Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Goddaughter turns 18!

We had another whirlwind weekend of traveling! My good friend Dawn who I have known since middle school invited us to her daughter's 18th birthday celebration. There was no way I could say no! Erin is my Goddaughter and when she was born prematurely we weren't sure she would survive. Dawn was to be a bridesmaid in my wedding on May 28th. On May 6th she started seizuring in the middle of the night and fell out of bed, her husband heard her hit the floor and they rushed her to the ER. She had undiagnosed preclampsia and they had to do an emergency c-section to save her and Erin's life. For weeks Erin struggled to survive and when she finally came home it was with heart and breathing monitors. Dawn was a young mom and it was an overwhelming experience to say the least. Good friend that she is she still stood as a bridesmaid in our wedding. Something I had certainly not expected her to do! Erin is a fighter and turning 18 was a milestone I was not going to miss, no matter how far the drive :-)

They live in an old Farmhouse with lots of land and the kids had a blast while they were there. So much room to run and play and explore! On the way there on the country back roads we spotted a baby red fox

I said to the girls, this is something you wouldn't see running along the major highways! Love the peacefulness of the country. I miss it living in the suburbs.

Kathleen quickly found friends to play with, here she is with Brooke.

She originally came in a dress, as did Hayley but then the play clothes came out for lots of fun!

They also had a tire swing and this was the first time the girls had been on one. Can't be in the country without a tire swing now...right? LOL  Jerry tested it out to be sure it would hold them (or so he

Looks to me like he's having a good time! ;-)

Kathleen loved it! I have video of her swinging too!

Simple things bringing so much joy!

This picture is of Hayley, Destiny and Ashley. Destiny is also 10 years old like Hayley and look at the difference in their height! Hayley looks like a teenager! Ashley is the daughter of our good friend Chip who got Jerry and I together. She calls me Aunt Jill and I consider her my niece. Watched her grow up as well and her and I share the same birthday! Chip jokes that I had a hand in that somehow so he wouldn't ever forget my birthday! LOL

This is a pinata Erin made for the party. She has always been interested in art and creating things. I have the pinata on video too of everyone taking turns and oh my goodness it is so funny!

This is Jerry and Chip being silly! Friends for life for sure!

Hayley....always looking out and caring for the little ones!

Happy 18th birthday my sweet Erin!!!

Dawn and I :-)

Here is a picture of mine and Dawn's youngest! Kathleen 6 years old and Josh 16 years old! Where does the time go?

Of course it just wouldn't be a party without a fire and some smores!

There were some intriguing old barns on their property as well.

I love old buildings and all the stories and history they hold.....

After the party we spent some time at my mom's before leaving the next day to head home. I took Bella for a walk in the yard and she was fascinated by the deer statue. My parents have had this in their yard since I was little! Been moved a few times, but still hanging in there!

These are the moments why I always carry a camera with me. I found this little mouse or mole that was nestled in the grass. It's mommy must have dropped him. He was still breathing and his heart was racing. We left him in hopes the mom would come back for him.

The girls had a fun time picking flowers for their Nana!

Then they fixed it up in a vase on the table for her.

If you haven't already you can visit my mom here  She is new to blogging and is enjoying meeting new people! :-)

Kathleen was being such a great little sister and giving Hayley a massage!

We had a great, but busy weekend! Today Jerry and Hayley are off on a school camping trip so Kathleen and I have 2 days together. I have started with a cough and feeling blah though... hopefully it clears up soon because I am way too busy to be sick! LOL

I am also taking pictures for the 10 on 10 link up today so I will post those later on. Trying to wrap up some school work so I can enjoy the weekend :-)

                                                                 Have a beautiful day!!



Katharine said...

What lovely photos! I have always wanted to live in the country, so peaceful!

Kris said...

It is SO green there!!!! Love the tire swing photos! And the old barn!!
Enjoy the time alone with Kathleen. I think it is important to spend one on one time with our children!!!
Have fun!!
XO Kris

Aunt B said...

They do grow up fast! My granddaughter turned 18 this week. I have no idea where the time went but I am very grateful to have this lovely young woman in my life. :)

Sheila said...

You are so blessed with wonderful friends and family. I'm so happy for you. Your girls are just lovely. Hayley is getting so tall. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sometimes we all need to take a down day. Love all your quotes on facebook!! Jerry is such a good dad--testing the swing before the girls got on it!! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's day to you and your mom. Take care.

Eileen said...

Wished I had jumped on the swing to get one of Kathleen's special massages.!! :-)

Nicolle said...

What a truly wonderful friendship you have with Dawn. That story at the beginning of this post was so emotional and put a lump in my throat. What a blessing that all is well today!

Love that baby red fox and those old barns. So fun!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill, What a special time had by all. Great pics and wonderful memories you will have forever.
Enjoyed viewing your fun times.

Hugs, Celestina Marie