Monday, June 11, 2012

Harbor and Aquarium

This was a very long weekend! Friday night after Kathleen's dance class we traveled to my mom's house. Then early Saturday morning we drove to the Baltimore Aquarium, then drove back to my mom's. Sunday we got up and drove to the baseball game then back to my mom's to get the dogs then back home again. Getting in late last night. To say we are tired would be an understatement, lol.

So today I'll be sharing a few pictures from the Harbor and the aquarium. I would have to say we were disappointed in the Aquarium, more specifically the design of it. It was extremely crowded and unfortunately people were rude that day. It is a narrow area to walk through and your only real choice is moving forward. We liked the Virginia aquarium because it was laid out more spacious and you had more freedom to explore.
In the Baltimore aquarium you went up escalators from floor to floor like a large spiral staircase going up. A few times you had to go through the revolving class doors one by one to reach other areas. It was so hot and so crowded we were all ready for it to just be over with! We did enjoy the views, but we were really expecting so much more.

Here are a few pictures of the harbor area before we went in.

Phillips is a popular seafood restaurant in that area. :-)

This area was a tribute to the twin towers and some of the remains of the towers.

Girls got to experience the city life :-)

This was Tom the fish who was very social! Also if you put your camera up to the glass he would come right up and look at you :-) He was just adorable and we had fun interacting with him.
We entered up into a small rain forest area. This little adorable monkey greeted us :-)
The girls were intrigued by the size of this blow fish!
One of my favorites...the dolphins! Here is a mom and her baby, they were traveling so quick I could barely get a picture!
The jellyfish were another of my favorites, so neat to see!
They were so fascinating to watch!

Of course Maryland is known for their crabs....

As we were walking around Hayley misstepped and stubbed her toe pulling off some of the nail and skin.
Luckily I keep band aids, etc. in my purse at all times.... lol
We quickly realized that a band aid was not going to work too well....
So we found a nice security guard who took us inside to get first aid items...
Love Kathleen's expression in this picture! LOL
 All wrapped up good as new! :-)

Tomorrow I hope to have time to share some game pictures :-)
The 5 college courses I am taking are really requiring a great deal of my time. Jerry is taking the girls to the park for me tonight so I can get to work on my papers in silence :-) thank goodness because I've been a little stressed juggling things. But I know all the long hours and lack of sleep will be worth it.



Kris said...

You have sure been doing a lot!! I love aquariums! That looked like a good one too! Poor Hayley and her toe! Ouch!

Eileen said...

Great pictures. Poor Hayley, and sweet Kathleen's concern for her sister.
We didn't see you all much this time around, but glad you had fun.
love mom

Tara said...

5 college courses... wow!!! Good for you... you can do it! Your trips always look like so much fun... that's it... my family is spending the summer with you... hee hee! Enjoy your week Jill and good luck with the classes! ~tara

Barbara said...

My son is obsessed with aquariums! What a great time. I hope the toe is feeling better.

McVal said...

FUN! except of course for the toe thing..,.

Genn said...

Hi Jill!
What a fun trip you guys had!!
I loved looking through the pictures.
Poor Hayley and her toe, that must have hurt! Glad she got all fixed up. :)

Camille said...

How fun that you were able to do this special trip with your family. So many lovely things to see! Isn't God's Creation amazing? The variety of sea life just astounds me! So sorry your Hayley had that mishap with her toe. How sweet Kathleen looks as she compassionately witnessed the whole thing. :)

Blessings to you!