Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hershey Hotel

I'd like to say welcome to all the visitors and new followers I have received from Mark's blog link. :-) So great to meet each of you and thank you for your kind comments and emails. :-)

This post is a little tour of Hershey Hotel so there will be lots of pictures :-) I am a pretty picky person and I place a lot of value on professionalism and I was quite curious to see what Hershey Hotel had to offer and I must say I was quite impressed. The service was superb and everyone was so nice and accommodating. The food was also very good and well prepared. The waiters and waitresses were amazing and couldn't do enough for you. I was pretty impressed.

As we entered the resort I snapped this photo......

As we were checking in the girl asked us if we were celebrating anything and we said our 18 year wedding anniversary. She said "oh wow! I'm 18!" LOL Thanks.... just what we needed to hear, lol. But I was a young bride at 19 so I'm o.k. with my age.....I think ;-)

They give you Hershey bars of choice and we also received tickets to Hershey Gardens and The Hershey Museum which I will cover those in another post.

Next is a few pictures of our room. We chose the bed and breakfast package so the room was small but serviceable. We had talked about bringing the kids back, so we would have to do a larger room or they also offer cottages. :-)

The lobby areas were beautiful, this is the one from the second level where our room was.

Wishing we had a little more sun for these pictures :-)
So adorable!!
Back side of the resort.

This is one of their restaurants on site that you walk to called the Garden Grill. We had a nice lunch there the first day we arrived.

Walking there we passed this nice fountain and an ice skating rink ;-)

Some pictures from the restaurant....

Desserts were a dangerous

We also ate dinner at the Trev 5 restaurant on site, delicious food!

 We walked through the gorgeous hallways to our room and there were many pictures and tidbits of history throughout the hallway. Fred had told us the hotel was haunted, but we didn't have any experiences while we were there....although I would love to hear about them! ;-)

When we got back to the room we saw they had turned down our bed and left a little treat on the night stand.

We really had a nice time and it's very rare that we get time alone with out our girls. :-) Tomorrow I will share my pictures of Hershey Gardens, another beautiful place, I could have stayed there all day but we had a lot to pack into Monday!

"Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination"  Roy Goodman



Karen said...

Awesome! So glad you guys got a chance to stay there. I've been to the Hershey Hotel twice....once many years ago for a work luncheon. And, more recently we met friends there for dessert & drinks. It is so beautiful! I've never actually stayed at the hotel, so it's fun to get a peek at the rooms! We're only about 45 minutes from Hershey. And, I need to get my kids to Chocolate World! I used to LOVE going there as a kid.

Olives and Pickles said...

Congrats!! How exciting 18 proud of you. it is nice to hear that after 18 years you guys still love ach other and have a wonderful family.(special on these times we live)
ENJOY!!I know you may feel weird without the girls..when I go some place without my girl I feel like I forgot something important at funny.Cant live without them

Kris said...

What a beautiful place to spend your anniversary!! We celebrate our 33rd this September! I have no idea how THAT happened!!!
The hotel is lovely, and something about it, reminded me of the famous La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe NM. Maybe someday we will make it to your state!!

Jim said...

What a beautiful and palatial place! I love being 'pampered' when we go on vacation.
this place is incredible, Jill!
Great photos and account.

Anonymous said...

When did Jerry shave off the mustache? He looks like he enjoyed his cold beer.
Hey live it up for a wonderful celebration, and enjoyed the desserts.

Loved all the pictures.


KERRY said...

Oh my gosh Jill!! Why are you back at home now instead of checked in there permanently lol
That place looks amazing!! Oh so beautiful and all that chocolate too :)
Looks like you ate heaps of yummy food and really enjoyed your time there :) I mean, who wouldn't?

NanaDiana said...

Absolutely beautiful, Jill. I grew up close to Hershey and have been to the amusement park but never stayed at the Hotel. How wonderful you could sneak away without the kids for a couple of days- It does a marriage good! Blessings- xo Diana

ps. Can't wait to see the gardens-

Sweet Tea said...

That was such fun seeing the sights in and around the hotel. It looks like a place I would enjoy a lot. Congrat's on your anniversary!!

Heather said...

Wow beautiful hotel!! looks like such a nice trip. You got some great pictures as well to remember the memories ~Love Heather

Camille said...

How wonderful that you got a little time away just the two of you Jill! Happy 18th Anniversary!! :)