out close to 70 degrees!

I am thinking: I have so many projects to get done!

I am thankful: That we have had a mild winter and not much snow or ice! :-)

In the kitchen: Fresh baked cookies that I am sending into Jerry's work for his employees.

I am wearing: Jeans, walking shoes, socks and a blue top.

I am creating: A St. Patrick's day craft project for Kathleen's class and party at school.

I am going: To the YMCA for the girl's programs tonight.

I am wondering: If that Blue Heron is going to come back and try to get more fish from our pond. :-(

I am reading: Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. I'm almost finished and I am really enjoying this book. Next I will be reading Until The real thing Comes Along by Elizabeth Berg. I of course am still reading school books and online articles and journals.

I am hoping: That Jerry will soon be able to recover from his knee issues and be able to run again. I know how much he misses it and he really wanted to run a marathon this year but now after an MRI another surgery is in his future.

I am looking forward to: Easter holiday and entertaining. :-) We have some fun egg hunts! ;-)

I am learning: How to use a new online classroom for college. They decided to switch it all to a new one. Ugh...I really like the old system better!!!

Around the house: Early Spring cleaning and lots of organizing!! More posts to come soon! Also starting to prepare for a yard sale.

I am pondering: The thought of moving to have more land for gardening, etc.

A favorite quote for today: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right'    Henry Ford

One of my favorite things: Snuggling up with my dogs and cat :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Running the girls to activities, visit to SPCA to take in donations, more organizing, writing papers, menu planning and more.

A peek into my day: Today I went to the store first thing, worked on the craft for school, walked, made phone calls, wrote another paper, participated in discussion forum, cleaned kitchen, prepped dinner, organized remaining things from under stair closet (more pics coming soon), built a fort with Kathleen, enjoyed the outdoors, projects and homework with Kathleen along with reading books, going to the YMCA soon and more.....

A favorite picture from this week:

What are your plans for this week?



Mark said...

I like this idea for a post!
And I love Henry Ford's Quote. I bet he overhead someone in his factory saying it first. ha!
Take care!

Sweet Tea said...

I'll be eager to see and hear about your Easter plans

A Primitive Homestead said...

Always wondered about the blue heron. When I first started the garden pond I read about it. I have only had problems with the nieghborhood cats. Since putting in the larger pond they have not gotten any of my fish. I read about a net that could be put over the pond. I can see you & your family out in the country on more acreage. You have to have more hours in your day than I with all you cram into your days. LOL! Blessings!

Beloved's Bride said...

Lovely Day Book! I have several friends that do them a good bit. I enjoy reading them. I actually have one typed up but it is so lengthy that no one would read it (giggle) and I have yet to hit "publish".

Hugs to you, Jill.
- Carmen

Kris said...

You are very busy!! I love to keep busy too, as you have probably figured out about me by now. Love the photo of your youngest and your husband with the dollies!! So sweet!!!
Have a great rest of the week!!!
XO Kris

~Niki~ said...

Love that pic! Sorry I don't get over here more often :)

Kerri said...

What a fun link up! I say that quote all the's so true!

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine who also has a pond which was decimated by a heron this is what she used to discourage it, she used fishing lines crisscrossing them over the pond, the heron has left, but she has kept the lines!!!

Annie v.

SonyaAnn said...

I just don't know how you get it all done. You really are wonder woman!

McVal said...

Shorts and parka in the same pic? It can only be spring...

And starting at 5pm or a little later, is SPRING BREAK for us!!! WOOHOO!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Sounds like you had lots going on this week. We just got done decorating for St. Patrick's Day. We love the green theme! I decided to delete my page on Blog page on FB and just copy each post to my wall. I just don't need anything else to maintain right now, lol. I feel bad since you were such a help. Thanks again! Blessings, Jackie

Olives and Pickles said...

Hey girl,
Congratulations!You won the rainbow silk from my giveaway : )
Please e-mail me your shipping address.

Big hugs


Nicolle said...

My mom and stepdad have a koi pond. They had to put netting over it, because there is a blue heron that has eaten some of their largest/favorite koi. Broke my moms heart. She has had them for years!