Monday, June 4, 2012

Hershey Museum and Hayley's birthday

Good afternoon! Another whirlwind weekend has gone by and I'm taking a few minutes to try to finish catching up from the prior weekend. :-) A little note to ponder I don't suggest hula hooping after eating matter how adorable the 6 year old in front of you looks when she :-)

The other place Jerry and I visited was the Hershey Museum. So many interesting facts about his amazing life. I have included several pictures and was going to do a lot of the history, but sometimes it is more fun to look it up on your own or to visit if you can ;-) Quite fascinating really and so much to see.

Of course they always offer you the opportunity to shop! Surprisingly we left empty handed...again no kids, no extra spending! LOL

This is a photo of Milton and his wife and a little history.

The original way to make Hershey kisses! This is Kathleen's favorite candy!

This clock was just amazing. They had a video set up of how it had run. In order to preserve it they do not fully run it anymore.
Beautiful church across the street as we were leaving. Another great time we had! One of things I found very interesting was he had purchased a ticket to the Titanic which they had displayed. I thought I had taken a picture but I could not find it. Interestingly enough he was called away on an urgent business matter and was unable to get to go on the Titanic.

After that we headed back to my mom's house to pick up the girls. My mom had a little cake for Hayley before we left.
Love this picture of Jerry and Kathleen :-)

On the way home we spotted a bunch of deer in the field....

The next day was Hayley's actual birthday so we had to celebrate it at home with just the 4 of us too :-)

I think she was quite surprised to receive another cake and gifts from us after all the celebrating :-)

And this concludes our anniversary weekend and Hayley's birthday celebrating. :-) One thing is for sure my girl's will always have great memories of things we have done and the people we shared those moments with. Now if I can just find some time for some actual scrap booking to catch up then all would be great! LOL. I do also hand write journals for each of them that I will give them when they graduate from school :-)



Tara said...

I'm with ya on the scrapbooking... I need time to completly stop and then I can tackle it! Or maybe I'll find the time with my youngest in all day Kindergar next year? We'll see.. . Looks like a happy birthday weekend! ~tara

The Momma said...

Looks like such a great time! And what a great birthday weekend for Hayley! She is so pretty!

Kris said...

Pretty interesting...the museum! How fun for Hayley to have so many birthday celebrations!!!!!
: ) Kris
PS Love the deer!!!

Sheila said...

Hi Jill,
It looks like you and Jerry had a wonderful time in Hershey. We loved to visit Hershey when we lived in PA. I don't remember how many times we visited!! I finally got a post up--guess I've just been lazy!! Hope y'all have a wonderful week. Take care.

Wendi said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. I loved the kiss lamp covers. :) I know what you mean about finding time. Something I never seem to have enough of.

Enjoy your week!

McVal said...

Oh my! I hope they gave away lots of sample chocolates!!! My kind of museum!
Happy Birthday to Hayley!

Sweet Tea said...

It's a tight squeeze with a family birthday and an anniversary to closely spaced, isn't it? BUT, you did a great job of celebrating both. Hayley is looking more like a teen and less like a little girl. Yes, your girls will have wonderful memories of childhood...BTW, I always think Kathleen looks a lot like you, but in the photo with Jerry holding her I sure see "him" in her face. Sweet times!!

Julie said...

Love, just plain love, all the pictures. Thank you for sharing. We used to drive by Hersey PA and wonder about things there. It was cool to see the museum pictures. Thank you.
Take care Jill and have an awesome evening.

Nicolle said...

Love these pictures Jill. What a neat place to visit, LOVED that clock and the details on it. So fun. I'm glad you had a good day. Hayley's 2 cakes are both so cute. I really love the flag cake! Yes, your girls will have many wonderful memories to look back on. I need to get pictures put into some sort of album for Boyd as well! Everything is online right now. :)


Chelle said...

Makes me hungry for chocolate. Happy Birthday to your daughter.