Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthdays and our 18 year wedding anniversary part 1

Well my family and I are known for packing a lot into one weekend trip, but I think this past weekend with the benefit of Monday off had to be one of our busiest yet! I have so many pictures and great memories that I have decided to break the posts into separate ones so I can include more photos and record our memories better :-)

Today is Hayley's 11 th birthday, so first and foremost I have to send out a big Happy Birthday to her!! Each year I write my girl's personal letters for each birthday to give them when they are a little older. But I could not be more proud of Hayley and the beautiful, caring, lovely girl she has become! I am so honored to be her mommy and Hayley I love you so much!!! Tonight we will be having another little birthday celebration which I will also post about, but for now some catching up from the weekend!

Saturday we traveled back to my parent's house to stay so we could celebrate my niece Neve's 8th birthday. She wanted to have Hayley and Kathleen go miniature golfing with her so we all travelled out to Gettysburg, PA. to MacDuffer's to start the party with some competitive golfing!

The girl's were already to go despite the incredible amount of heat that day! We loaded up with sunscreen and cold water bottles and off we went!

Here is my niece Neve! I am so happy we were able to spend Saturday with her!! Miss her so much throughout the year.

Hayley....bringing fashion wherever she goes....

That's Uncle Brent (Neve's dad) waiting for his turn in the background. Kathleen all ready to go!

We chose to do the 18 holes since there were 7 of us, and the heat was so bad. The course was lovely and luckily they had a few trees around for shade.

 We even got to go through a cave and enjoy a small waterfall that was to the side.

These little beauties were ready to jump in the waterfall it was so hot!!!!!!!

By this point Kathleen was quite hot and sweaty, so she sat down on the rocks to take a little break :-)

Afterwards we all headed inside the A/C to get snowballs and ice cream. Jerry was seriously thinking about the banana split challenge, it was huge almost the length of an adult arm. If a person eats it all in 10 mins. or less it's free. After much consideration he decided not to.... maybe next time ;-)

So after we were refreshed we got in our vehicles and headed back to my sister and brother in laws house for Neve's Luau party!!

As we arrived we received our lei's, the girls got coconut cups and in front of Kathleen was the glass of shells that we all guessed the amount to earn prizes :-)

Oh and while we were at the miniature golf course Neve won a sparkly dog, so super cute :-) Had to include him!

The girls each received a grass skirt, flowers for their hair and a fan!

About this time the sun decided to hide and the clouds rolled in threatening rain.... but we were not to be defeated in fun!!!

Uncle Brent was manning the grill.....

And seriously cracking us up with his apron....

There was a ton of delicious food and here Kathleen was enjoying jello jigglers that Neve's Grandma made.

Then the light rain started, but it was so hot that the girls still decided to do the slip and slide in the rain. A slip and slide is a plastic strip that hooks up to a water hose and the water sprays over it making it slick and you run and jump and slide on it to get cooled off. :-)  They had a blast!

A bit later a warm glow fell across the back yard and I rushed over with my camera in time to catch a beautiful sunset. So weird we didn't see it all afternoon, then it was suddenly there to set and was dusk again...

There was of course yummy cake....

Happy Birthday sweet Neve!! So happy we were able to share this amazing day with you! We had so much fun!!!! We love you so much!!!!

Kita, one of their dogs was worn out from playing ball all afternoon with whoever would throw it to her! LOL. My whole family is big animal lovers!!!

By the end of the night Jerry and Brent had their sillies come out and I captured these pictures so hoping they leave you with a smile :-)

Tomorrow I will have part 2 of our weekend adventures!! :-) Have a great day!



Aunt B said...

Good fun! Thank you for sharing the photos Jill. You've inspired me to head out to one of our mini golfs here on the island sometime soon. :)

Eileen said...

You captured some of the special moments of that day. The girls were loving it and being together.
Even rain showers could not dampen the fun that we all shared.

Kris said...

Wowie! Lots of fun! Happy Birthday to your sweet Hayley!!!! The girls were adorable in their Hawaiian finery!!! Bet it was muggy!!!!! Can't wait for more pics and adventures!!

kristi said...


McVal said...

What a beautiful place! And I love the name Neve!
Happy Birthday to Hayley!

Tara said...

Your family has so much fun together! Happy 11th birthday Hayley! Enjoy your special day. 11 is such a fun year... still young enough to do some little girl things, old enough to feel like a big girl. Love your hair cut and pretty blue dress. Hope you have a happy day! ~ tara

Anonymous said...

You always post such great photo's of your family time with extended family.

God bless your week.


SonyaAnn said...

So much fun and great memories! You have an adorable family.

Nicolle said...

Beautiful sunset!

I LOVE that apron.

What a great weekend full of birthdays. Everyone looks so happy. Your family has a lot of joy, and that always shows.


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a fun family weekend! I miss those.

Julie said...

I love that you share all of this with us. It's like being there. Thank you Jill and happy birthday to Hayley.
Take care and have a blessed week.

KERRY said...

Happy birthday to both girls! A luau party sounds so fun!!
Great pics, and I love playing mini golf, but it has been years and years since I have!!
Have a great week Jill :) xo

Heather said...

Wow looks like such a great weekend!! You got some wonderful pictures and looks like you made some great memories with your family ~thanks for bringing us along ~xx Heather