Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fish craft and weekend recap

What a beautiful weekend we were blessed with! So gorgeous outside had to take advantage of it :-) Bella got her first grooming and did really well! Our groomer just loves her. She evened her out and fluffed her up a bit, along with adding some whitening to her coat.

     Then her and Owen conked out on the sofa afterwards. They are always so tired after being groomed.

Kathleen and I made a fish craft to send in for decoration for her Kindergarten ball this Friday coming.
You take a 3 liter soda bottle (can also do the 2 liter or even small water bottles) Take the bottom off                                  and using acrylic paint, paint around in the inside the pattern you like.
Definitely suggest a smock as acrylic paints stain pretty well. I have to note this was not a favorite project of mine. The soda bottle's edges are sharp and a parent definitely needs to do the cutting and assembly, so I didn't feel it was kid centered enough. :-(
But all in all it turned out pretty cute and she took it into school for the decorating committee.
I also won a lovely giveaway from Sam at Sam's Noggin I had heard a lot about Scentsy, but have not seen their products in person yet. So I was tickled when I received this package from Vanessa who is a consultant for Scentsy.
Inside was the most adorable little cupcake warmer with the scent I had chosen lilacs and violets which smells so wonderful!
Thank you so much Sam and Vanessa for this wonderful giveaway gift!! :-)

Hayley and I did a lot shopping together this weekend, which is always a great day out together. :-) I'll treasure it as much as I can because I know the day will come when she doesn't think it's "cool" to hang out with mommy anymore.

We are still working on the patio and backyard. Elvis was enjoying sunning himself and watching through the door! LOL
Always evidence of Jerry's work, where's there's a coffee cup he is never far behind! LOL
Kathleen was greatly enjoying the sand pile....
Hmmmm water seemed like a good addition, lol
Of and another pair of clothing was needed as well... LOL
These are the moments I so remember and treasure :-)

Jerry also got the basketball hoop set up in a temporary spot for them to play a few games.
We saw that sneaky Blue Heron flying by, trying to scope out our fish pond again....
Kathleen got all cleaned up and we put her flower clips in her hair because we were going out to friend's house Saturday evening.
Hayley was all dressed up and ready to go too.
Today after getting home from shopping with Hayley, Jerry and Kathleen had picked me some lovely lilacs from our tree for the table. They smell so amazing! What a great feature to our dinner table. It also reminded me of a dear elderly neighbor we had where we used to live. Her name was Gladys and her yard was so amazing with all the beautiful flowers and trees, etc. She would always come by and bring me a big bouquet of lilacs because she knew how much I liked them. Such a sweet and kind lady, she had lived a good long life, even beat the odds of breast cancer and had so many stories to tell. She just adored Hayley as a toddler. Gladys has since passed on, but she still is in my thoughts and especially today seeing that big bouquet on the table just brought a smile to my face.
Hope you all had a truly lovely weekend with your family and/or friends. :-)



Samantha Kelley said...

What a lovely weekend! Thanks for joining in the fun, I am so glad you won!

Wendi said...

Lilacs smell so wonderful...enjoy!

Honeysuckle Haven Cottage said...

What a fun weekend! Love lilacs. I just got two starts off my grandmothers lilac bush that im trying to get to take root.

Eileen said...

The fish turned out really cute. IT should be a fun night for all.
Our Lilacs did not produce flowers this year. So disappointed. Yours turned out really pretty.
Give the girls a hug and kiss.
love mom

Simone said...

I like the fish craft. It was adorable! I wonder what you could do to take away the sharp edges though?

Mmmmm, I think I smell the lilacs all the way over here!

Annie said...

I love lilacs, but Shane is so allergic that he even turned away when I showed him the picture of yours. :(

And yay! Another Elvis sighting!

KERRY said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful memories of your dear neighbour friend.
Looks like another fun week in your home :)

McVal said...

LOVE that fish craft!!!! and I'm jealous of your lilacs!

Nezzy said...

What a wonderfully perfect weekend sweetie.

I adore Kathleen's fish great was that???

Congratulations on the cupcake warmer it's just cute as a bug in a rug!!! I'm smitten!

Your lilacs are wonderful, I swear I can smell 'em!!! Mine have come and gone but filled the yard with wonderful aroma while they were here.

God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious week!!! :o)

Sweet Tea said...

That Fish was so cute and colorful. Way to go!!

Your lilacs are beautiful and I enjoyed hearing about Gladys. Everyone wants to be remembered - glad you do that for Gladys.

Kris said...

Oh let's see, so much to comment on. Love the craft Kathleen did. So cute. Hayley and Kathleen both looked darling on their way to your friends house. I got a kick out of seeing Kathleen in the sand pile. Noah and Hannah and Claire would have been right there along side her with their toys!!
Bella looks spiffy!!!! And I too adore lilacs. They grow wild up in our local mountains, and I love to pick them and bring them home with me. I planted a bush, but it never bloomed.
Have a great day!!
XO Kris

Camille said...

Lovely post Jill. :) Your girls must just love all the crafts you are brave enough to do with them!! Yaaay for great weather! Your back door step is looking great. :)

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!
Wow those lilacs are so beautiful.
I just bought that Scentsy warmer with the Birthday cake fragrence for Savannah for Easter.
I use it in her room at night as her nightlight.

Have a great rest of the week.


Julie said...

Our lilacs are just beginning to bud. I can't wait, they are my favorite flower.
Thanks for sharing. You have such beautiful girls and family.
Take care and have a blessed evening!

Beloved's Bride said...

Very Cute Kiddos Fish craft! Was it sealed some how with the sharp edges or just left? It looks like it isn't as sharp in the last picture.

Beautiful flowers too!