Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend in review

Wednesday already??? Where has the time gone? It's days like these I focus on what I did get accomplished instead of all the things I didn't :-) This weekend flew by!

Friday evening my husband set out to take down the girl's old swing set :-( It was becoming more of a hazard and needed to be taken down for safety reasons.

Lots of good times on this swing set, the fun of climbing in the top and talking with the neighbor boys next door. (They also took theirs down this weekend)

Kathleen playing on it one last time....

Will be so strange not having it in the yard, but thankfully it gives us a little more room in the back.

This was all you could see of Jerry Friday night as he disassembled it. We knew we had a full schedule for the weekend so we wanted to get it down.

The girls made their traps for the Leprechauns!
I didn't assist them at all this year, just let them come up with their own ideas :-)

The gold rose at the bottom of the vase...

Tube going into the vase (if I was a Leprechaun I wouldn't go down there! LOL)

Great job Hayley :-)

Kathleen used a basket and some napkins with tape everywhere to catch him!

In the morning we discovered the Leprechauns played some tricks and left quite a mess!

Kathleen when she first came downstairs....just a little sleepy with some wild hair! LOL

Chocolate gold coins and money!

And it seems the Leprechaun left money but did not venture through the tube to get the golden rose!

It also seems he left part of his clothing behind...See the green fabric? Kathleen took her piece to school to show all her friends! :-)

Our other weekend project included taking down our deck from the back yard. It really wasn't serviceable because it is so small.

We also wanted an area where we could fit the table Jerry made and not have to mow around it all the time.

It was so strange looking over and not seeing the girl's swing set in the morning :-(

Another reason why we really wanted to remove the deck was all the bee's nests! They swarmed us every time we went out in warm weather.

Creepy bees! Not good when Jerry and I are allergic to them! So after 7 years we finally got to taking it down. (well I watched Jerry and made his coffee, that counts right? LOL)

So here we begin!

Using these simple tools: Cute husband minus his mustache ;-), safety glasses, hammer, a crowbar and the ever important cup of coffee! :-)

Dogs were a little confused as to where their deck went and why they couldn't reach the door and spread more mud! LOL

Speaking of dogs......we now have a new family member. Jerry's boss's wife does a lot of volunteering at a particular shelter and it was through them that we found Bella, a Bischon Frise.

Bella is 5 years old and for these last 5 years she's been used solely to breed and has known nothing other than a small cage in which to live.
She came to the ranch so matted they shaved her down very close to get off the hair.
Bella is still scared of people, including us but we are working with her every day to come around. She loves to be held once you can get to her, but doesn't know how to approach a person without being scared and unsure.
All sounds are new to Bella and we are helping her to adjust.

We can only imagine the horror she has lived through and no one wanted to adopt her because she is so skittish!

We see a dog we fell in love with who deserves a chance!

Something Bella does love? Our other dogs!!

She completely perks up when they are around!

Patches was fine with her too!

See how her tail is all perked up! She'll be a beauty when it grows back in :-) Though we think she's a beauty now!

Skippy was too busy sunning himself outside to really care whether she was here or not! LOL

So we have been very busy getting her adjusted to our home and routines this week.

Right now Jerry has a temporary ramp built where the deck was until we make up our minds what is going to replace it and then get busy getting it done.

This look is already driving me crazy to see and my lovely visions of what I want it to be will hopefully come together soon! I've got flowers to plant and a garden to prepare!

Elvis only cares that he has a new dog bed to claim and lay on!

Bella is slowly coming around....this is the view under my desk in my den....

Here Bella and Owen are at my feet, Skippy is in my lap and Patches moved next to me when I took the picture. They usually are all together.

Well this has been a long post for sure! Trying to get caught up so I can share new things!
Here's a small look at my ever growing to-do list for the week:

1) Research, read and write college papers
2) Set vet appt. up for Bella's check up
3) Plan Easter menu and activities
4) Menu planning and clipping coupons
5) CVS deals with coupons
6) Prepare special menu for Sunday as we are entertaining friends
7)Budget for next week
8) Exercise
9) Wrapping up Hayley's science project with her
10) Begin planning summer activities
11) Organizing linen closets and girl's closets and our bedroom closet!
12) Laundry
13) Projects and reading with Kathleen
14) Running errands and to the YMCA programs with the girls
15) 2 book reviews to complete for Bethany house Publishers
16) Carpet cleaning
17) Decorating for Easter
18) Cleaning whole house

Whew, so how is your week going? What exciting things are on your to do lists?

Happy Spring!!!



Mark said...

Gees, when I wrote to you 30 minutes ago saying that you haven't blogged in a week, who knew you would come up with the Mother of all Posts!
Okay, let me start!
Sad to see the swing go away. I'm sorry to tell this to you but I'm afraid that your babies may be growing up.
Those leprechauns are sneaky buggers, ain't?
Now when you go out with Jerry, people might call you a Cougar. Just sayin!
I suggest pouring a cement patio in the shape and size that works perfectly for your Family. You're welcome!
Poor dog. Don't tell me horror stories like that. But I'm happy that she found you.
Take care.

Olives and Pickles said...

house projects eh...they will never end!
Thanks for sharing the pcitures of the cute dogs.

Lisa B. said...

So happy you found Bella and she doesnt have to live in a cage any longer. She is adorable. The deck is unbelievable with so many nests! I would get rid of it too. Hope you have a great week.

Wendi said...

Good grief you have a lot going on! I have been spending all of my spare time outside. The sun is shinning and it feels like summer. That will be ending soon and then I will move back to spring cleaning my home.

Sorry to see the swing set go. :( That is the most used thing in my yard.

Hope the rest of your week is great!

Beloved's Bride said...

Oh those pesky leprechauns! They usually make a lot of mess at our house too. Those leprechaun traps are very fun looking! Did they leave any gold?

Those looks like some very big projects going on! I really like your picnic table!

Congrats on the new doggy addition! So sweet. We are hoping to get a new little addition sometime soon as well. But, it will be a bit I suppose – we have to get settled somewhere first! ;)

Hugs to you, Jill.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
Well you and your family have certainly been very busy. I am sure it was bittersweet to see the swing set go. Kids grow up so fast. Your girls have grown since I've been over to visit and seen their pics. Time flies doesn't it? Your new patio area will be great I am sure of it. Always so much work in a home. My list looks like yours most of the time.
Bella is a little darling and what a blessing she has a home with you and your family. Looks like the other dogs are taking her in just fine too.
Love your St. Patrick's Day traditions with the girls. What fun.
Thank you for stopping by. So great to see you and so enjoyed catching up with you tonight.
Happy Spring,
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Tara said...

Whoa Jill! How do you do it? I thought Scott and I were eager beavers with our 'weekend projects' but down with the deck and down with the swingset in one weekend, a new dog, and leprechauns visiting! Your energy amazes me!

Good thing you got those bees nests down! yikes! sorry about the swing set... :(

Congrats on your adorable new little dog; so very cute and in the right home for some extra TLC!

Good luck with your todo list.. it's a whopper!


Annie said...

We took the monkey bars part of kat's swing set/fort down because they were getting wiggly. We left the fort part up. Shane built it, so it's definitely not wiggly. Kat never plays on it, and never really has. I think it's because has no one to play on it with her. Still, she said she wanted it to stay, so stay it will, for at least another summer.

Annie said...

We took down the monkey bars (that we'd acquired from a neighbor) because they were wiggly, but we left the fort part of Kat's swing set still standing. Shane built it himself, so it's still sturdy. Kat wouldn't let us take it down, although she's only played on it a few times since it was built 4 or 5 years ago.

KERRY said...

You sure have alot of dogs! They are all so cute!! Your Skippy looks like the last pet we had, he was an Australian Terrier crossed with something else.
Funny how they couldn't figure out where the deck went hahaha too cute!!
You guys are busy, and oh my gosh that is a whole lotta bees!!! Especially being allergic you don't want those hanging around.
Great table btw!
Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Rayanne said...

Oh the life of little children...they grow up too fast, Enjoy your family!
Blessings friend!!

McVal said...

Too bad about the play ground stuff! My kids would refuse to let me take it down... But if it's dangerous then I don't blame you one bit.
and wow! Those lots of bees!

Anonymous said...


What a little blessing your Bella is. I pray that she will grow comfortable with her new surroundings and family. What a sweetheart!

SonyaAnn said...

Always some excitement at your house! I love the leprechaun traps! I wish I had done that when the kids were little!

Christine's Pantry said...

Nice photos.

Kris said...

Wow...what a lot going on over there! Sad to see the swing go, I know!!! I am looking to buy one for our grands!! Silly little leprechaun (sp?) too! Love the projects going on. Congrats on saving that cute little doggin'!!!
: )

Camille said...

It's fun to have new projects in the works, and to imagine the finished product, isn't it? You will *love* your *new* backyard set up when it is finished...I am sure! That table is beautiful...please tell your hubby I said so. :)


Sweet Tea said...

I am so glad that Bella has found a loving home with you!!

We are on Spring Break - I don't even want to think about a list of any kind till this week has been savored. ;-)