Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday the 13th :-(

I can't say I'm superstitious, but now perhaps I wonder.... We planned a yard sale for Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th. So let's start at the beginning....

Jerry and Kathleen had found this snake next to our house a couple days before. Let's just say if I would have found it you would have heard me screaming wherever you may live! LOL

We are going through a lot of our things to get ready for the yard sale and one of them was this bench I made for Hayley when she was little. I painted and stenciled it that is! ;-) So I was pretty sentimental in letting it go and had to take lots of pictures. Both girls have outgrown it.

The picture to the right is one Kathleen made of her and the Blue Heron that was stealing the fish from the pond. :-)

Bye bye little white bench, you served us well and are now making another family happy.

The same goes for a rocker that my former sister-in-law made for Hayley, also when she was younger and Kathleen has also recently outgrown.

Our garage was quite full of sale items to say the least!

The girls were pricing some items.

It has been so very dry here and we desperately need some rain to soak the ground so there isn't a need to mow right now. Kathleen however got the idea to pull up the weeds that managed to poke through in the yard, lol. She was determined! She didn't want them tickling people's feet and legs at the yard sale! LOL

She was very proud of herself :-)

Jerry was putting up tents for us and driving boxes down the driveway with his truck loaded with items.

Sadly....this is the last picture of his truck in good condition. Hence the Friday the 13th bad luck....
After Jerry had made another run up the driveway he put on the emergency brake like he always does and got out and had just grabbed another box to load in and the emergency brake gave way and his truck drove down the driveway into the neighbor's ditch and trees. :-( I am so very thankful no one was in the way when it happened. Jerry is devastated, as he has had this truck for 14 years. Of course it was paid for and this certainly is not the way he wanted to lose it. Insurance adjuster comes Monday or Tuesday but I'm pretty sure it's totaled :-(

We seriously have the best neighbor's ever....they were joking about needing to take out a few trees anyway...etc. They too were just thankful no one was hurt. It happened early in morning Friday so luckily the kids were not playing in the ditch like they usually are.

We have another dear friend Ben, who had lived in our neighborhood but him and his wife has recently separated. He came back to pull Jerry's car from the ditch. We have been blessed by good friends and neighbors for sure! That is Spence in the background waiting by his truck so he could get out for work.

Jerry, just devastated.....

We still went through with the yard sale, we had planned it as extra money for vacation but now it will be going towards a new vehicle. Well a used one and hopefully insurance will cover a good portion of it.

My friend Teresa was up to help out and sell some things as well with her two children.
So they brought their materials for selling snowballs!!

All the neighborhood kids were up most the day buying them, lol. As I mentioned before they don't sell snowballs here. I miss them! ;-)

Caitlin was also helping us sort the clothes for sale.

We did really well and are thinking of doing another one soon before we donate it. We have a few charities looking for some clothes and stuffed animals.

We had to rent a vehicle for Jerry for work and the lady at Enterprise felt so bad for him she was sure to get him a truck to drive. We thought that was so nice of her! helps to ease the hurt a little bit driving in a new GMC Sonoma. It has a king cab so the girls and I were able to take a drive in it with him. :-)

Now lets just hope we can find a cheap used truck for him to cure his broken heart. :-(

So how was your weekend?? ;-)



Sheila said...

WOW Jill,
I'm so sorry Jerry about Jerry's truck mishap. I'm so glad no one was hurt. You know, a week before Sara had her accident, I was trapped in an area of our backyard by a snake. Next time I see a snake, I'm going to bed for a week!! I hope y'all have good news from the insurance adjuster. We still haven't bought another car yet. Glad y'all did well at the yard sale. Hope y'all have a much better week. Take care.

Aunt B said...

Oh dear. :( I'm so sorry about the truck! I know how much a person can get attached to vehicle. Hopefully there's a new "perfect partner" out there for him.

That looks like one lulu of a sale! Good for you for organizing all that!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jill,
Oh I am so sorry about the truck. It looked like it was a true friend to your hubby. I know the heart break when a guy loses their trucks. I pray you find one to take it's place in a small way and one that is dependable and not too expensive. Everything happens for a reason. It sure does look totaled doesn't it. So glad no little ones were in the way of it rolling to the ditch. Gosh, things like this happen so fast you never know.

Looks like the sale was good though. You sure had a lots of great items. I loved the sweet little furniture you designed for the girls. I imagine it was a little sad to see them go.
Great pics as always.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment about my new redo in the studio.
Have a great week ahead and have fun searching for a new truck.

XO Celestina Marie

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Oh my Jill! That's quite a weekend! I'm so sorry about Jerry's truck. What a huge bummer. I hope you're able to find another affordable one really soon. We're a one car family, but I totally understand the need to have a 2nd can be a real pain in the tush.

Great pics of your girls and their old furniture. I'm sentimental's so hard to get rid of special things.

Wendi said...

Oh my! I am sorry to hear about the truck.

It looks like you had a good sale. It is bittersweet letting some things go.

Hope your week is great!

Katharine said...

Oh dear, so sorry about the truck, thankfully no one was hurt! Looks like you had a great sale!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- What a weekend you had. I am sooo sorry about the truck, but, you are right- thank goodness the kids weren't out there playing in the ditch or something. Blessings to you- xo Diana

Kris said...

Oh no!!! So sorry about the truck!!! Thank goodness no one was hurt though! He obviously takes very good care of his car, and it is a shame that this happened. Hoping he will find another great vehicle!!
That snake made me shriek!!! Yikes! Hope you made a bundle on the sale!!!
XO Kris

Along A Widowed Road said...

Oh Holy Smokes Jill!
The snake picture just creeped me out so I can understand your yelling. Yikes and yuck!
Wow when you guys do a yard sale, you do it up right. Wow lots of great things for sure.
Sorry to hear about your husbands truck. I sure hope and prayers that all works to get another vehicle for him soon.

Hugs, Viola

McVal said...

Wow! Is that a garage sale or what??! I would definitely have gone if I lived close by.
As for the truck, I'm sorry! That's too bad.

Heather said...

Oh NO so sorry about the truck ugh that is awful!! I do hope you guys will be able to find a replacement vehicle without to much trouble!! When we moved back to the U.S. a few months ago we had to buy new vehicles and we got very good deals. We did some shopping around and that worked out well for us. Your sale looks great we are getting ready to have one as well feels good to clear out the clutter doesn't it!! ~Love Heather

Heather said...

I am sorry to hear about the truck! I'm just glad that no one was hurt.

Have I told you how scared I am of snakes? I can't even look at them at the pet store!!

Nicolle said...

AGH! That snake freaks me out. I am sure I would have screamed so loud.

So sorry about Jerry's truck. That is awful, and even harder to swallow because he had it for so long and took such good care of it. I'm so glad no one was injured though.

You had a huge yard sale. It's hard to get rid of sentimental items, but we know we can't keep everything, forever.


Chas Stokes said...

That sucks about his truck. :(

I had my brake fail on my old car once. The only thing that saved me was that I always park it in reverse as well as the parking brake. (It's was a stick.) It was still creeping down the driveway as the engine wasn't holding it.

I hope they don't total it but being a former mechanic, I think it will be.

I didn't realize you were from PA. Pittsburgh here!

I am not sure how I came across your blog but it is very nice and family friendly. Nice to see that on the net once in a while. :)


Chas Stokes said...

That sucks about his truck. :(

I had my brake fail on my old car once. The only thing that saved me was that I always park it in reverse as well as the parking brake. (It's was a stick.) It was still creeping down the driveway as the engine wasn't holding it.

I hope they don't total it but being a former mechanic, I think it will be.

I didn't realize you were from PA. Pittsburgh here!

I am not sure how I came across your blog but it is very nice and family friendly. Nice to see that on the net once in a while. :)


Chas Stokes said...

Sorry to see what happened to his truck. I had a similar thing happen. The only thing that saved mine was I have always had the habit of parking in reverse as well as the brake. (It was a stick. I still do that with my current stick shift.)

I hope they don't total it but as a former mechanic, it will take more to fix than it is worth unless Jerry does it himself.

I didn't know you were from PA. Pittsburgh here.

I am not sure how I came across your blog but it is refreshing to see a nice family oriented one instead of a lot of junk on the net.

Take care and good luck with insurance guy.


Julie said...

Men and their trucks. Jim still talks about "old gold" and regrets selling it. I hope he can find the right fit with a new to him one.
Your garage sale looked awesome and the weather was perfect. Good for you all.
I so love all your pictures you add to your posts. It makes reading fun.
Take care Jill and have a blessed and awesome day!

Annie said...

Sorry about the snake and the truck. Snakes don't bother me much if I know they are there, but if I'd been taken by surprise by the one in your picture, I'd have screamed, too.

I love how organized and roomy your sale looked. That's the kind of sale we like to go to. We're had scheduled our own sale for August 4, but have decided to wait because of the extreme heat. Yet, we are going camping again in the extreme heat. Priorities, you know...

Nonnie said...

I hate snakes!! I'm really sorry about your husband's truck. I know our son loves his. But I am glad for you that there were blessings along with the mishaps and that nobody was hurt by the snake or the truck.

Camille said...

So sorry about the truck...but SO GLAD no one was hurt!!! How scary! What a blessing to have that garage sale to fund a new vehicle with....I know that was an unplanned way to spend the money, but, how wonderful that it worked out that way!

Blessings to you!

P.S. Snakes...YUCK!! :/

Eileen said...

So sadden for Jerry, we know how much he loved his truck. But he has his strongest love of his three girls to get him through this. And so thankful no one was in the way of the truck's rolling down into the gully. Loved Kathleen's determination to get ahold of those pesty weeds! :-)
love and hugs and a better week.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So sad about the truck but so glad nobody was hurt! What a bummer though. Good thing you did well on that yard sale. I know it wasn't what you wanted to spend the money on, but God is amazing at providing for us just when we need it the most :) Blessings to you!

Kat said...

hmm that is not good I am not superstitious either but that would give me pause. It's to bad about Jerry's truck. Glad they could get him a rental. That sucks it is taking from your vacation money. That red truck looked in great condition for 14 years. IN any event I am glad the yard sale went well the white bench with the bird is adorable. Have a great day. Big hugs

Kerri said...

So sorry about Jerry's truck...especially because he's had it so long....but so glad no one was hurt. If you have to total your vehicle...I guess that's the best way!
I thought I heard a scream the other day! ;) I had to scroll quickly through that picture...I hate snakes. I hope I never see one in our yard! (We might have to put the house up for sale if we did!)