Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An update :-)

Today was the exciting day when the school schedules arrived and teachers were announced! Both my girls were quite happy they got the teachers they wanted. I've been busy getting things in order this week as we are leaving on another vacation this Saturday to Tennessee! Our dogs will be happy to get spoiled by my parents while we're gone ;-). Along with packing, cleaning running errands, shopping for school supplies etc. I'm also trying to wrap up the final weeks of my college courses before I leave. I did find out today I made honor roll again so I'm super happy about that. Hard work pays off! We'll be back on my birthday and that's also the final day of these classes before the new ones start.

We went to a Phillie's game the other night in the club seats and my girls dressed the That's one of the perks of Jerry's job he gets a lot of free tickets from vendors.

The sky was beautiful as the sun started to set.

Kathleen enjoyed the food and the great seats :-) Notice her Princess crown? ;-)

Both were pretty happy when Jerry went to get them cotton candy to enjoy. :-)

Both girls got so many compliments on how they were dressed. Kathleen was quite excited about that!

I finally am posting a picture of Jerry's new/old truck. He's been quite happy with it.

Luckily he doesn't drive too far to work because I wasn't too happy with the gas price the first time he filled up! lol. But only driving 6 miles to work should make a tank last awhile....let's hope ;-)

This picture of the girls I took the other day when we were out and I just love it! It's one of my favorites of them.

So that's a quick update, I'll be trying to post things on my Facebook page while we're on vacation, but I may not blog until we get back. Once they start school I will have more time to post and catch up with everyone. Going to miss them when they go back.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!!



Eileen said...

Love that our granddaughters still like to dress up nicely when they go out and look like young ladies.
Even to a ball game!!
They take pride in themselves and how they look. Not much of that going on now days. We are proud of them.!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Cute! Your girls are getting so big. I hope you have a great trip!

Sweet Tea said...

Congrat's on making the honor roll - great accomplishment, especially for a BUSY wife and mom. Very proud of you, Friend!

Great photos of your sweet girls.
The kids here began school last week, Princess (homeschool) began her studies on Monday, so we are definitely on the down-side of summer here.

Have a great time on your vacation!

Kris said...

Congratulations on making honor roll!! Love the girls in their finery at the game! Love the princess crown!!! They are so precious!!!
Have fun on your trip!
XO Kris

Anonymous said...

Savannah would get along fine with your girls and sharing some cotton candy.
How cute do the girls look all dressed up, special memories for sure.
Wow Jill, I don't know how you do it, your just super duper busy.

Hugs to you and yours.
Have a blessed vacation.


Nicolle said...

Your girls are so cute, and I just smiled that they dressed up for the game. So sweet! :) Congrats on making the honor roll. That is a great accomplishment. I look up to my friends who have gone back to school. I just can't imagine having the energy to do it right now, so way to go! Great job. Enjoy your vacation.

McVal said...

Their smiles are SO contagious! Beautiful!

Kat said...

Aww I hope the girls have a wonderful blessed year at school they are just as sweet and adorable as can be. Congrats on making the Honor Roll this is wonderful and should be so very proud. Gas prices are awful it takes about $80.00 or more to fill my tank depending on the price. Grrrrrr Have a great weekend. Hugs

Mark said...

That first photo of the Phillies game is amazing. Great shot! And of course, I can see why you love the last photo of your girls. It really is good!
And congrats on being super brilliant. But you can stop the braggin' any time now. wink!

Kerri said...

LOVE that last picture....I hope you get it framed! Congrats on making the honor roll...hard to do even when you don't have kids and a husband! :)
Enjoy your vacation! Happy early birthday to you!

Tara said...

Hi Jill!!! You are all having so much fun! Congrats on finishing your classes! Sorry I haven't been around lately. Looking forward to some routine around here soon! tara

Kat said...

Hi Jill I bet your a busy mama with the girls in school and their schedules I hope all is well with you! big hugs