Friday, June 1, 2012

Hershey Gardens

Good morning! This post will be sharing quite a few photos as I take you on a tour of the lovely Hershey Gardens. Perhaps you'd like to get comfy and grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy. There is not only beauty, but a little humor along this journey.....

Monday was certainly our whirlwind day! We got up and had a lovely breakfast buffet in the circular dining room. The food was so delicious, but I forgot to take my camera! LOL . After that we packed up our things and checked out of the hotel and went to Hershey Gardens! What a lovely place to walk around or just sit and admire the beauty.

I just loved this statue of the little girl....reminded me of my girls and how much they love nature!

The variety of roses was absolutely beautiful!

This fountain looked very inviting as it was another extremely hot day! :-)

I zoomed in for this shot, but Hershey Park is just down the hill from the gardens across the highway.

At first glance we thought this was a real tree that had been carved into, but upon closer inspection we could see it was not real.

I knew this little nest was in the arbor around me because when I stepped through to turn around and take a picture a bird was flying all around my head chirping at me. That's when I looked up and saw the nest. :-)
A little added bonus to the day!

So much history here!

These kisses were a fountain that came on as the kids ran through it. :-) Yes, we did walk through the children's gardens without our children! LOL

One of my favorite parts of the garden was the Butterfly House!

I know the girls would have loved this and we hope to take them back to visit!

So beautiful and it was so relaxing and peaceful walking through there.

For mom....we even saw our black butterfly....

This was another statue I thought was just adorable!

Taking the time to smell the roses!

Jerry was finding time to make me laugh as he ran over to dance with the pig.... LOL Just one of the many things I love about him, he enjoys life to the fullest every day.

This one's for you dad (above) you know there was no way I could get the whole tree in a camera shot! ;-) My dad is a huge nature lover and walking with him is walking with knowledge. He can identify and explain so many trees and plants and flowers and critters.... When him and my mom bought their place of 5 acres there was hardly any trees or anything there. They actually have an aerial shot of it when they first moved in and it looks so bare! Over the years he has lovingly planted and nurtured a beautiful yard, that the wildlife enjoys greatly. His granddaughters also love going there to play and explore. As children my sister and I loved it and all our friends have gathered there over the years. Still do today! It has quite a history ;-)
My mom blogs about it and shares pictures and her other travels since she has retired. She started her blog about a month ago called taking the time.

I think perhaps there may be some fairies hiding here.... my girls would have been searching for them :-)

Saw lots of birds finding their worms that day :-)

We did browse the store but amazingly didn't buy anything! Oh wait, that's because the girls weren't with us that day :-) Seems strange all these pictures without them but don't worry they will be back at the end of my next post!

This weekend is another busy one with an adventure in the morning! So may or may not get a chance to blog over the weekend....hopefully Sunday I will have some time. :-) Next up will be our visit to Hershey Museum and Hayley's birthday with small celebrations at Nana and Pop Pop's house and at home. She certainly didn't lack in the birthday cake department this year! LOL

Thanks for joining me today on this walk in the gardens! Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Eileen said...

Love this blog Jill. Matter of fact I did have my cup of coffee with me as I was looking at it. The pictures are so pretty. Maybe one day we can all visit there.
love mom

A Primitive Homestead said...

Many years ago I visited the park & Zoo. I see I missed out on a beautiful garden. Seeing all those butterflies had to be amazing. I have added a butterfly bush to my gardens this year. It was a mothers day gift from my oldest. Your trip was exciting. Birthday wishes to Haley. They grow up to fast. Blessings!

Aunt B said...

Happy anniversary, and thank you for the tour. :) I love gardens, both big and small. There's magic in even the smallest garden but sometimes it's wonderful to visit a garden that's really greand. I enjoyed seeing this one through your eyes. :)

Tara said...

Dancing with the pig... that's my favorite!

Kris said...

Jill, what a feast for the eyes!!! I can only imagine how beautiful it would have been in person. I also love nature, and birds. But then you must know that about me by now. If I ever make my way to your area, I would love to see this garden!!!
Now I am going to go see your mama's blog!!!

McVal said...

What a beautiful place! But you have to tell me... is that a chocolate river?

KERRY said...

Hi Jill, I can't remember if I said in my last comment to you or not, but happy 18th Wedding Anniversary!!!
What a great way to spend it. That place is so beautiful and wow look at all those butterflies!
Your girls would love it for sure :)
Thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

The butterfly house is our favorite too! Funny picture of Jerry and the pig!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to have a getaway, just the two of you. This looks like a very romantic place. Great pics!

Nicolle said...

Great pictures! Love those butterflies, and the trees. Everything looks so pretty. I'd love to visit there one day. I'm glad you and Jerry had some good alone time!