Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun times

Yesterday was another scorcher so I surprised the girls and took them to play at Monkey Joes.

Monkey Joes is a place where you can go to bounce in bounce houses and go down big slides etc. They had a blast!

                               Then in the evening we went to the outdoor pool at our YMCA.

                    Kathleen was hanging with some boys she just met, lol I think we are in trouble :-)

                                                 But at heart she will always be daddy's girl.

                                                We stayed till the sun set, such a lovely night.

                                            Then we went to Chick Fil A for an ice cream treat!

Today we took quite a long drive to the Amish road side stands to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables! Hayley couldn't resist eating a tomato in the car! (Don't worry we were stopped at a red light!)

We got a great selection and they saved the pits from the peaches and cherries they ate in the car while driving too, to show you, lol

         Most of the goodies are gone already. But as long as they are eating healthy I don't mind at all.

Decided to use the blogger app on my phone to post this tonight so I hope the pictures turn out ok in order. All pictures were taken on my IPHONE. Having my phone with me really helps make quick posting easier.Update: (Actually had to get on my laptop to order the picture in an edit) :-)

This is a picture of us from the other day I thought I'd end with. Loving summer and these special times with my girls :-) It is just going by too quickly!!

                                                           Have a great weekend!!!



Eileen said...

Wow, quite a haul on the fruit and vegetables. I know the long ride was worth the trip. So glad the girls love their fruit and vegetables.:-)
And they look so adorable even with wet hair. :-)
love mom

Tere Ávila said...

great post honey, i really love the photosss!
have a great day!


Camille said...

How fun!! What a gorgeous pool you have access to!! :) It was lovely to see a photo of you and your girls Jill. :)


Sweet Tea said...

Who wouldn't love a day like that?
Perfect summertime fun!!

Tara said...

Georgeous picture of you and your girls... a must frame!!!

Love the fresh veggies and fruit... and oh my a tomato in the car... that girl likes to eat healthy for sure! Love it!!!

Love your happy pool pictures. Looks like the perfect day!

Happy summer! tara

KERRY said...

The Blogger app is convenient sometimes isn't it :)
Cute post and lots of yummy and healthy food! Who eats the tomato like an apple?
Hope you have a great week and find the time for some more summer fun Jill!

Hena Tayeb said...

Looks like a great weekend.. our YMCA doesn't have an outdoor pool.. and the indoor one is small.. that looks great.

McVal said...

What a great picture of you girls!!!
and I'm jealous of a day out like that. I wish I could do that sometime soon with my girls!

Kris said...

You have had a great summer!!! Loved the pictures! Loved the 4th of July celebration too!
That spread of fruits and veggies looked fabulous!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love that last pic of you and the girls! Looks like you guys are having a great time beating the heat :)

shopannies said...

looks like some awesome fun times I have memories of doing all this with my own family when I was growing up so much fun

Kat said...

Aww the kids are growing so fast! it's been a long time since I have been by. I had moved my blog and for awhile I posted on it and didn't visit a single person. I was going through a difficult time. Now i am feeling happy these days. My daughter had her baby boy and life is good. You look great and I love your hair! what a fun day you had I love your family it's such a sweet family. I hope you're doing well. Hugs